Scaffolding Leveling Jack Base

When we produce scaffolding materials, the scaffold leveling jack base is a necessary part. What is a scaffolding leveling jack base? Why it is needed? What are the sizes and types? You will get answers in this article.

The scaffolding leveling jack base is scaffold feet designed for leveling the scaffold on uneven ground. It is a combination of a threaded stem, a base plate and a jack nut.

The scaffold leveling jack bases are used when the scaffolding is placed on the surface of different elevations. The threaded stem of the leveling jacks is fit on the inside of each scaffold leg (verticals, posts). You just need to turn the jack nut(collar) on the stem up and down to adjust the scaffold posts at the same level.

Why Need Scaffold Leveling Jack Base?

The scaffold levelling jack bases are needed for scaffolding. It keeps scaffolding tower and construction stability, adjustability and safety on the construction sites.

  1. The scaffolding levelling jack base distributes the load from standards to the ground
  2. Scaffolding levelling jack bases are the foundation of scaffolding structure
  3. The levelling jacks ensure the overall stability of the entire scaffold system in multi-level construction

Scaffolding Leveling Jack Base Sizes

Adj Height
Base Plate
OD26600mm450mm (18″) 




OD28600mm450mm (18″)
OD30600mm450mm (18″)
OD32600mm450mm (18″)
OD34600mm450mm (18″)
OD35600mm450mm (18″)
OD36600mm450mm (18″)
OD38600mm450mm (18″)
OD41600mm450mm (18″)
OD48600mm450mm (18″)

Types of Scaffolding Leveling Jack Base

Solid VS Hollow Type Leveling Base Jacks

According to the stem type, there are hollow-type and solid-type levelling jack bases.
  • Hollow-type scaffolding leveling jack base is made from tubes. Include seamless and welded tubes.
  • Solid-type levelling Jacks are made from steel solid round bars.

ACME VS Coarse(Quick) Threaded Leveling Jack Bases

According to the threaded teeth distance of the levelling jack stems, there are ACME(square threaded) and Coarse (quick) threaded levelling jack bases.

  • ACME threaded means the jack screw stem teeth distance is four TPI (4 threads per inch) or 6.35mm
  • The coarse threaded levelling jack screw teeth distance is 8mm

Levelling Jack Base Types for Scaffold Systems

Scaffold Leveling Jack Base For Different System
ItemsOverall HeightDiameter
Ringlock System Jacks400-800mmOD38mm
Kwikstage System Jacks600-730mmOD34-OD38mm
Cuplock System Jacks600-760mmOD38mm
Tube Clamp System  Jacks400-800mmOD38mm
Quick Lock System Jacks400-800mmOD38mm
Ring Shore System Jacks400-800mmOD48mm
Shoring Frame System Jacks400-800mmOD48mm
Crab 60 System Jack600mmOD48mm

Forged VS Casted Scaffold Leveling Jack Base

According to the jack nut of the scaffold levelling base jacks, there are forged type and casted type jack bases.

  • Forged leveling jack bases: The jack nuts are drop forged type and the inner threads of jack nuts are machining threaded;
  • Casted steel levelling jack base: The jack nuts are casted steel and the inner threads of the nut are machined;
  • Cast iron levelling jack base: The jack nuts are cast iron and the inner threads come out from the production line during casting

Advantages and Disadvantages of the forged and casted levelling jacks

ItemsCost & PriceDeliverySteel Grade
Forged Leveling JacksHighestLongest235 & 450
Cast Steel Leveling JacksHigherLongerC25
Cast Iron Leveling JacksCheapestShortestQT 450-10

Galvanized VS Painted Scaffold Leveling Jack Base

According to the surface treatment, scaffold levelling jack bases are finished by galvanized or painted.

Galvanized scaffold levelling jacks could be hot dip galvanized or zinc-plated (E-galvanized)

Painted levelling jacks are jacks that are painted in different colours, red, green, blue, silver etc.

Disadvantages and Advantages of Galvanized&Painted Scaffold Levelling Jack Bases

ItemsCost & PriceDurability
Hot dip galvanizedExpensiveBest
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