• ringlock scaffold u ledger -ring system u transom horizontals
  • ringlock scaffolding ledgers u transom and o ledger in pallets wait for shipping
  • ringlock scaffold u ledger -ring system u transom horizontals
  • ringlock scaffolding ledgers u transom and o ledger in pallets wait for shipping
  • ringlock scaffold u ledger -ring system u transom horizontals

Ringlock Scaffold U Ledgers

Scaffolding U ledgers and O ledgers are both horizontal parts of the ringlock system. Ringlock U ledgers are made of 52mm ribbed steel profiles. While ringlock O ledgers are made by standard OD48.3mm scaffold tubes.

Using Ringlock U ledgers can help you to avoid conflict of scaffold planks hooks during platform erection. That saves construction time.

Wellmade manufactures complete standard sizes of ringlock U ledgers. The sizes we supplied are in the range of 0.73m to 3.07m. In addition, We can design and supply customized sizes too.

For long sizes of ringlock U ledgers, reinforced ringlock U ledgers and truss U ledgers are required to increase the load capacity. Reinforced ringlock U ledger is called LW ringlock reinforced ledgers, while truss u ledger is also called ringlock double U ledgers. The common sizes are 1.09m to 3.07m.

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Ringlock U Ledger Sizes & Weight

Ringlock U Ledger Size & Weight
No.Product NameSizeWeight
Steel Grade
10.73m Ringlock U Ledger0.73m3.45S235
21.09m Ringlock U Ledger1.09m4.71S235
31.29m Ringlock U Ledger1.29m5.41S235
41.40m Ringlock U Ledger1.40m5.79S235
51.57m Ringlock U Ledger1.57m6.39S235
62.07m Ringlock U Ledger2.07m8.14S235
72.57m Ringlock U Ledger2.57m9.89S235
83.07m Ringlock U Ledger3.07m11.64S235

Ringlock U Ledger Guide

Ringlock is a modular scaffold name with rings welded on the vertical parts and ledger heads and wedge pins welded on the horizontal parts. The modular scaffolding system is automatically locked that no need for any extra scaffold fittings and clamps.

When the scaffolding parts are erected in construction for shoring and frames.  The system scaffolding is called ringlock system.

Ringlock U Ledgers are horizontal parts of the modular ringlock scaffolding system too. Same as the ringlock O ledgers.

O ledgers are made of OD48.3mm scaffold tubes.  It is the most common ringock ledger in construction.

Ringlock U ledgers are a type of special ringlock parts of European type ring system scaffold, called allround scaffolding.

Why Use U Ledgers in Ringlock Scaffolding?

In traditional ringlock scaffolding systems, the O ledgers are enough to form any shape and type of scaffolding for construction, industrial maintenance, staging, access towers, etc.  The ringlock scaffolding brings versatile and easy experiences for workers and contractors.  Thus ringlock scaffolding become more and more popular globally wide.

During the ringlock scaffolding erection, different types and sizes of scaffolding planks and aluminium scaffold decks are always used together for the same construction. The width of the scaffolding planks for ring lock scaffolding is a lot. Include 190mm planks, 320mm planks, 600mm scaffold hatch decks, etc.  All of the scaffolding planks are with hooks.

That makes troubles come, every scaffold plank hook must be compatible with each other well.  Workers are a headache in scaffold assembly for different hooks mixing. That is why scaffold engineers consider making a type of ringlock horizontal with double support for each side of the scaffold planks. This brings the initial image of the ringlock U ledgers.

In order to prevent the scaffold decks from lifting by wind, lift-off preventer is designed as the cover of the ringlock U ledgers. Lock the ringlock plank from lifting in construction.

Ringlock U Ledgers Accessories

The ringlock U ledger is also called ringlock transom sometimes. On the ringlock U ledgers, there are two sets of U ledger heads and pressed wedge pins. The U ledger head is connected with the rings of ringlock standards. While the wedge pins are used to lock the ledger(horizontal) heads on the rings.

Ringlock U Ledger Head - Wellmade
Ringlock U Ledger Head – Wellmade

The ledger head of the ringlock U transoms is cast steel. Which is one of the most durable materials for scaffolding systems.

Ringlock U ledger wedge pins are pressed from a high-strength steel plate of 6mm thickness. The wedge pins are locked by a special rivet in manufacturing.

Single U Ledger VS Reinforced Ledgers

Normally, we say ringlock u ledger, mostly it pointed to this single u ledger. There are also reinforced and double U ledger. See following website and photos:

  1. U-type truss ledgers
  2. U type reinforce ledger LW
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