• 190mm scaffold decks for ringlock scaffolding - steel planks with hooks
  • 190mm scaffold deck with u hooks on ringlock scaffold
  • 190mm scaffold decks for ringlock scaffolding - steel planks with hooks
  • 190mm scaffold deck with u hooks on ringlock scaffold
  • 190mm scaffold decks for ringlock scaffolding - steel planks with hooks

190mm Steel Scaffold Decks

190mm scaffold deck is a type of steel deck with plank hooks and in width of 190mm. The 190mm scaffold plank is a component of a European-type ringlock scaffolding system.

190mm scaffold deck hooks include 2 types. One is O type plank hook, another is U type plank hook.

O type 190mm scaffold decks are compatible with ringlock scaffolding O ledgers (OD 48.3mm). While U Type 190mm scaffold decks are designed for ringlock scaffold U ledgers.

Wellmade manufactures all sizes of 190mm scaffold steel decks. Include standard sizes of 0.73m to 3.07m. We also customize your scaffold deck lengths according to your construction scaffold requirements.

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190mm Scaffold Deck Size & Weight

No.Product NameWeight
No.Product NameWeight
10.73m Scaffold Decks 190mm  with U Hook5.6790.73m Scaffold Decks 190mm  with O Hook6.27
21.09m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with U Hook8.06101.09m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with O Hook8.66
31.29m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with U Hook9.16111.29m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with O Hook9.76
41.40m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with U Hook10.18121.40m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with O Hook10.78
51.57m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with U Hook11.11131.57m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with O Hook11.71
62.07m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with U Hook14.28142.07m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with O Hook14.88
72.57m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with U Hook17.44152.57m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with O Hook18.04
83.07m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with U Hook20.60163.07m Scaffold Decks 190mm   with O Hook21.20

190mm Scaffold Decks Guide

What are 190mm scaffold decks?

190mm scaffold decks are components of ringlock scaffolding system. It was designed by Layher, Germany. It is used to fill the narrow distances between plank and plank and plank and bay.

Narrow than the normal 320mm plank, the 190mm scaffold decks are lightweight, easy to handle, and can fill gaps that traditional 320mm planks are not able to fill in.

The 190mm scaffold decks always include plank hooks at both ends. the hooks are attached to the ringlock scaffolding horizontal parts(ledgers, transoms, brackets) in construction.

According to the plank hooks, there are O hook 190mm planks and U type 190mm planks.

O type 190mm scaffold decks are used for ringlock O legders and U type 190mm planks are used for ringlock U ledgers.

For construction safety, you can use the lift-off preventers joint with the ringlock U ledgers to avoid scaffold planks from lifting in construction.

Following are the photos showing how the 190mm scaffold boards work with the ringlock horizontals.

190mm scaffold planks are steel-type scaffold boards. For anti-corrosion purposes, the scaffold steel decks are finished in galvanizing. Hot dip galvanized 190mm scaffold decks are waterproof.

190mm Scaffold Deck Specifications

190mm Scaffold Deck Specifications
MaterialSteelApplicationRinglock Scaffold
Width190mmStandardEN 12810
Steel GradeS235Using CountryEuropean & Surround
FinishingGalvaizedPackageSteel Pallets
Hook TypeU & O HooksLength0.73-3.07m
Ultimate Load9.16KNStackableYes

190mm Scaffold Deck Span

190mm scaffold deck span is not the overall length of the scaffold decks. The span is from the axial center of one ringlock standard to another ringlock standard when the scaffold tower is erected.   According to the axial center sizes, the 190mm standard scaffold deck span includes 0.73m, 1.09m, 1.29m, 1.4m, 1.57m, 2.07m, and 3.07m.

When a ringlock scaffolding platform needs an access widow. You can make the access window by shortening the span of the 320mm and 190mm scaffold decks.  Under this situation, the steel scaffold decks work with the ringlock intermediate transoms. The span could be customized according to the intermediate transom position.

190mm Scaffold Deck Steel Grades

The steel grades of the scaffolding steel planks are S235. You can ask for higher steel grades of S355  if needed.

S235 steel grade 190mm scaffold decks meet up EN 12810 scaffolding standard for safety construction. The ultimate load is more than 9.16 KN. Considering the safety factor, the construction safety load can reach 4.5 KN.

190mm Scaffold Deck Finishing

The 190mm steel scaffold deck is always galvanized finishing. While there are 2 types of galvanizing finishing. One is hot dip galvanized, another is made by galvanized steel plates.

Hot dip galvanizing is the most durable finishing for the steel boards. It can be used under all weathers and conditions. If no mishandling or misusing, the 190mm scaffolding decks are able to work for more than 10 years.

190 scaffolding decks made with galvanized steel plates are also called pre-galvanized or GI metal decks. The main body of the scaffolding boards is galvanized. But the zinc will be removed during hook welding. Thus the weak points of the scaffolding decks are the welding line. Wellmade will paint the welding line with zinc-rich paints.

Why Use 190mm Pre-galvanized(GI) Scaffold Steel Decks

Pre-galvanized 190mm scaffold decks are not as good as hot dip galvanized metal planks. But there are a lot of advantages too:

  1. GI 190mm scaffold decks are 20% save in cost
  2.  The weak points are very small. The main body of the scaffold boards are good in anti-rusty.
  3. Fast delivery without hot dip galvanizing process
  4. Good for civil construction, commercial construction, and part of industrial construction.

190mm Scaffold Deck Stock and Stack

190mm scaffolding board decks are packed by steel racks. The steel racks with bottom bowls, which is convenient for stacking, stock, and transportation.

Because the 190 scaffolding decks are hot dip galvanized. It is able to be put outside. Pre-galvanized steel scaffold boards need to be put indoors.

190mm Scaffold Deck FAQ

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