Ringlock Scaffold Toe Board - Side Protection

Ringlock Scaffolding Toe Board in Steel is made from Galvanized Steel Structure. With Self Locks at both ends, compatible with Ring Lock System Ledger Horizontals. It is used as Side Protection for Work Platform in Construction Building and Access.

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Ringlock Scaffold Toe Board Size&Specifiations

Ringlock Scaffold Interlocking Toe Board USA Type

Code No.ItemsSpecificationsWeight
WSTBL0650.65m Interlock Toe Board 2’2″152x650mm2.06KG
WSTBL0880.88m Interlock Toe Board 2’9″152x880mm2.75KG
WSTBL0910.91m Interlock Toe Board 3′152x914mm2.81KG
WSTBL1061.065m Interlock Toe Board 3’6″152x1065mm3.24KG
WSTBL1151.15m Interlock Toe Board 3’10”152x1150mm3.47KG
WSTBL1211.21m Interlock Toe Board 4′152x1219mm3.65KG
WSTBL1521.52m Interlock Toe Board 5′152x1524mm4.47KG
WSTBL1571.57m Interlock Toe Board 5’2″152x1570mm4.59KG
WSTBL1821.82m Interlock Toe Board 6′152x1829mm5.28KG
WSTBL2132.13m Interlock Toe Board 7′152x2130mm6.03KG
WSTBL2432.43m Interlock Toe Board 8′152x2438mm6.91KG
WSTBL3053.05m Interlock Toe Board 10′152x3050mm8.44KG

Ringlock Scaffold End Lock Toe Board

Code No.ItemsSpecificationWeight
WETBL073End Lock Toe Board 0.73m150x730mm3.39KG
WETBL088End Lock Toe Board 0.88m150x880mm3.84KG
WETBL091End Lock Toe Board 0.91m150x914mm3.93KG
WETBL106End Lock Toe Board 1.065m150x1065mm4.40KG
WETBL115End Lock Toe Board 1.15m150x1150mm4.65KG
WETBL154End Lock Toe Board 1.54m150x1540mm5.82KG
WETBL150End Lock Toe Board 1.50m150x1500mm5.70KG
WETBL157End Lock Toe Board 1.57m150x1570mm5.91KG
WETBL182End Lock Toe Board 1.82m150x1820mm6.66KG
WETBL200End Lock Toe Board 2.00m150x2000mm7.20KG
WETBL207End Lock Toe Board 2.07m150x2070mm7.41KG
WETBL210End Lock Toe Board 2.10m150x2100mm7.50KG
WETBL240End Lock Toe Board 2.40m150x2400mm8.40KG
WETBL250End Lock Toe Board 2.50m150x2500mm8.70KG
WETBL257End Lock Toe Board 2.57m150x2570mm8.91KG
WETBL300End Lock Toe Board 3.00m150x3000mm10.2KG
WETBL307End Lock Toe Board 3.07m150x3070mm10.41KG


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