Ringlock Scaffold Toe Board - Side Protection

Ringlock scaffolding toe boards are vertical barriers placed along the sides of scaffold decks or opening areas. The purpose of using the scaffold toe boards is to prevent materials, tools, and equipment drop down from the work platform. It also prevents persons slip off during construction and access.

According to the raw material, there are timber and steel-type ringlock scaffold toe boards:

  • Timber toe boards are made of solid wood boards, at both ends of the wooden boards, there are 2 pcs of metal plates fixed by several rivets.
  • Metal toe boards are made of steel profiles. The steel scaffold toe boards are always galvanized for anti-rusty purposes.

The timber and steel ringlock scaffold toe boards are automatically interlocked. You do not need any scaffold toe board clips and clamps to fix them in place.

Wellmade’s ringlock scaffolding toe boards are compatible with all brand ring system scaffolds. Send us your ringlock scaffold toe board requirement to get an immediate great price now.

  • Height: 6″ (152.4mm) or 150mm
  • Thickness:  63.5mm(2.5″)
  • Length: 1.07m to 3.07 & Customized
  • Finishing: Galvanized
  • System: Ringlock & Pin Lock
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin:  China
  • Dispatch Port: Xingang Port, China


  • Width: 150mm
  • Thickness: 30mm
  • Sizes: 1.07m to 3.07m & Customized
  • Finishing: Painting
  • Connector: Metal Plates
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)


Production Lead Time: 15-35 Days

Shipping: By Sea or By Train

Package:  Timber or Steel Racks

Trade Term: FOB, EXW & CIF

Standard: EN 12810

Ringlock Scaffold Toe Board

Ringlock scaffold toe boards are prefabricated ring system components. There are metal plate connectors fixed on the main scaffold boards and planks to make the ringlock parts automatic connected with each other.

Timber Ringlock Scaffolding Toe Boards

Timber ringlock scaffold toe boards are made of high quality spruce timber. The timber scaffold boards are 150mm in width and 30mm in thickness. They will be painted before fixing the metal plates on. Timber scaffold toe boards metal plates are hot dip galvanized. They are fixed by the hot dip galvanized rivets.

The timber scaffold toe boards’ axis sizes are aligned with ringlock ledger sizes. In construction, the metal connectors fix the timber scaffold toe boards between the wedge pin of ringlock ledger and ringlock standards tubes without moving.

Steel Ringlock Scaffold Toe Boards

Steel ringlock scaffold toe boards are galvanized. There are made of special steel profiles. According to the shape of the steel profile, there are 63.5mm(2.5″) thick steel scaffold toe boards and 50mm thickness toe boards.

63.5mm(2.5″) steel scaffold toe boards are ribbed with one side 63.5mm and another size 19mm. This design makes the scaffold toe board more stable without incline. It is mostly required in the USA-type ringlock scaffolding system – pin lock scaffold.

50mm steel scaffold toe boards are with smooth surfaces without ribs. It is much cheaper than the ribbed scaffold steel toe boards and is used in mostly ringlock scaffolding systems.

63.5mm USA Pin Lock Scaffold Toe Board
steel scaffold toe boards for ringlock scaffold system pin lock scaffolding
steel scaffold toe boards for ringlock scaffold system pin lock scaffolding
Code No.ItemsSpecificationsWeight
WSTBL0650.65m Interlock Toe Board 2’2″152x650mm2.06KG
WSTBL0880.88m Interlock Toe Board 2’9″152x880mm2.75KG
WSTBL0910.91m Interlock Toe Board 3′152x914mm2.81KG
WSTBL1061.065m Interlock Toe Board 3’6″152x1065mm3.24KG
WSTBL1151.15m Interlock Toe Board 3’10”152x1150mm3.47KG
WSTBL1211.21m Interlock Toe Board 4′152x1219mm3.65KG
WSTBL1521.52m Interlock Toe Board 5′152x1524mm4.47KG
WSTBL1571.57m Interlock Toe Board 5’2″152x1570mm4.59KG
WSTBL1821.82m Interlock Toe Board 6′152x1829mm5.28KG
WSTBL2132.13m Interlock Toe Board 7′152x2130mm6.03KG
WSTBL2432.43m Interlock Toe Board 8′152x2438mm6.91KG
WSTBL3053.05m Interlock Toe Board 10′152x3050mm8.44KG
50mm Ringlock Scaffold Toe Board
Normal Ringlock Scaffold Toe Board Timber and Steel Type
Normal Ringlock Scaffold Toe Board Timber and Steel Type
Code No.ItemsSpecificationWeight
WETBL073End Lock Toe Board 0.73m150x730mm3.39KG
WETBL088End Lock Toe Board 0.88m150x880mm3.84KG
WETBL091End Lock Toe Board 0.91m150x914mm3.93KG
WETBL106End Lock Toe Board 1.065m150x1065mm4.40KG
WETBL115End Lock Toe Board 1.15m150x1150mm4.65KG
WETBL154End Lock Toe Board 1.54m150x1540mm5.82KG
WETBL150End Lock Toe Board 1.50m150x1500mm5.70KG
WETBL157End Lock Toe Board 1.57m150x1570mm5.91KG
WETBL182End Lock Toe Board 1.82m150x1820mm6.66KG
WETBL200End Lock Toe Board 2.00m150x2000mm7.20KG
WETBL207End Lock Toe Board 2.07m150x2070mm7.41KG
WETBL210End Lock Toe Board 2.10m150x2100mm7.50KG
WETBL240End Lock Toe Board 2.40m150x2400mm8.40KG
WETBL250End Lock Toe Board 2.50m150x2500mm8.70KG
WETBL257End Lock Toe Board 2.57m150x2570mm8.91KG
WETBL300End Lock Toe Board 3.00m150x3000mm10.2KG
WETBL307End Lock Toe Board 3.07m150x3070mm10.41KG

How to Use Scaffold Toe Board In Ringlock Scaffolding Construction



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