Scaffold Rosette Clamp

Scaffold rosette clamps are fittings of the rosette system scaffolding(called ringlock scaffolding too). They are used to add scaffold rings at any position in the rosette system scaffolding and allow rosette scaffold horizontals, braces, and brackets joined and connected.

The scaffold rosette clamps are composite of four accessories: two half rosettes, one set of bolts and nuts, and one rivet. When they open, can surround any OD48.3mm standard scaffold tubes. Then close the scaffold rosette clamp to fix it on the scaffold tube by tightening the bolts and nuts. There are 6 holes in the scaffold rosette clamps that allow six directions of connections in the ring system scaffold construction.

Wellmade manufactures both cast steel type and forged type rosette clamps and finished in hot dip galvanizing for the most durability life. Send us your requirement to get an immediate price now.

WRCUKUK Type Rosette Clamps21mm Cross Nut1.15KG
WRCUSAUSA Type Rosette Clamps22mm Flange Nut1.20KG
WRCAUAustralian Type Rosette Clamps23mm Flange Nut1.25KG

Brand: Wellmade(WM)
Delivery: 10-25 Days
Trade Term: FOB & CIF
Payment: T/T & LC
Country of Origin: China
Port of Delivery: Xingang Port, Tianjin, China
Package: Box/Cages/Bags/Pallets/Racks
Finishing: Hot Dip Galvanized / Code Gal

Scaffold Rosette Clamps

Scaffold rosette clamps are designed similarly to the scaffold rosettes of the rosette scaffolding(ringlock). But make the rings separate into half and half to make the clamps easy to open and close. When you open the scaffolding rosette clamp, you can make them surround any scaffold tubes. When you close them, the bolt and nut can make the rosette scaffold clamp fix at any place you want a rosette for connection.

Bolt and nut are important elements for the rosette clamp scaffolds.  They take the loads from overhead and are related to construction safety.  Wellmade manufactures the scaffolding rosette clamps with 8.8 top-class bolts to ensure bear more weight in the ring system.

The rosette clamp nuts are always flanged nuts. Flange nuts make the rosette clamp easier to fix during the construction project.

Scaffold rosette clamps can be jointed with any scaffold tube with a 48mm outer diameter. It makes rosette scaffolding more flexible to form any shape of scaffolding in construction.

You can ask for hot dip galvanized or zinc-plated (cold-galvanized) rosette clamps. While hot dip galvanizing can make your scaffolding rosette clamps more durable without rusty in any atmosphere.

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