Ringlock Rosette Clamp

Rosette Clamps are Components of the Ringlock Scaffolding System. It is Cast Steel with Bolt&Nut, Fixed By Rivet. 
The Rosette Clamps is also called as Ring Clamp. Allows Extra Points Between Ringlock Scaffolding  Standards Rings on Vertical Tubular Type Scaffolding Poles. 
It is used popular to make additional scaffold ledgers.
In Hanging and Suspended Scaffolding, Rosette Clamps are used to connect to Ringlock Brackets and Posts.  
In the UK, British Standard, Rosette Clamps with 21mm Cross Nut with Washer. 
In Australia, AS 1576 Standard, Rosette Clamps are designed wit 23mm Flange nut. 
In the USA, ASTM standard, Rosette Clamps are in 22mm Flange Nut.  

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

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