Base Collar

Wellmade Base Collar is Ringlock Scaffolding Parts. It is Starter Elements of the Ringlock Scaffold System.

You can Find All Sizes of Base Collar for Your Ringlock System Scaffolding Construction, Shoring and Staging in Wellmade.

Wellmade is CE Certified Base Collar Manufacturer. Our Base Collar Steel Production is According to ISO9001 Quality Controlling System. In Load Capacity Test, Wellmade’s Base Collar are conformed to EN 12810, AS 1576 and ANSI Requirement.

Send Us Your Ringlock Scaffolding Base Collar Requirement to Get Competitive Price from Wellmade.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

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Engineeringly, Welmade’s Base Collar Help Form Bottom Horizontal of the Ringlock Scaffolding System. Using Base Collar Helps Stable Ringlock Scaffolding Tower and Increase Construction Safety.

During Erection, The Base Collar Sits on Adjustable Screw Jack Base. Socket Tube of the Base Collar Connet with Ringlock Scaffolding Vertical Poles.

You Can Find Wellmade’s Base Collar Common Size in The Following:

  • 240mm
  • 280mm
  • 300mm
  • 330mm
  • 430mm

Customized Base Collar Size is Available in Free Design according to Your Construction.

During Fabrication, Wellmade Base Collar is made By OD 48.3mm Scaffold Tube with Socket Tube OD 57mm.

Ringlock Scaffolding Base Collar Starter Size

WRB23230mm Base CollarOD48.3x230mm1.45KG
WRB24240mm Base CollarOD48.3x240mm1.49KG
WRB28280mm Base CollarOD48.3x280mm1.66KG
WRB29298mm Base CollarOD48.3x298mm1.74KG
WRB30300mm Base CollarOD48.3x300mm1.75KG
WRB31309.5mm Base CollarOD48.3×309.5mm1.79KG
WRB33330mm Base CollarOD48.3x330mm1.87KG
WRB44440mm Base CollarOD48.3x440mm2.34kG


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