Ringlock Scaffold Base Collar

The base collar is a part of the ringlock scaffolding system. It is with a rosette ring, an inner tube, and a socket outer tube. During the construction, the base collar is used to form an initial ground level of horizontals for ringlock scaffolding system.   The ground horizontals are very close to the ground. This makes the ringlock scaffolding tower safer and more stable than other system scaffolds. So base collar is definitely the start element of the ringlock scaffolding system. That is why we call base collars starters too in the ring system scaffolding.

Wellmade manufactures all types of base collars from 240mm to 430mm. The different sizes of base collars are used for different purposes. Include building and construction, temporary shoring in concrete,  staging scaffolding, etc.

If you want to look for high-quality base collars for your ringlock. Wellmade is your right supplier. Our ringlock and base collars are manufactured according to ISO 9001 management. The ringlock parts are CE certified and 3rd party tested too.

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Base Collar Guide for Ringlock Scaffolding

The base collar is a specific ringlock scaffolding system part. Any other scaffolding systems(cuplock, kwikstage, quick lock, etc) do not have this special component.

What is ringlock?

Ringlock is one of the modular scaffold systems used popularly in global wide for the temporary and permanent support of construction.  It is with rings on verticals and ledger heads and wedge pins on horizontal parts.

Ringlock scaffolding is construction scaffolding formed by ringlock system components and parts.  The scaffolding is different from the tube and clamp system. There are all prefabricated and connected automatically. No need for assembly by the huge quantity of scaffold couplers and fittings.

Why use the base collar in ringlock scaffolding system?

Compare to ringlock standards, the base collar is very short in height and has one rosette. Same as the rosette rings on ringlock standard, base collar rosettes are used to connect with ringlock horizontals too during scaffolding tower and frame erection.

But base collar rings are at a very low position.  The low position makes the ringlock scaffolding horizontal lines near the ground.  The bottom horizontal lines make the whole scaffolding tower more stable. It also increases construction safety and scaffold tower load capacity. That is why ringlock scaffolding is commonly used in high construction scaffolding.

How to use ringlock scaffolding base collar in construction?

As one of the ringlock system components, the base collar is modular scaffolding accessories. The socket tube of the base collar is with bigger diameters. It is used to connect with ringlock standards. In construction, you just need to insert the ringlock standard inside of the base collar socket tubes.

Adjustable scaffolding jack bases are inserted into the inner tube of the base collars. Thus it joins together with all of the three components of ringlock scaffolding system: base collar, base jacks, and first ringlock standards.

Base collar rings are used to connect with ringlock ledger heads. While the wedge pin on the ringlock ledger locks and fixes them together.

For normal construction, short(normal) ringlock scaffolding base collars are required. But if you want to set staging scaffolding, you need to use the long-size base collars. That makes your required staging height possible.

How to Buy Base Collars

Wellmade is CE certified ringlock scaffolding and base collar manufacturer in China. Our base collars are tested according to EN 12810, AS1576, and ANSI standard.  Each of the base collars is tested during manufacturing. The testing includes:

  1. test steel and aluminum grade of raw material
  2. test components of the base collar: rings, tubes, socket tubes
  3. test how much weight the base collar can take (ultimate load)
  4. test whether the base collar is compatible with all ringlock scaffolding parts (Mock up)
  5. test the galvanizing adhere and zinc thickness (ringlock anti-corrosion function and durability)

All of the above test reports and certificates are available for your orders. So if you want any ringlock scaffolding parts and base collars, Wellmade would be your good partner.

You can follow all standard and common sizes of base collars for your ringlock scaffolding. The following sizes are the  common sizes for ringlock scaffolding base collars:

  • 240mm
  • 280mm
  • 300mm
  • 330mm
  • 430mm

In addition, as a lead OEM ringlock scaffolding manufacturer and supplier, we are able to customize your base collar sizes according to your design, drawing, and construction requirement too.

You can choose one size of our standard base collars. While it is welcome to send us your ringlock scaffolding and base collar drawings too.

Base Collar (Starter) Details (Size & Weight)

Wellmade base normal duty and heavy duty ringlock scaffolding. Normal duty ringlock are made of OD48.3mm scaffold tubes. While heavy duty ringlock scaffolding is made of OD60mm scaffold tubes. Following are the details of the normal duty ringlock scaffolding base collars.

The normal duty is fabricated by OD48.3mm scaffold tubes (inner tubes) and OD57mm (socket tubes)

CodeItemsSize & SpecificationsWeight
WRB23230mm Base CollarOD48.3& OD57mm, S355 Steel, HDG1.45KG
WRB24240mm Base CollarOD48.3& OD57mm, S355 Steel, HDG1.49KG
WRB28280mm Base CollarOD48.3& OD57mm, S355 Steel, HDG1.66KG
WRB29298mm Base CollarOD48.3& OD57mm, S355 Steel, HDG1.74KG
WRB30300mm Base CollarOD48.3& OD57mm, S355 Steel, HDG1.75KG
WRB31309.5mm Base CollarOD48.3& OD57mm, S355 Steel, HDG1.79KG
WRB33330mm Base CollarOD48.3& OD57mm, S355 Steel, HDG1.87KG
WRB44440mm Base CollarOD48.3& OD57mm, S355 Steel, HDG2.34kG

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