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Tube and Clamp Scaffolding System

Wellmade’s tube and clamp scaffolding is a traditional scaffold system, called pipe scaffold too. It is built by scaffold tube, fitted by scaffolding couplers in your construction.

Wellmade’s tube and clamp scaffolding are tested and certified. Our scaffolding tubes and fittings are conformed to ANIS, OSHA, BS1139, EN74, JIS & KS international scaffolding standard.

Wellmade tube and clamp scaffolding is assembled in multiple directions for irregular dimension or contours. Thus you can use it for all of your construction building.

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Scaffolding Pipe for tube and clamp scaffolding system

Scaffolding pipe is used as uprights, horizontal, braces, bearers and runners parts of tube and clamp scaffolding. 3.2mm and 4.0mm Scaffolding pipe is mostly used in construction.

scaffolding clamps for tube and clamp scaffolding

Scaffolding Clamps are coupling pipe parts of tube and clamp scaffolding. There are drop forged and pressed steel scaffolding couplers fix scaffold tubes in tube clamp system.

Tube Lock Scaffolding

Tube lock scaffolding is a steel scaffold tube with male and female end fittings. Tube lock scaffolding makes tube and clamp system more easily assembly in building construction.

Scaffolding Tubes

Scaffolding tubes for tube and clamp Scaffolding include galvanised scaffold tube, black scaffold tube and painted scaffold tube. Among them, galvanised scaffold tubes are the most durable type of scaffold tube. Painted scaffold tube is able to protect the black steel scaffold tube from corrosion in construction tube and clamp system.

Galvanised Scaffold Tube

Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe is the most durable scaffold tubes in construction. It is not only used in civil & residential scaffolding but also for industrial & offshore tube and clamp scaffolding construction.

Black Scaffold Tube

Black scaffold tube is a type of steel scaffold tube without surface treatment. It is required by civil residential tube and clamp scaffolding. Black scaffold tube is easier rusty without surface protection in construction.

Painted Scaffold Tube

Paint scaffold tube is a scaffold tube painting from the black scaffold. It protects scaffold steel tube from corrosion. Construction side also paints scaffold tube ends marking different lengths. Painting is also used for scaffolding tube maintenance.

Tube and Clamp Scaffolding Components & Parts

You can find a complete tube and clamp scaffolding components and parts in Wellmade. Include scaffolding tubes, scaffolding clamps, scaffolding ladders, scaffold boards, ladder beams, unit beams, stairs etc.

  • All Sizes of Scaffolding Tubes In Diameter of O.D 48.3mm, O.D 48.6mm, O.D 60mm, O.D 42mm, O.D 34mm, O.D 33.7mm, O.D 76mm, O.D 89mm etc. You can ask whatever lengths per your construction design.
  • Scaffolding Clamps. Wellmade offers you drop forged type scaffolding clamps and pressed steel type couplers too. You can find from us different function of scaffolding clamps: Right Angle Double Couplers, Swivel Couplers, Putlog Couplers, Board Retaining Couplers, Sleeve Couplers, Girder & Beam Clamps, Ladder Clamps, Single Coupler, Fence Coupler etc.
  • Scaffold Boards. You can find steel scaffold boards, timber and aluminium scaffolding planks for your tube and clamp scaffolding
  • Scaffolding Ladders. Aluminium ladder and steel scaffolding ladder are both available.

Wellmade: Your Best Tube and Clamp Manufacturer In China

Wellmade is tube and clamp scaffolding manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce all types of scaffold tubes and scaffolding clamps, scaffolding material parts and components for your construction.

Wellmade’s Scaffold Tubes

You can find BS1139 or EN 39 standard scaffold tubes in Wellmade. The Most common wall thickness of the BS EN Standard scaffold tubes is in 3.2mm and 4.0mm. While Japanese (JIS) and Korean Standard (KS) tube scaffolding are in 2.4mm thickness.  Scaffold tube in O.D 42mm, O.D 60mm, O.D 33.7mm(34mm) etc are available too.

There are galvanized and black scaffold tube for your choosing.  Hot dip galvanized scaffold tubes are the most durable type of scaffold tube. While you can find pre-galvanized(GI) Scaffolding Pipes for your tube and clamp scaffolding system.

Wellmade customize your scaffold tube lengths and steel grade. scaffold tube manufacturing.  You can find the scaffold tube from 0.3m to 6.4m(21′) in Wellmade.  You can find S235 steel grade and S355 higher grade scaffold tubes here.

As an ISO 9001 and CE Certified tube and clamp scaffolding manufacturer, we offer high-quality scaffold material with strict QC quality controlling system to make sure all of our scaffold tubes are meet up and exceed the standard requirement.

Scaffolding pipes tube

Welmade’s Scaffolding Clamps

Wellmade’s Scaffold fittings for the tube clamp scaffolding include drop-forged scaffolding couplers and pressed scaffolding clamps.

We produce Germany type, Australian Type, British Type and the USA type of scaffolding clamps.

Germany Type Scaffolding Clamps

There are lightweight, normal duty and heavy duty type of Germany Scaffolding Clamps.  All of the Germany Scaffolding Clamps are with 22mm Flange Nut.

You can find from Wellmade E-galvanized and Hot dip galvanized Germany Scaffolding Clamps for your tube and clamp scaffolding.

The USA Type Scaffolding Clamps

There are I bolt scaffolding clamps and wedge clamps for the USA tube and clamp scaffolding construction. The USA type scaffolding clamps include right angle clamps, swivel clamps, fixed beam clamps, swivel beam clamps etc. Wedge clamps are for aluminium scaffold tube and clamp system. Include right angle and swivel wedge clamps.

The Australian Type Scaffolding Clamps

Australian Type scaffolding clamps are with 23mm flange nut. Include drop forged double coupler, drop forged swivel coupler, girder and beam clamps, single coupler, Putlog Coupler etc.

British Standard Scaffolding Clamps

British Scaffolding clamps are the most used type of scaffolding coupler for tube and clamp scaffolding. It is wide used in many countries. The British scaffolding clamps are with 21mm cross nut with washer.

You can find drop-forged British Scaffolding Clamps and Pressed steel type British Clamps.  All of them conform to EN 74 BS 1139 scaffolding standard.

British Standard Double Coupler scaffolding

JIS and Korean Type Scaffolding Clamps

JIS and Korean scaffolding clamps are pressed steel scaffolding clamp.  They are in lightweight.  Japanese Standard Scaffolding Clamps is in 110 degrees for O.D 42.7 to O.D 48.6mm scaffolding pipes.  While Korean Standard scaffolding clamps are 90 degrees.

Tube and Clamp Scaffolding Accessories

In the tube and clamp scaffolding system,  other components are used together with scaffolding tubes and fittings. Like Ladder Beams, Unit Beams, Aluminium Ladder or Steel Scaffolding Ladders, Aluminium or Steel Scaffold Stairs, Scaffold Casters, Jack Bases, U Head Jacks, Scaffold Boards Plank etc.

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