Japanese and Korean Scaffolding Clamps

Japanese standard scaffolding clamps are also called JIS scaffold clamps.  It is manufactured according to JIS A 8951 standard. In construction, the JIS scaffolding standard scaffolding clamps are used to fix JIS 3444 standard scaffolding pipes. Korean standard scaffolding clamps are similar to Japanese standard scaffolding clamps in weight, steel, specifications, etc.

Standard JIS and Korean scaffolding clamps are used to fix OD48.6mm scaffolding pipes. While JIS scaffolding clamps, with special 110-degree clamp bases, can be used to connect two scaffolding frame verticals. Which is in OD42mm.

The JIS and Korean standard scaffold fittings include different types of scaffold couplers including fixed clamps, swivel clamps, fixed beam clamps and swivel beam clamps (scaffold C clamp), inner joint pins, limpet clamps, half single clamps(checking clamp) and base plates, etc.

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  • Standard: JIS A 8951 & KSD3501
  • Size: OD48.6mm
  • Finishing: Zinc-plated & Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Steel Grade: S235 & S355
  • Mark: 48.6mm
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Type: Light Weight
  • Package: Timber Racks & Steel Pallets
  • Shipping: By Sea/By Container
  • Payment: T/T and LC
  • Trade Term: FOB, EXW, and CIF
  • Lead Time: 15-45 Days

Wellmade Japanese and Korean Scaffolding Clamps

Wellmade’s JIS and Korean standard scaffolding are tested according to JIS A 8951 and KSD 3501.

There are OD48.6mm standard JIS and Korean standard scaffolding clamps in Wellmade, also other sizes like OD42mm and OD60mm.

For anti-corrosion purpose, the JIS and Korean standard scaffolding clamps are always galvanized.

There are 2 types of galvanizing for the JIS and Korean standard clamps:

  1. Zinc-plated
  2. Hot Dip Galvanized

Zinc-plated JIS and Korean standard scaffolding clamps are the most common couplers. It is always finished in golden color(yellow). If you want, white color zinc-plated scaffolding clamps are available too.

Hot dip galvanized scaffolding clamps are the most durable without rusty for 15-20 years. The color is always white or grey.

Zinc-plated is also called E-galvanized. Compare to hot dip galvanizing, E-gal couplers are easy to rust within 0.5-2 years depending on the construction site and stock conditions.

JIS, Korean and Other Standard Scaffolding Couplers

JIS and Korean standard scaffolding clamps are lightweight compared to British, Germany, and USA standard scaffolding couplers. Use scaffold fix clamp for an example, you can find the different weights of different standards of scaffolding couplers.

JIS Double Clamps0.64 KG
Korean Double Couplers0.65 KG
British Double Coupler1.02KG
USA Double Coupler1.45 KG
Germany Double Coupler1.30 KG
Astralian Double Coupler1.05 KG

Both JIS and Korean standard scaffolding clamps are used to connect OD48.6mm scaffolding pipes. While other standard scaffold couplers, including EN 74, BS1139, and AS1576 standards scaffolding couplers are used to connect with standard OD48.3mm scaffold tubes.

The difference between the JIS and Korean scaffolding clamps:

No.WeightClamp BaseCostRivet
Korean ClampsHeavier90 DegreeHigherStronger
Japanese ClampsLighter110 DegreeLowerSmaller

Korean and Japanese Standard Scaffolding Clamp Weight List

Korean Type Scaffolding Fixed  and Swivel Clamps

Code No.ItemsSizesWeight
KSFC48Korean Fixed Clamp OD48.6mm0.65 KG
KSSW48Korean Swivel ClampsOD48.6mm0.65 KG
Korean Scaffolding Clamp Fixed and Swivel Coupler
Korean Scaffolding Clamp

Japanese Type of Scaffolding Fixed Clamps

Code No.ItemsSize
JIS-FC48-110JIS Fixed Clamp 110 DegreeOD42-OD48.6mm
JIS-FC48-90JIS Fixed Clamp 90 DegreeOD48.6mm
Japanese Type Scaffolding Fixed and Swivel Clamps
Code No.ItemsSizeWeight
JIS-FC48-110JIS Fixed Clamp 110 DegreeOD42-OD48.6mm0.64KG
JIS-FC48-90JIS Fixed Clamp 90 DegreeOD48.6mm0.64KG
JIS-SW48-110JIS Swivel Clamp 110 DegreeOD42-OD48.6mm0.64KG
JIS-SW48-90JIS Swivel Clamp 90 DegreeOD48.6mm0.64KG

Japanese Standard Swivel Clamp Fixed Clamp Scaffolding

Korean Type of Scaffold Base Plate
Code No.ItemsSizeWeight
KSBPKorean Base Plate
(for Rivet Scaffolding Pipes)
Korean Scaffolding Standard Base Plate For Rivet Pipes
Base Plate for Rivet Pipes (Korean Type)
Scaffolding Fixed Beam Clamp
Code No.ItemsSizeWeight
FBC-JISJIS Fixed Beam ClampOD48.6mm1.00 KG
FSC-JISJIS Swivel Beam ClampOD48.6mm1.00 KG
Japanese and Korean Standard Scaffolding Beam Clamp C Clamps
JIS Beam Clamp (Scaffold C Clamp)


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