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Japanese and Korean Scaffolding Clamps are in Pressed Steel Confirmed to Japanese Scaffolding Standard and Korean Scaffolding Standard in Size of OD42.7mm, OD48.6mm and OD60mm.
Wellmade Scaffold Produces Japanese and Korean Scaffolding Clamps of Fixed Clamps, Swivel Clamps, Fixed Beam Clamps, Swivel Beam Clamps, Joint Pins, Limpet Clamps, Scaffolding Base Plate, Half Swivel Clamps etc.
All Scaffolding Clamps are in Gloden Color Galvanized Finished for Japanese and Korean Scaffolding Clamps.

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Japanese and Korean Scaffolding Clamps

Korean Types of Scaffolding Fixed Clamps

Code No.ItemsSizes
KSFC48Korean Type Pressed Fixed Clamp OD48.6mm

Korean Types of Scaffolding Swivel Clamps

Code No.ItemsSize
KSSW48Korean Type Pressed Swivel ClampOD48.6mm
Korean Scaffolding Clamp Fixed and Swivel Coupler
Korean Scaffolding Clamp

Japanese Type of Scaffolding Fixed Clamps

Code No.ItemsSize
JIS-FC48-110JIS Fixed Clamp 110 DegreeOD42-OD48.6mm
JIS-FC48-90JIS Fixed Clamp 90 DegreeOD48.6mm

Japanese Types of Scaffolding Swivel Clamps

Code No.ItemsSize
JIS-SW48-110JIS Swivel Clamp 110 DegreeOD42-OD48.6mm
JIS-SW48-90JIS Swivel Clamp 90 DegreeOD48.6mm

Japanese Standard Swivel Clamp Fixed Clamp Scaffolding

Korean Type of Scaffold Base Plate

Code No.ItemsSize
KSBPKorean Base Plate for Rivet Scaffolding Pipes150mm
Korean Scaffolding Standard Base Plate

Scaffolding Fixed Beam Clamp

Code No.ItemsSize
FBC-JISScaffold Fixed Beam Clamps JISOD48.6mm

Japanese and Korean Standard Scaffolding Beam Clamp C Clamps


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