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Tested High Quality Metal Decks with Custom Size& Logo

Wellmade is a leading scaffolding metal deck manufacturer in China. We supply all standard sizes of scaffolding metal decks. Your custom metal deck scaffolding size, dimensions, and specifications are available too here. In addition, your company names and logos would be embossed on the scaffolding metal decks.

Wellmade metal deck scaffolding is tested according to scaffolding standards: BS 1139, EN 1004 and EN 12811, AS 1577, etc.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffolding factory, our high-quality metal decks include test qualified steel deck raw materials, CE certified welding quality, and salty-spray tested galvanizing and coating.

More than that, you can have more benefits in pricing, delivery, and cost by import directly from the metal deck scaffolding manufacturer.

Metal Deck Scaffolding Standard Sizes

225 x 38mm scaffolding metal decks

225x38mm size of metal deck scaffolding is used popularly in tube and clamp scaffold systems. Oil and gas companies use hot-dip galvanized 225x38mm scaffolding metal decks for their offshore projects construction and maintenance.

210x45mm scaffolding metal decks

210x45mm scaffolding metal deck is applied in a lot of South East Asia countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, etc. This size of metal deck scaffolding with flat stiffeners for scaffolding pipe and fitting system.

240x45mm scaffolding metal decks

240mmx45mm scaffolding metal deck are made with flat stiffeners too. It can be pre-galvanized or hot dip galvanised for civil or oil gas companies projects.  It is tested according to EN and MS standards.

250 x 50mm scaffolding metal decks

250x50mm Metal Decks are shipping to Indonesia. The stiffener of the metal could be box type and flat plate type.  Wellmade produce both GI and hot dip galvanized 250x50mm scaffolding metal decks.

250 x 40mm scaffolding metal decks

250 x 40mm scaffolding metal decks are required by tube and clamp scaffolding and ringlock scaffolding system. Plain end scaffolding metal decks in 250x40mm are fixed by board retaining coupler or limpet clamps.

230 x 63mm scaffold board metal decks

230 x 63mm scaffold metal decks are manufactured for Australia & Ireland. Called scaffold batten. It is a walk board for kwikstage scaffolding system.  Wellmade 230x63mm steel boards are certified in Australia.

400x50mm scaffolding metal deck

400 x 50mm scaffolding metal deck are composite by two steel boards in 200x50mm. It is required by the Korea & Indonesia companies. You can find Pre-galvanized steel and hot dip galvanized type 400mm metal decks here.

catwalk scaffolding metal deck planks

500 x 50mm scaffolding metal deck with hooks is one of the catwalk scaffolding systems. It is used in frame scaffolding systems in galvanized. You can find 400-520mm width too.

200 x 50mm scaffolding metal decks

200 x 50mm scaffolding metal deck is for tube and clamp scaffolding system. It is fixed by board retaining clamp in scaffolding construction. 200x50mm metal decks are also fabricated for 400mm and 420mm catwalk boards.

300 x 50 Scaffold Boards

300mm scaffold boards are wide-type scaffold boards. It is with box stiffeners only for strong support purposes. There 300mm scaffold boards with hooks and without hooks. It is compatible with tube and clamp system as well as ringlock scaffolding.

320mm Scaffold Steel Planks with U Hooks - Scaffolding Platform for Ringlock Scaffolding and Layher Speedy Frame Scaffold

320x76mm Layher steel planks are a special structure of metal deck scaffold. It is working with Layher Allround system scaffold.  Along with 320mm layher planks, there are also 190mm steel planks for the Layher ringlock system.

Pin Lock Scaffolding Ringlock Metal Scaffold Plank

241×67.5mm steel planks are components for pin lock scaffolding systems.  It is exported to scaffolding companies in the USA and Canada. According to the steel plank hook shape, it is also called Dog Ear Scaffolding Plank.

Steel Catwalk Scaffolding

catwalk scaffolding on frame system scaffold for access and work platform construction
catwalk scaffolding on frame system scaffold for access and work platform construction

Steel catwalk scaffolding is another type of scaffolding metal decks. Different from normal steel decks, catwalk scaffolding include hooks on both ends of the metal deck. The hooks of the steel catwalk scaffolding are sit on the scaffolding ledgers and transom.

Catwalk scaffolding are used in system scaffolding. Include ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding and frame scaffolding.

According to the horizontal parts of the system scaffolding, the steel catwalk plank hooks include O.D 42.7mm and O.D 48.3mm.

System Scaffold Steel Planks and Boards
Scaffolding Metal Deck Plank Boards
Scaffolding Metal Deck Plank Boards

You can find scaffold battens and hook on steel scaffolding planks for your system scaffold.

Scaffold battens are without hooks. In engineering, It sits on the scaffold transoms during construction. Scaffold battens are popularly applied in kwikstage scaffolding system UK type and Australia type. Cuplock scaffold battens are working with omega transom and omega brackets.

Hook on scaffolding planks with hooks at both ends. They are connected with a scaffolding ledger. According to the horizontal scaffolding parts, hook-on scaffolding planks is different for O ledger and U ledger. Hook on scaffold boards applied in most scaffolding systems include frame scaffold, ring lock, cuplock, South Africa type kwikstage scaffolding, quick lock scaffold, etc.

Metal Deck Scaffolding VS Wooden Scaffolding Planks

metal deck scaffolding steel planks

Metal Plank scaffolding is an anti-slip design. You can find a lot of holes on the metal deck surface for anti-slipping purposes. It is also able to manufactured by the steel grids with the same function. You can welding hooks on the metal scaffold planks too. More than that, the weight are lighter than the timber board scaffolding.

bs 2482 standard scaffold timber boards 225 x 38mm

Wooden Scaffolding Planks are made from timbers. Thus it is not as safe as the metal deck with an anti-slipping design. You can not fix any hooks on the wooden decks in construction. Scaffold fittings and clamps are necessary if you choose timber scaffold boards. In recycling consideration, metal deck scaffolding is about 3 times durable than timber boards.

Hot dip galvanized Pre-galvanized and Painting Metal Deck Scaffolding

Painting Type Scaffolding Metal Deck for South Africa Type Kwikstage Scaffold
Painting Type Scaffolding Metal Deck for South Africa Type Kwikstage Scaffold

For durable and recycling purposes, metal deck planks finishing are able to be in hot dip galvanized, pre-galvanized, and paint finishing.

Hot dip galvanized metal decks are the most durable steel planks. It is made from black steel plates and dipping the black metal decks inside of the galvanizing pools. The zinc thickness of hot-dip galvanizing metal decks is more than 40 micros.

Pre-galvanized metal deck scaffolding is made from galvanizing steel plates. GI coils and plates are with less zinc about 30-120g.  The welding line of the pre-galvanized metal decks is treated by zinc-rich painting. Pre-galvanized metal deck scaffolding is the most popular type with cheaper cost and better durable than painted ones.

Painting metal deck scaffolding is used in some countries. It is made from black steel plates too. But paint, rather than galvanizing, on the black scaffold metal decks.

Wellmade Scaffolding Metal Decks

If you are seeking scaffolding metal decks. Wellmade will be your first choice in Quality, Pricing, and Professional Services.

Wellmade’s Scaffold Metal Deck Quality

  • CE Certified Scaffold Metal Deck Manufacturer

Different from any other Chinese scaffolding manufacturers, Wellmade is a real CE-certified scaffold factory. The factory is audit and certified according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standards in Europe. Thus you can put the “CE” mark on your scaffolding metal decks during your metal deck scaffold import.

More than CE marks Wellmade controls the scaffolding metal decks’ quality according to EN 1090 and ISO 3834 standard. You can find the penetrate test report and theoretical throat test report for your metal deck scaffold materials.

  • ISO 9001 Certified Scaffold Metal Deck Manufacturer

    More than welding quality, Wellmade does scaffold metal deck quality controlling according to ISo 9001 management standard.  You can find the following details for your metal deck scaffolding order.

  1. MTC
  2. Raw Material Test Report
  3. Sizes & Terence Inspection
  4. Mock-Up Test for System Scaffold
  5. Ultimate Load Test
  6. Adhere and Zinc Thickness Test
  • Complete Test Facilities and  Daily Quality Control

As the biggest metal deck scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade has complete test facilities. It ensures your metal deck scaffolding quality controlled during the whole production process. The test is proceeding on daily basis.

Wellmade Metal Deck Scaffolding Pricing

More than quality, scaffold metal deck price is an important factor too. Wellmade’s metal deck scaffolding output is 500 tons per day. It is the biggest production capacity in the whole of China.  Efficient brings cost-saving. You can enjoy great benefits during your scaffold metal deck purchase from Wellmade.

Professional Services Support Your Metal Deck Import

Wellmade has more than 100 forwarders and agents in most countries. We are very familiar with the custom clearances and local trucks and transportation. Thus, in most countries, Wellmade is able to supply you door to door delivery.

More than delivery, you can get more value for your scaffolding metal decks on identified your company name and logo on your metal decks.

Wellmade is able to produce your custom scaffolding metal decks according to design in sizes, specifications, technical data, etc.

Complete Solution for Your Metal Deck Scaffolding System

Wellmade has thousands of scaffolding metal decks types. If you can not find the metal deck scaffolding from other scaffold factories. You can try to ask Wellmade.  We are able to custom your metal deck width, height, thickness, surfaces, hooks, etc.

Our metal deck scaffold engineers are able to design the right metal decks according to technical requirements too. We design you metal deck scaffold considers all sides include construction standard and safety, compatible and your country market custom, etc.

Wellmade Metal Deck Scaffolding Steel Grade

scaffolding metal deck c profile in s195 steel grade GI
Metal Deck Scaffolding C Profile In S195 Steel Grade

Scaffolding metal decks are made from steel plates. According to the steel plate grade, there are S195, S235 scaffolding metal decks.

The S195 steel grade is a type of soft steel material. It is easy to form the C profile, which is the main body of the scaffolding metal decks.

The S235 steel grade is with a higher tensile property. But it is harder in metal deck C profile forming than S195 steel grade.

Heavy Weight and Light Weight Metal Deck Scaffolding

For the same sizes of metal decks, there are heavyweight types and light-weight types. Heavyweight scaffolding metal decks are made from thicker steel plates, say more than 1.8mm. While lightweight type metal decks are made from thinner steel plates. You can get both galvanized and painted metal decks for both types of metal deck scaffolding.

Grating Scaffolding Steel Boards

More than the normal type of scaffolding metal decks, there is also a grating steel board for scaffold walking and access system. The grating boards are made from steel gratings, which are supported by special steel structure sections.  It is used popularly in the shipping building industry construction. The sizes of the steel grating scaffold boards are varied from 210mm to 320mm.

300mm Scaffold Board grating type scaffolding steel plank for shipbuilding companies
300mm grating scaffold boards

Scaffolding Metal deck Using and Erection

In construction, the scaffolding metal decks are used for walk boards and work platforms.  The plain-end metal decks are fixed by scaffolding clamps or GI steel wires.  While hook on scaffold boards is connected with the scaffolding tower frames by plank hooks.

More than using the construction scaffolding erection, the scaffold metal decks are used to manufacturing the steel walking boards, scaffold stair steps, as well as, other construction access equipment and side protection parts.

 O Ledger and U Ledger Scaffolding Metal Planks

O Ledger and U Ledger Scaffolding Steel Planks
O Ledger and U Ledger Scaffolding Steel Planks

According to your scaffold modular system requirement, you can use scaffold battens to work with your kwistkage transom and cuplock omegas.

For ringlock scaffolding, you can find both O ledger and U ledger scaffold metal decks.

In the pin lock scaffold system to the USA and Canada,  the scaffolding steel plank hooks could be designed with wind protection locks for construction safety.

Other Scaffolding Platform In Wellmade

More than the metal deck scaffolding, you can find other scaffold planks and boards to form your scaffolding platform and access system. Include aluminum planks, alum plywood platform with trapdoor and aluminum ladders, timber scaffold boards, aluminum plywood planks, etc.

O Hatch Robust Hatch Aluminium Plywood Platform with Trapdoor&Ladder
O Hatch Robust Hatch Aluminium Plywood Platform with Trapdoor&Ladder

Scaffolding Metal Deck FAQ Guide

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