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Wellmade Scaffold produces USA Scaffolding Tube Clamps Includes Forged I Bolt Right Angle Clamp, I Bolt Swivel Clamp, T Bolt Double Clamp and Swivel Clamp As well as Wedge Clamps in Right Angle and Swivel.
Forged I bolt clamps and T bolt Clamps are used for Steel Scaffold Tube in Dimension of OD48mm, OD60mm, OD76mm and OD89mm Heavy Duty.
Wedge Clamps are used for Aluminium Scaffold Tube in OD48.3mm.

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USA Scaffolding Clamps

I Bolt Scaffolding Fixed Clamp 48mm – I Bolt Type

Code No.SizeWeight(KG)

USA Scaffolding I Bolt Swivel Clamp

Code No.SizeWeight


Heavy Duty USA Scaffolding Clamps 89mm

Code No.SizeWeight

Heavy Duty Scaffolding Half Swivel Clamp 89mm

Code No.SizeWeight

USA Scaffolding Right Angle Wedge Clamp

Code No.SizeWeight
WDG48-RAOD48mm1.45 KG

Scaffolding Swivel Wedge Clamp

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