Australian Standard Scaffold Couplers

If you are an Australia construction and scaffolding companies, Wellmade will be your best scaffolding supplier of the Australian Standard Scaffolding Couplers, Tubes and Kwikstage scaffolding systems.

Firstly, we have passed the test report according to the Australian Standard AS 1576. Our Kwisktage scaffolding is tested in Melbourne and certified as Work Safe Construction equipment.

We know that you are using 23mm flange nut which is different with British standard and Germany standard scaffolding clamp specifications.

Wellmade offers you complete scaffolding coupler solution for Australian standard scaffolding. You can find all types of scaffold fittings here include drop forged double coupler, swivel clamps, single putlog, girder clamps etc.

We have both E-galvanized(zinc-plated) and hot dip galvanized scaffolding couplers too. Send us your scaffolding requirement to get an immediate price now.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s Australian Standard Scaffold Couplers

Wellmade Scaffold Produces Scaffolding Couplers and Clamps not only according to BS1139 En74 British Standard. But Also produces Australian Standards Scaffolding Couplers of Double Coupler in Right Angle, Swivel Clamps, Half Coupler,Putlog Coupler and Gravlock Girder Couplers.
The Scaffolding Fittings Australian Standards are Joints of Tube Clamp System, OD48.3mm, Hot Dip Galvanized Australian Scaffolding Standards.
Australian Standards Scaffolding Fittings from Wellmade Scaffold is with 23mm Flange Nut and Heavier in weight and Load Capacity Than British Standard.
Why Wellmade Scaffold?
l Independent Test 24 Hours On:
1. –Raw Material Chemical & Physicals Test, Ensuring Qualified Grade Steel;
2. -24 Hours Sampling Welding Quality Test
3. -Scaffolding Safety Load Capacity Test
4. Mock-up Inspection Before Mass Production
l ISO3834 & EN1090 CE Management and Welding Certificate
ISO9001 Management System
Win-Win Business Philosophies, Bring Benefits to Clients By Product Value
l Pursue Long Term Partnership By Quality & Service
l Expert in Layher and Peri Scaffolding System & Components 

Australian Standards Forged Right Angle Coupler Scaffold Size

WRA1576AS1576 Right Angle Coupler ScaffoldingOD48.3×48.2mmZinc-Plated|HDG

Australian Scaffolding double couplre scaffolding australian standards right angle scaffold tube clamps as 1576

Australian Standards Swivel Clamp Scaffolding

WSW1576AS1576 Swivel Clamp ScaffoldingO.D 48.3×48.3mmZinc-Plated|HDG

Australian Scaffolding Clamp Swivel Coupler

Australian Standards Putlog Coupler Scaffolding

WPL1576Putlog Coupler Scaffolding AS1576O.D 48.3mmZinc-Plated|HDG

scaffolding putlog coupler as1576 australian standards scaffold tube clamp fittings galvanized steel pipe scaffolding

Australian Standards Gravlock Girder Coupler

WGD1576Gravlock Girder Coupler AS1576O.D 48.3mmZinc-Plated|HDG
Austrlian Scaffolding Clamp Beam Coupler Gravlock Girder
Scaffold Half Coupler Australian Standards
WHS1576AS1576 Half Swivel CouplerO.D 48.3mmZinc-Plated|HDG

Australian Half Swivel Coupler Scaffolding Clamps as 1576


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