Scaffolding Infill Plank

Scaffolding Infill Planks are components of system scaffolding. Provides Continuous Work Platform by Filling Unwanted Gaps Between Scaffold Boards and Between Boards& Bays. 
It is made from Anti-Slip Steel Structure with Hooks or Simply without hooks, Designed Customized According to Clients Construction Scaffolding Requirement. Locking pins and Self-Security Steel Bolts at each ends, secure planks against slipping, and lifting off.  
Size of the Infill Planks is Customized in Length and width for Each Special Solution. 
The Infill Planks are used in all types of System Scaffolding Include Ringlock, Cuplock, Kwikstage System for Construction Scaffolding, Industrial Scaffolding Access Tower and work platform Gap Solution. 

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Steel Scaffolding Infill Planks

WSIP0880.88m Infill Planks2.0x880mm5.04KG
WSIP1061.065m Infill Planks2.0x1065mm5.68KG
WSIP1151.15m Infill Planks2.0x1150mm5.98KG
WSIP1501.50m Infill Planks2.0x1500mm7.19KG
WSIP1571.57m Infill Planks2.0x1570mm7.44KG
WSIP1831.83m Infill Planks2.0x1830mm8.34KG
WSIP2002.00m Infill Planks2.0x2000mm8.92KG
WSIP2072.07m Infill Planks2.0x2070mm9.17KG
WSIP2132.13m Infill Planks2.0x2130mm9.37KG
WSIP2442.44m Infill Planks2.0x2440mm10.45KG
WSIP2502.50m Infill Planks2.0x2500mm10.65KG
WSIP3053.05m Infill Planks2.0x3050mm12.56KG
WSIP3073.07m Infill Planks2.0x3070mm12.63KG


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