Scaffold Wall Tie Tube Anchor

The scaffold wall tie tube is a part of the scaffold ties used to fix the scaffolding to walls, structures, or buildings.  In the scaffold tie system, one end of the wall tie tubes connect to the screw eye bolt in the walls, and another end is fixed to the scaffolding tower by scaffold right angle couplers or swivel clamps.
The scaffolding wall tie tube is also called scaffolding fixing, scaffold ties, scaffold wall mount, scaffolding anchor, scaffold anchor ties, scaffold tie-in, scaffolding tie back, scaffold tube tie, steel tube with hooks, anchor tubes, scaffolding tie bars, single scaffold tube tie, etc.
The scaffold wall tie tube is manufactured with a standard 48.3mm(1.5″) scaffold tube with an 18mm hook which is made from a steel round bar.
Wall tie tubes are compatible with a lot of scaffold systems and tube clamp scaffolds. Include ringlock scaffolding, cuplock scaffolding, kwikstage scaffolding, frame scaffolding, etc. With the fixing of the wall tie tubes, the scaffold systems and towers are more stable in construction.
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  • Material: Steel
  • Grade: S235 & S355
  • Diameter: 48.3mm
  • Thickness: 2.5-3.2mm
  • Hook Size: OD18 & OD20mm
  • Length: Customized
  • Finishing: Galvanized
  • Brand: Wellmade (WM)
  • Country of Origin: China

Scaffold Wall Tie Tubes

Threes Types of Wall Ties for Scaffolding

  1. Scaffold Tube with Hooks (For Ringlock and All Scaffold Systems)
  2. Scaffold Tube with End Plates ( USA Frame Scaffolding System Parts)
  3. Scaffold Plates with Scaffold Fittings ( Australia Kwikstage Scaffold Parts)

How to Tie Scaffolds to the Walls and Buildings

  1. Fixing Eye Bolts In the Walls
  2. Hook Scaffold Rings
  3. Fix the Scaffold Wall Ties to Scaffolds

How Far of Scaffold to The Wall

In construction, the scaffolding should be 14″ or less far from the wall. If the scaffolding is used for plastering or stucco. The scaffolding tower should be 18″ or less from the wall or building.  Between the scaffolding and walls, the wall tie anchor tubes are the connectors to secure the scaffold safe and stable and increase the scaffold load.  That is why the scaffolding wall tie system is used in many famous scaffold systems like the Layher Allround system, Peri system, etc.

Scaffold Wall Tie Tube Sizes

As a leading scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade customizes the scaffold wall ties from 0.10m to

Wellmade Scaffold Tube Size List and Weight

WTC025Scaffold Tube Connector 250mmOD48.3mmx250mm1.39KG
WTC030Scaffold Tube Connector 300mmOD48.3mmx300mm1.57KG
WTC035Scaffold Tube Connector 350mmOD48.3mmx350mm1.75KG
WTC040Scaffold Tube Connector 400mmOD48.3mmx400mm1.95KG
WTC060Scaffold Tube Connector 600mmOD48.3mmx600mm2.65KG
WTC100Scaffold Tube Connector 1000mmOD48.3mmx1000mm4.15KG


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