Anchor Scaffold Wall Tie Tube with Hooks

Scaffold Wall Tie Tube with hooks is Connector Between Scaffolding System and Walls. It is one of ring lock system scaffolding and layher Allround system parts. It is made from metal round tube OD 1.5, used for wall tie anchor system connected with walls in construction system scaffolding tower. 
SIze of the steel tubing with hooks are customized from 0.25m to 1.5m

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade Scaffold Tube With Hooks

WTC025Scaffold Tube Connector 250mmOD48.3mmx250mm1.39KG
WTC030Scaffold Tube Connector 300mmOD48.3mmx300mm1.57KG
WTC035Scaffold Tube Connector 350mmOD48.3mmx350mm1.75KG
WTC040Scaffold Tube Connector 400mmOD48.3mmx400mm1.95KG
WTC060Scaffold Tube Connector 600mmOD48.3mmx600mm2.65KG
WTC100Scaffold Tube Connector 1000mmOD48.3mmx1000mm4.15KG


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