Ringlock Scaffold Transom

Wellmade is Scaffold Transom Manufacturer In China. The Scaffold Transom is Wellmade’s Ringlock Scaffolding and Cuplock Scaffolding Parts.

You can find All Types of Scaffold Transoms Here: Intermediate Transom, Ledger to Plank, Plank to Plank Transom etc.

As CE Certified Scaffolding Manufacturer, You will Find Plump&Safe Welding Line On Scaffold Transom.

In Daily Work, Wellmade’s QC Control Scaffold Transom Quality from Raw Material toWelding Quality to Size Mock Up and Load Capacity etc.

Tell Us Your Scaffold Transom Requirement to Get Latest Price.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade Scaffold’s Intermediate Transom is One Type of Scaffold Transom.
It is Fabricated with 8mm U Pressing Heads and Wedge Lock. Wedge Pin of the Intermediate Scaffold Transom Ensures a Safety Locking In Construction Scaffolding.
Wellmade Intermediate Scaffolding Transom Offers Scaffolding Plank Support Between Cuplock Scaffolding and Ringlock Scaffolding Ledgers.
Size of the Transom is Customized according to Construction Scaffolding Plan & Design.  
Wellmade’s Scaffold Transom is Designed with Uni Lock Ends. It is Compatible with all Brands Cuplock Scaffolding and Ringlock Scaffolding System.

Ringlock Scaffolding Transom Size&Specifications

Code No.ItemsLengthWeight
WRIT115Ringlock Transom 1.15m1.15m5.36KG
WRIT157Ringlock Transom 1.57m1.57m6.85KG
WRIT213Ringlock Transom 2.13m2.13m8.91kG
WRIT305Ringlock Transom 3.05m3.05m12.20KG
WRIT073Ringlock Transom 0.73m0.73m3.80KG
WRIT109Ringlock Transom 1.09m1.09m5.10KG
WRIT140Ringlock Transom 1.40m1.40m7.40KG
WRIT157Ringlock Transom 1.57m1.57m8.2KG
WRIT207Ringlock Transom 2.07m2.07m10.3KG
WRIT257Ringlock Transom 2.57m2.57m12.5KG
WRIT307Ringlock Transom 3.07m3.07m15.0KG
Why Wellmade Scaffold? 
lIndependent Test 24 Hours On:
1. –Raw Material Chemical & Physicals Test, Ensuring Qualified Grade Steel;
2. -24 Hours Sampling Welding Quality Test
3. -Scaffolding Safety Load Capacity Test
4. Mock-up Inspection Before Mass Production
lISO3834 & EN1090 CE Management and Welding Certificate
lISO9001 Management System
lWin – Win Business Philosophies, Bring Benefits to Clients By Product Value


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