Ringlock Scaffolding Rental

Wellmade produces ringlock scaffolding for rental companies. The ringlock for rental are designed especially with E-tracking code system.  You can find complete parts and components for your rental business in Wellmade. Our rental company service experience can help you in ringlock scaffolding racks design to make your storage easier.

If you import the ringlock scaffolding for your scaffolding rental business. You can have more benefit not only from price but also from quality. Wellmade is a CE Certified scaffolding manufacturer. In China, it is not easy to find a factory who has past ISO 3834 and EN 1090 CE test.

Ringlock scaffolding finishing is very important for scaffolding rental. We control our ringlock scaffolding surface not only from zinc thickness, but also in adhere test and salty spray test. We ensure you longer life span using our ringlock during your hire and rental business.

Send us your ringlock scaffolding requirement to have a professional service from Wellmade.

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Wellmade’s ringlock scaffolding for rental

Ringlock scaffolding product for a rental is different from ringlock for sale. Wellmade designs the ringlock scaffolding for rental with special tracking elements. Inside of the ringlock scaffolding standard, there is a special element with Electronic bar code.  This tracking system helps you easy to know about your stock status and your ringlock scaffolding product project position.

Ringlock scaffolding standard for rental with tracking code

Ringlock Scaffolding Standard Size For Rental

WRSR0050.5m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×5003.85
WRSR0101.0m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×10006.34
WRSR0151.5m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×15008.85
WRSR0202.0m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×200011.35
WRSR0252.5m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×250013.86
WRSR0303.0m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×300016.37
WRSR0353.5m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×350018.88
WRSR0404.0m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×400021.38


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