Ringlock Scaffolding Rental

Ringlock Scaffolding Standard with E-Tracking Code Inside

Designed and Produced for Scaffolding Equipment Rental and Hire Companies from Wellmade Scaffold, China

Raw Material In Test

Load Test

Mock Up

Ringlock Scaffolding Standard For Rental

WRSR0050.5m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×5003.85
WRSR0101.0m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×10006.34
WRSR0151.5m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×15008.85
WRSR0202.0m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×200011.35
WRSR0252.5m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×250013.86
WRSR0303.0m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×300016.37
WRSR0353.5m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×350018.88
WRSR0404.0m Ringlock StandardOD48.3×400021.38



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