Scaffolding Sleeve Coupler

Wellmade is Scaffolding Sleeve Coupler Manufacturer and Supplier In China. You can Find Double Couplers, Swivel Clamps and Putlog Couplers In One Stop Too.

Our Scaffolding Sleeve Couplers are Certified with Test Report According to BS 1139 and EN 74 Standard by 3rd Party.

As an ISO 9001  Certified Scaffolding Clamp manufacturer, Wellmade’s Daily Scaffolding Sleeve Coupler Slip and Distortion Test Ensure  Qualified Sleeve Coupler Reaching You.

You can find E-galvanized and Hot dip galvanized Scaffolding Sleeve Couplers in Wellmade.

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Frabricately, Scaffolding Sleeve Coupler is Pressed Steel Type Scaffolding Clamps. It Connect with BS 1139 Scaffold Tubes End to End.
Wellmade’s Scaffolding Sleeve Couple is accommodating with All Types of Scaffolding Construction Include Civil and Industrial, Oil Gas Offshore, Onshore and Offshore Rig, Scaffold Guard Rail System etc.
Wellmade’s Sleeve Coupler Size is O.D 48.3mm and O.D 48.6mm. It is used to Fix 48mm Diameter Scaffold Tube.  We Produce the Scaffolding Sleeve Coupler According to BS 1139 and EN 74 Standard.
Hot dip galvanized Sleeve Couplers Keeps Long Life and Suits All-Weather Conditions.
Wellmade Scaffold, as lead scaffolding clamp and fittings manufacturer, produces all types of scaffolding couplers like double coupler, swivel coupler, girder coupler, BRC clamps, putlog coupler, joint pins, fence clamp, and ladder clamps, etc, drop forged and pressed steel. 
All scaffolding couplers are produced according to international scaffolding standards of En74 BS1139, AS1576, JIS3444.

Scaffolding Sleeve Coupler   Size&Specifications 

WSLV48Pressed Sleeve CouplerOD48.3 x OD48.31.0KG

Scaffolding Sleeve Coupler

WSLV48Pressed Sleeve CouplerOD48.3 x OD48.31.0KG



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