Scaffold Fittings - Pressed Sleeve Coupler

Sleeve coupler is a type of pressed steel scaffold coupler. It is used to connect 48.3mm outer diameter scaffold tubes end to end.
In erection, the OD48.3mm scaffold tubes are circled by the sleeve couplers externally and joined together inside the coupler. Thus, scaffold sleeve coupler is called joint boxes or external coupler.
Scaffold sleeve couplers are strongly pressed and forged from 4mm high-strength steel plates. Wellmade manufactures the scaffold sleeves according to EN 74 standards and can reach the heavy load B class with a slip resistance of more than 9 KN.
In order to increase longevity, scaffold sleeve couplers are finished in zinc-plated(E-gal) or hot dip galvanized.
Scaffold Sleeve couplers are compatible with all types of scaffolding construction as well as oil gas rigs, staging, guard rail, etc. It is used vertically to connect two scaffold standards, horizontally to connect two scaffold ledgers, and diagonally to fix two scaffold bracing.

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