Limpet Clamp Scaffolding Board

Limpet clamp is one type of scaffold board coupler. It has other names for scaffold mushroom coupler, scaffold plank clamps, etc.
Scaffold limpet clamps are pressed steel scaffold fittings. It is used to fix the scaffold boards onto the scaffold transom beneath the boards. The scaffold transoms are always short scaffold tubes used to support scaffold planks and boards.
There are two types of limpet clamps in scaffolding. One is with a round cap(hat) another is with a square cap.
Compare to forged scaffold board couplers, the limpet clamps are light weight. Round cap limpet clamps are 0.35 kg, while the square type limpet couplers are 0.43 kg. Light weight makes the scaffold erection faster and more efficient.
In scaffolding construction, the limpet clamps protect the scaffold planks and metal decks without moving even under extreme weather and high-speed windy days.
Wellmade manufactures the scaffold limpet clamp according to EN 74 and BS1139 standards.  You can ask for a cold galvanized or hot dip galvanized finish for the scaffolding limpet clamps. Color-painted marks are available if needed.  Ask us a price by mail now.

  • Nut Size: 7/16″.
  • Workable Board Height: Up to 58mm Board Height
  • Brand: Wellmade
  • Origin: Made In Cina
  • Standard: EN 74



Limpet Clamp Scaffolding

How to Use Limpet Clamp In Construction

Steps of how to use limpet clamps

Types of Scaffold Limpet Clamps

  1. Square Cap Limpet Clamps
  2. Round Cap Limpet Clamps

The scaffold limpet clamp is composited by one cap cover, one long bolt, and a pressed hook with a nut welded on. Among them, the limpet cap could be in round shape or square in shape.

Round cap scaffold limpet clamps are lighter than the square cap types. Thus the price is cheaper too.

Both round and square cap limpet couplers are in the same function in scaffold plank fixing.

Scaffold Limpet Clamp Anti-Corrosion & Color

Four Types of Anti-corrosion Protection

  1. E-galvanized (zinc-plated)
  2. Hot Dip Galvanized
  3. Painted
  4. Galvanized + Color Painted

Limpet Clamp Colors:

  1. E-galvanized: White or Golden
  2. Hot dip galvanized: White
  3. Painted: Any color
  4. Galvanized + Painted: Indentified color at part of the limpet clamp

The Life Span of Galvanized and Painted Limpet Clamps

  • Hot dip galvanized: More than 20 years in anti-rusty – Best In Anti-Corrosion But expensive in Cost
  • E-galvanized: 2-5 years. Cheaper In Price, Need Maintenance In Every 3 months.
  • Painted: 1-2 years. Colorful & Cheaper. Maintain Every 3 Months.
  • Galvanized + Painted: 2-5 Years. Maintain Every 3 Months

Wellmade Limpet Clamps

Manufacturing Photos


CodeItem & DescriptionWeightBolt DiaSteel
WLMP-RRound Cap Limpet Clamp0.36KG7/16″S235
WLMP-SSquare Cap Limpet Clamp0.43 KG7/16″S235


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