Limpet Clamp Scaffolding Board

Limpet Clamp is One Type of Scaffold Board Clamps. It is Pressed Steel Scaffolding Pipe Fittings in Lightweight 0.35KG.
Limpet Clamp Scaffold is Used to Fixing Scaffold Boards on Transom, Which is Beneath the Boards. Limpet Clamp Protect Scaffold Boards Safety from Extreme Condition and High-Speed Winds.
Wellmade Produces Limpet Clamp In Cold Galvanizing and Hot Dip Galvanizing. Our Limpet Clamp Scaffolding is Tested Safety According to BS1139 Standard.
Wellmade’s Limpet Clamp is Fabricated with 7/16″ nut. In Construction, Simply Tighten  The Limpet Clamp’s 7/16″ Nut to Fix the Scaffold Board to Beneath Transom.
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Load Test

Mock Up

For Durable Purpose, You can choose Hot dip galvanized or Zinc-plated Limpet Clamp for Your Construction.
  • Cold Galvanized Limpet Clamps Could be In Yellow Color Zinc-plated or White Color Galvanizing.
  • Hot dip galvanized Limpet Clamps are more durable used in offshore scaffolding construction with long life span.

Limpet Clamp Specifications

WLMPScaffold Limpet Clamp0.36KG7/16″

British BS1139 Swivel Coupler EN74

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