Scaffolding Pressed Coupler

Wellmade is a pressed coupler manufacturer in China. You can find all types of scaffolding pressed couplers here. Pressed Double Coupler, Pressed Swivel Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Single Coupler, Board Clamp, Fence Coupler, Toe Board Clamps, etc.

Our pressed couplers are tested according to the BS1139 British scaffolding standard. You can find Japanese & Korea(JIS 8951&KS3501) standard pressed couplers here too.

In addition, Wellmade customizes your pressed coupler sizes according to your scaffolding pipe diameter. The scaffolding coupler sizes include O.D 48.3mm, O.D 48.6mm, OD42mm, O.D60mm, etc.

Send us your pressed coupler requirement to get a competitive price.  If you want a forged scaffolding coupler price, we will give an immediate reply at the same time.

Wellmade’s Pressed Steel Scaffold Couplers

As an experienced  OEM scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade manufacture all sizes and types pressed coupler.

Pressed Coupler Types

  1. British Standard Pressed Coupler: In most countries, BS1139 scaffolding pressed couplers are required. It is a type of scaffolding coupler to connect scaffold tubes and structural steel in construction.  BS1139 standard scaffolding pressed couplers are mostly in O.D 48.3mm. As a connector of scaffold tubes, it is always used in type 3 scaffolding pipes in construction. If you are using type 4 scaffold tubes, forged coupler would be a better choice. Wellmade’s BS1139 scaffolding pressed coupler are tested & certified. You can find all types of BS1139 pressed couplers like sleeve coupler, fixed clamp and swivel clamps etc.
  2. Japanese Standard Pressed Coupler: JIS 8951 standard pressed scaffolding coupler is produced to Japanese. It is a type of lightweight pressed coupler compared to the BS1139 standard. There are fixed clamps, swivel clamps, C clamps(beam clamp) etc for Japanese pressed coupler.
  3. Korean Standard Pressed Coupler: Korean type pressed couplers are manufactured and supplied to Korea scaffolding and formwork companies. Same as the JIS standard pressed coupler, it is used to connect O.D 48.6mm GI Pipes. Compare to JIS standard pressed coupler, Korean standard scaffolding coupler covers are in 90 degrees, while JIS standard coupler is in 110 degrees. Both JIS&KS standard couplers are able to fix scaffolding pipes in diameter O.D42.7mm to O.D 48.6mm.
  4. Singapore Standard Pressed Coupler: Singapore scaffolding and formwork companies are using both forged and pressed coupler in construction. You can tell us your construction site scaffolding coupler requirement to get complete information and prices.

Pressed Coupler Sizes

Scaffolding pressed coupler sizes are customized according to the scaffolding pipe diameters. But the most common sizes would be O.D 48.3mm for BS1139 pressed couper and O.D 48.6mm for JIS&KS couplers.

In Wellmade, you can also find O.D 42mm and OD60mm pressed couplers.

48.6 x 60mm Pressed Coupler JIS Standard
48.6 x 60mm Pressed Coupler JIS Standard

Forged & Pressed Scaffolding Coupler

For scaffolding couplers, there are mainly 2 types, one is forged coupler, another one is pressed coupler. In fabrication, forged couplers are made from solid round bar and heating, forming. Pressed couplers are made from high-strength steel plates, forming by molds.

Some forged scaffolding couplers are with pressed elements. For example, the forged beam clamp is with pressed bases.

Pressed Coupler Surface Finishing

You can have E-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized pressed couplers in Wellmade.  Hot dip galvanized is requested mostly by oil gas companies for their offshore and onshore construction projects.  It is more durable in anti-corrosion. While E-galvanized pressed couplers are widely used for their cheaper price and lower cost in galvanizing.

hot dip galvanized pressed jis scaffolding swivel clamp
hot dip gal jis scaffolding swivel clamp

Different Pressed Coupler Specifications

Pressed Steel Scaffold Double Coupler

pressed steel scaffolding double clamp BS1139 right angle coupler

Code No.SizeStandardWeightSpecification
WPD1OD48.3mmEN74-10.89KGGrade 8.8 Bolt
Heavy Duty  Pressing
Longer Body for Cruciform Stiffness
Replaceable T Bolt for Easy Maintenance and Refurbishment

Pressed Steel Scaffold Swivel Coupler

En 74 pressed steel scaffold swivel coupler

Code No.SizeStandardWeightStrength
WPS1OD48.3mmEN74-11.0KGGrade 8.8 Bolt
Heavy Duty  Pressing
Longer Body for Cruciform Stiffness
Replaceable T Bolt for Easy Maintenance and Refurbishment

Pressed Steel Putlog/Single Coupler

Pressed Steel Putlog Wrapover Coupler Scaffolding Single Clamps

Code No.Size Weight Standard Strength
WPP1 OD48.3mm 0.66KG BS1139-2 Saddle Bolt Construction
Increased Grip Area Design

Pressed Steel Sleeve Coupler

pressed steel scaffolding sleeve coupler

Code No.SizeWeightStandardStrength
WPSL1OD48.3mm1.00KGEN74-1Longer Body for Bending Resistance
Heavy Duty Pressing&Deep Rib Construction

Pressed Inner Joint Pin
pressed steel scaffolding inner joint pin

Code No.SizeWeightStandardStrength
WPIP1OD48.3mm0.78KGBS1139Longer Body for Bending Resistance
Heavy Duty Pressing&Deep Rib Construction

Scaffolding Toe board clamps

scaffolding toe board clamps
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