• 48mm galvanised tube steel gi pipes 40NB
  • 48mm galvanised tube steel gi pipes 40NB
  • 48mm galvanised tube steel gi pipes 40NB
  • 48mm galvanised tube steel gi pipes 40NB
  • 48mm galvanised tube steel gi pipes 40NB

48mm Galvanised Tube

48mm galvanised tube is also called 48mm galvanised steel tube or 48mm GI Pipe. It is made of carbon steel in the round with a diameter of od 48mm.

You can find 48mm galvanised tubes used in scaffolding tubes and coupler systems for construction. While you can manufacture the fences, racks, handrails, and benches with the 48mm galvanised pipes.

With the zinc protection, the 48mm galvanised tubes are anti-rusty. It is able to service long term compare to black and painted steel pipes.

The wall thickness of the 48mm galvanised steel pipe is 1.0-5.0mm. Steel Grade include S235, S355, STK 400 and STK500.

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48mm Galvanised Tube Thickness, Specification & Weight

48mm Galvanised Tube Thickness and Weight
 No.Wall ThicknessWeight /meterSteel Grade
BS EN Standard
Steel Grade
JIS & KS standard
11.0mm1.20S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
21.2mm1.44S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
31.5mm1.78S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
41.8mm2.13S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
52.0mm2.35S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
62.1mm2.46S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
72.2mm2.58S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
82.3mm2.69S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
92.4mm2.80S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
102.5mm2.91S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
112.7mm3.13S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
123.0mm3.45S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
133.2mm3.67S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
143.5mm3.98S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
153.6mm4.09S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
163.8mm4.30S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
174.0mm4.50S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
184.2mm4.70S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
194.5mm5.01S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500
205.0mm5.50S235  & S355STK400 & STK 500

48mm Galvanised Tube Guide

Hot dip galvanised VS GI 48mm tubes

You can find hot dip galvanisd 48mm steel tubes and GI pipes.

Hot dip galvanised 48mm tubes are  dip galvanizing steel from the MS black tubes.

48mm GI steel pipes are tubes manufactured directly from the premier galvanised steel plates or GI steel coils.

The zinc thickness of the hot dip galvanised 48mm tubes are more than GI pipes. You can find following zinc thickness figures:

  • 48mm hot dip galvanised scaffold tube zinc thickness is more than 40 micro (210g/m2)
  • 48mm GI steel pipes zinc thickness is in a range of 40g/m2 to 180gm2. Among it, you can find 40g, 80g and 120g zinc are the most popular.

Meanwhile, thicker zinc GI pipes are more durable than thinner ones. But the cost is more expensive too.

48mm Galvanised Tube Wall Thickness

48mm galvanized tube wall thickness is variety according to clients’ requirements. Thin thick 48mm galvanised tubes are easy in bending and shape. While thicker galvanised tubes is able to bear more weight.

1.0-2.5mm thick 48mm steel tubes could have both GI and hot dip galvanised types. While you can only find hot dip galvanised for 3.0mm up thick steel tubes in 48mm.

Considering the lightweight and cheaper cost, 48mm GI pipes are used widely in all industries.

Welded and Seamless 48mm Galvanised Tubes

For the 48mm galvanised steel tubing, you can find both welded and seamless type pipes.  Welded galvanised tubes with the welding line inside of the tubes. Wellmade is able to remove the welding lines if you do not want them.

Seamless 48mm galvanised tubes are manufactured from steel bars.  There are no welding lines inside.

For the carbon welded 48mm steel tubes,  we test the welding lines in every batch to ensure the strength of welded lines.

48mm galvanised pipe length

The galvanised pipes have the longest length of 21 ft and 20 ft. 6.4m and 6.0m in meter. If you want shorter sizes, Wellmade is able to cut them into your lengths like 5ft, 6ft, 8ft, 13 ft, 16 ft, etc.

Shorter galvanised tubes in 48mm are able to ship by 20 ft containers. While 6m and 6.4m galvanised tubes are only able to ship by 40ft containers.

The package type for the 48mm galvanised tubing could be by the bundle or by pallets. If by bundles, lifting bands are put at both sides for port operation lifting and container load and unload. You can ask 61pcs, 91 pcs or 33 pcs for the 48mm galvanised tubes.

Packed by pallets are costly, but it is easies in stock and transportation simply using the forklift.

Where 48mm galvanised tubes used for?

48mm galvanised tubes are popularly used in construction, building, infrastructure structures. Especially, it is used popular in scaffolding erection. That is why you can call it scaffolding pipes.  Highway handrails, guardrail posts are manufactured by the 48mm galvanisd tubes too.

48mm Galvanised Pipe Fittings

48mm pipe fittings are the connectors between two 48mm galvanised pipes. In the scaffolding construction, the 48mm galvanised pipes are connected by the scaffolding couplers. You can find the following scaffolding couplers for your galvanized scaffolding pipes.

    • Double Coupler
    • Swivel Coupler
    • Board Retaining coupler
    • Putlog(single) Coupler
    • Sleeve Coupler
    • Inner Joint Pins
    • Fence Coupler
    • Stair Clamps
    • Toe Board Clamps
    • Ladder Clamps

In some construction, PVC and Plastic fittings are used for the 48mm galvanised pipes too.

48mm Galvanised Tube FAQ

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