Swivel Beam Clamp

Wellmade swivel beam clamp is a swivel type of scaffolding clamp. It is used as a scaffold connector fixing scaffold tubes to structural beams in all angles.

You can find drop forged scaffolding swivel beam clamps and pressed type swivel beam clamps here. Drop forged swivel beam clamp is conform to AS1576 standard. It is used to connect for O.D 48.3mm scaffolding poles.

While JIS standard pressed steel swivel beam clamp is required in Japan, Korea and Singapore. It conforms to the scaffolding standard of JIS A 8951 & KS 3501. In construction, the pressed type scaffold swivel beam clamps are used to connect 48.6mm GI pipes.

Both pressed and forged type scaffolding swivel beam clamps are tested & certified. Send us your requirement for the swivel beam clamps to get a competitive price now

Wellmade Swivel Beam Clamp Scaffolding

Swivel beam clamp is one type of beam coupler.  It is also called gravlock coupler, girder coupler and SK scaffold fittings. As a leading scaffold fitting manufacturer in China, we manufacture all types of swivel beam clamps for your construction.

We produce the swivel beam clamp for O.D48.3mm scaffolding pipes, which is conformed to BS1139 and EN39 scaffolding standards. While you can also find OD48.6mm scaffolding swivel beam clamps which are tested according to JIS and KS standards.

Wellmade JIS scaffolding swivel beam clamp is also called scaffolding C clamps. In fabrication, the pressed type swivel beam clamp is integrated with the pressed half swivel clamp and forged C Clamp.

scaffolding swivel beam clamp 2 types

In applications, the swivel beam clamp should be used in pairs, which is the same function as the scaffold fixed beam clamps.

If you need to fix structure beams with a flange thickness up to 45mm, you can use the drop forged swivel beam clamps. While the JIS pressed swivel beam clamp is able to fix the structure with a flange thickness up to 35mm.

scaffolding beam clamp use in pairs

Swivel Beam Clamp VS Rigid Beam Clamp

A rigid beam clamp is also called a fixed girder coupler. It fixes the construction structure beam to scaffold tubes in 90 degrees.  While scaffold swivel beam clamp is applicated at any angle compared to the fixed right angle beam clamps.

More than the normal sizes fixed and swivel beam clamps, there are extended beam clamps in Wellmade. The extended scaffold beam clamps are able to fix 85mm thickness flanges in construction engineering.

fixed beam clamp rigid girder gravlock manufacturing

Scaffolding Swivel Beam Clamp Bolt&Nut

As a leading scaffolding coupler exporter, Wellmade supplies the scaffold swivel beam clamp to global countries. More than standard sizes of the scaffolding beam fixings, we are able to customize your scaffold swivel beams according to your construction and customs.

For example, the normal standard swivel beam clamp uses a 21mm bolt and cross nut plus washer. While if your construction are in the USA and Germany, Wellmade can custom it and uses a 22mm flange nut for your scaffold swivel beam clamps.

In addition, you can find Australia standard and extended longer beam clamp(for thickness 85mm flanges) as well. According to Australian construction scaffold coupler requirements, we custom clients a 23mm flange nut.

Galvanized and Painted Beam Clamp Scaffolding

For anti-corrosion purposes, there are painting, E-galvanized(zinc-plated) and hot-dip galvanized scaffolding beam clamps.  Hot-dip galvanized scaffolding swivel beam clamps are the most durable finishing for your construction. It is used mostly in oil gas companies for their offshore construction scaffolding and rental companies for long term repeat use.

painting scaffolding swivel beam clamp

More than the fixed and swivel scaffold beam clamp. we can find other scaffolding clamps for construction. Include all types of drop forged and pressed steel scaffolding coupler.

All above scaffolding couplers are not only. used for standard 48mm scaffold tubes. We customize them according to your country construction requirement in OD60mm, OD76mm, OD89mm and OD42mm etc.

Swivel Beam Clamp FAQ

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