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Professional Scaffolding Fixed Clamp Manufacturer

Wellmade is a professional scaffolding clamp manufacturer. You can find all types of the fixed clamp, swivel clamp, beam clamp, board clamp, etc here.

For scaffolding fixed clamps, there are forged type and pressed steel type. Include Germany Type, British Type, Australian Type, JIS & KSD types.

All of our scaffold fixed clamps are tested and certified according to BS1139, EN 74, and JIS 8951, KSD3501 scaffolding standards.

For durable purposes, there are zinc-plated(E-galvanized) and hot-dip galvanized fixed clamps for scaffolding.

Sizes of the fixed clamps include O.D 42mm, OD 48mm(1-1/2”), O.D 60mm, O.D 76mm, O.D 89mm, etc. The scaffolding fixed clamps are matched with the diameter of your scaffolding poles and tubes.

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Type of Scaffolding Fixed clamps

Fixed Clamp For Scaffolding Forged British type BS 1139 standard

British forged fixed clamp is also called BS1139 standard scaffolding double coupler. It is right angle clamps with 21mm cross nut&washer. BS1139 fixed clamps are most used by global countries.

Fixed Clamp Germany Type Forged Scaffolding Couplers

Germany type scaffold fixed clamps are with 22mm flange nut. It is anti slip designed in 1.25KG weight. Both round threaded(Layher heavy duty type) and normal threaded bolts are available.

Fixed Clamp The USA Type American Scaffolding I Bolt Forged Coupler

USA I Bolt fixed clamps is in 1.5KG. It is with 22mm flange nut too. The I bolt scaffolding fixed clamps size for scaffolding include O.D42mm, O.D48.3mm, O.D60mm, and O.D 89mm.

Fixed Clamps Australian Type AS 1576 standard

Australian type fixed clamp scaffolding are fabricated with 23mm flange nut.  There are lightweight and heavyweight Australian fixed and swivel clamps.

Fixed Clamp British Pressed Steel Type BS 1139 Standard Scaffolding

British pressed fixed clamp is also called pressed 90 degree or right angle coupler. It is in 0.85KG and used as 3.2mm scaffold tube fittings.

Fixed Clamp Japanese Type JIS 8951 Standard Scaffolding

JIS 3444 standard is Japanese scaffolding clamp standard. It is able to fix scaffolding poles and pipes from O.D 42mm to O.D 48.6mm.

Fixed Clamp Korean Standard Scaffolding Pressed Steel Type KSD

Different from Japanese standard pressed fixed clamp, Korean scaffold fixed clamps is used to fix O.D 48.6mm scaffolding pipes in construction.

Fixed Clamp Italian Type Forged Scaffold Double Coupler

Italian type right angle coupler is pressed steel too. It is specially used by the Italian scaffolding construction companies.

Fixed Clamp Wedge Scaffolding Coupler to the USA American Standard

Fixed wedge clamps are scaffold fittings between aluminum scaffold tubes. It is another type of the USA scaffolding fixed clamps.

Fixed Clamp Scaffolding Sizes

O.D 48.3mm scaffold fixed clamps are the most popular sizes in the tube and clamp scaffolding construction. It is also called 1.5” scaffolding right angle clamps or 50mm scaffold double couplers.

Other Sizes of The Scaffolding Fixed Clamps
  • 89mm scaffolding fixed and swivel clamps to the USA American heavy duty type scaffold fittings
    89mm scaffolding fixed and swivel clamps to the USA American heavy duty type scaffold fittings

    O.D 42mm Scaffolding Fixed Clamps

Traditional scaffolding frames verticals are in O.D 42mm (41.3-42.7mm). O.D42mm scaffold fixed clamps are used to connect 42mm scaffolding poles. Both Japanese standards fixed clamps and forged fixed clamps are able to be used to fix the O.D 42mm scaffold poles.

  • O.D 60mm Scaffolding Fixed Clamps

There are O.D 48mmx60mm, O.D 42mmx60mm scaffolding fixed clamp for your construction. It is used to fix the 2” scaffolding poles like adjustable steel props and 2” scaffold tubes etc.

  • O.D 76mm scaffolding fixed clamps

O.D 76mm scaffolding fixed clamps are called prop coupler or shoring civil clamps. It is used to connect between heavy-duty scaffold post shore jacks with O.D 76mm outer tubes.

  • O.D 89mm scaffolding fixed clamps

O.D 89mm scaffold fixed clamps mainly required by the New York scaffolding and construction companies. It is used in the city sidewalk scaffolding system. Used to fix between the sidewalk shield bridge legs and posts.

Zinc Plated VS Hot Dip Galvanizing Scaffolding Fixed Clamps

Fixed Clamp Scaffolding Hot dip galvanized

Hot-dip galvanized fixed clamp is the most durable scaffolding fittings finishing.  The zinc thickness of the HDG fixed clamps is more than 40 micros.

HDG fixed clamps are required by oil gas companies for onshore and offshore construction. It is also required by the scaffolding rental companies for long-term recycling using. 

You can use the hot-dip galvanized fixed clamps in all weather and under all atmospheres & conditions.

Scaffolding Fixed Clamp Korean Type zinc-plated finished E-galvanized

Zinc plated fixed clamps are also called E-galvanized scaffolding couplers. According to its colour, there are white zinc plated and golden galvanizing.

zinc plated scaffolding fixed clamps are required by a wide range of scaffolding and construction companies. It is because of the less cost.

Zinc plated fixed clamps are not as good as Hot dip galvanized in corrosion resistance.

Scaffolding Clamps Types

Swivel Clamps for Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes
Swivel Clamps for Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes

More than the forged and pressed type scaffolding fixed clamps, you can find all other scaffolding clamps in Wellmade. All of the scaffold couplers are tested according to the international scaffolding standards.

Wellmade manufactures the scaffold fittings according to ISO9001 management. In each batch of scaffolding clamp manufacturing, you can find the relative test report against your order and shipments.

Wellmade’s Fixed Clamp Scaffolding

Wellmade’s fixed clamp is also called scaffolding pipe right angle coupler or 90-degree scaffold clamps. Different from swivel clamps, the fixed clamps joint the scaffolding tube and poles in a 90 degree.

If you are looking for the right fixed clamp scaffolding, Wellmade is able to bring more benefits to you.

Firstly, Wellmade is a CE-certified scaffolding fixed clamp manufacturer. Our scaffolding fixed clamps are allowed in global countries including European countries.

Secondly, Wellmade is an ISO 9001 management scaffolding fix clamp manufacturer.  The fixed clamp manufacturing processes are controlled from raw material vendors to functional slip and distortion tests.   The ISO 9001 management ensures high quantity scaffolding fixed couplers reaching you.

Wellmade Fixed Clamp Scaffolding Test According to EN 74 standard
Wellmade Fixed Clamp Scaffolding Test According to EN 74 standard

Thirdly, we custom your scaffolding fixed clamp with your company logo & marks. Wellmade not only marks the scaffolding standards code on the fixed clamp, but you can also emboss your custom brand names and logos. More than that, the manufacturing date and manufacturing name are able to emboss on the fixed clamp scaffolding too.

Wellmade is the largest scaffolding clamp manufacturer in China. When you import the fixed clamps from Wellmade, you can find more benefits in price and delivery from the big production capacity.

With more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, Wellmade has exported the fixed scaffolding clamps to global 55 countries. Our international agent and forwarder are able to deliver the scaffolding materials to your construction site, stockyard.

Fixed Clamp Scaffolding Load and Capacity

According to the slip and distortion capacity, there are  Class A, Class AA, Class B, and Class BB scaffolding fixed clamps. You can find the following standard requirement for each class of the fixed clamp scaffold.

Fixed Clamp Capacity EN 74 Standard Requirement
TypeProperty ParameterSymbolsClauseCoupler  Class
Test ParameterAAABBB
Scaffold Fixed ClampsSlipping ForceFs,c8.2.1Δ1≤7mm7.0KN10.0KN
Failure ForceFf,c8.2.2Pf,ult20.0KN30.0KN30.0KN45.0KN

Wellmade’s fixed clamps are meet up class B standards. Which is meet up the most oil gas companies’ requirements include Aramco scaffolding standard, KNPC scaffolding standard, KOC standard, and Sinopec standard.

Wellmade’s Fixed Clamp Scaffold Daily Test & Test Result

During the daily quality controlling, Wellmade tests the scaffolding fixed clamps according to EN 74 Class B. Following is the sample test report.

Scaffolding Fixed Clamp FAQ Guide

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