Scaffold Beam Clamp

The scaffold beam clamp is a type of scaffold fitting used to lock scaffolding tubes and pipes to scaffold beams. As a part of pipe scaffolding, they are always used in pairs in construction. Beam clamps are also called girder couplers, gravlock coupler, SK scaffold fittings, scaffold C clamps, etc. You can find following main types of scaffold beam clamps:

  • Rigid(Right Angle) Beam Clamps
  • Swivel(Rotation) Beam Clamps
  • Extension Scaffold Beam Clamps
  • JIS Fixed Scaffolding C Clamps
  • JIS Swivel Scaffolding C Clamps

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Download Complete Scaffold Beam Clamp Test Report  in PDG

Wellmade Tests Scaffold Beam Clamps During Daily Production to Ensure The Scaffold Fittings Safety. We Test Scaffold Beam Clamps According to AS 1576 and JIS A 8951 Standard. Following is the Video Showing The Scaffold Fittings Test in Wellmade.

  • Steel Grade: S235
  • Finishing: E-galvanized & HDD
  • Type: Forged
  • Standard: AS 1576 & JIS A 8951
  • Color: White or Golden Galvanizing
  •  Brand: Wellmade
  • Usage: Beam Fixing
  • Package: Racks

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Beam Clamp Scaffolding Ultimate Guide

Beam Clamps Types For Scaffolding

Rigid Beam Clamps

A rigid beam coupler is the most common scaffold beam clamp. It is used to fix scaffold beams to scaffold beams at a right angle (90 degrees).

Swivel Beam Clamps

Swivel beam clamps lock scaffold beams and tubes at any angle according to construction requirements.

Extension Beams Clamps

Extension beam clamps are able to lock thicker flange I beams and C beams to scaffolding. An extended beam clamp can lock 81mm beam flanges.

JIS Fixed Beam Clamps

JIS fixed beam clamps are Japanese standard right-angle beam clamps. It is also called fixed scaffolding C clamps.

JIS Swivel Beam Clamps

Japanese standard swivel beam couplers lock scaffold beams to the pipe scaffolding at any angle. It is called swivel scaffolding C clamps too.

Scaffold Beam Clamp Weight

1Right Angle Beam Clamps1.50KGAS 1576
2Swivel Beam Clamps1.65 KGAS 1576
3Extended Beam Clamps1.78 KGAS 1576
4JIS Fixed Clamps1.00 KGJIS A 8951
5JIS Swivel Clamps1.00 KGJIS A 8951
6Korean Fixed Clamps1.00 KGKSD 3501
7Korean Swivel Clamps1.00 KGKSD 3501

How to Clamp Beams In Scaffolding

Beam clamps attach the scaffold I beams and H beams from two sides to the standard scaffold tubes in OD48.3mm.  That is why the scaffold beam clamps are always used in pairs. One side of the beam clamp connects to the OD48.3mm scaffolding pipes. Another side is connecting to the flanges of the scaffold beams.

AS 1576 standard scaffolding beam clamps can fix a maximum 45mm flange thickness steel beams or aluminum beams. If you are using scaffold beams with more than 45mm flanges, you need to use the extension scaffold beam clamps. The extension beam clamps can fix a maximum of 81mm thickness flanges.

JIS A 8951 and KSD 3501 standard scaffold beam clamps can fix scaffold beams with a maximum flange thickness of 36mm. More details of beam clamp usage visit how to use beam clamp.

Wellmade's Beam Clamp Usage In Pairs
Beam Clamp Usage In Pairs

Beam Clamp Scaffolding Applications in Construction

Beam clamp is one of the most common scaffolding couplers in construction. They are required in suspended scaffolding mostly. While if you want the scaffold to take heavier weight from construction, beam clamps can help you increase the load capacity in support scaffolding, bridge scaffolding, highway scaffolding construction, etc.

Beam Clamp Scaffolding Load Capacity

Scaffold beam clamps can take at least 30 KN load weight in construction. Under a load of 12.5KN, the slippage needs less than 6mm.

Where to buy beam clamps

If you want to buy beam clamps, you can buy them from local scaffold companies, you can also import the beam clamps from China.   You can choose a high-quality scaffold beam clamp manufacturer from the following points.

  1. Choose an ISO 9001 beam clamp scaffold factory
  2. Ask for a 3rd party test and certificate
  3. Ask slip and distortion test report your beam clamp order
  4. Collect Mill Certificate (MTC)

Why Wellmade ‘s Beam Clamps

  • ISO9001 & CE certified scaffold beam clamp manufacturer
  • 24 Hours Test for Each Batch Materials
  • Famous Oil Gas Companies’ Supplier
  • OEM Service for Big Scaffold and Formwork Companies Global Wide
  • Door-to-Door Delivery
  • Immediate Response and Services
  • Offer Scaffold Warranties
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  • Free OEM Services

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