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Wellmade is Scaffold Beam Clamp Supplier & Manufacturer In China. Our Scaffold Beam Clamps are Tested&Certified Per AS 1576 Standard.

We Do Daily Scaffold Beam Clamp Test Against Each Lot of Scaffold Beam Clamp Orders. Keep Your Scaffold Beam In High Quality Meet Up AS1576 Standard Load Capacity Requirement.

Wellmade’s Normal Scaffold Beam Clamp Locks Scaffolding Pipes Against Steel I Beams With Flange Up to 45mm. Extendsion Scaffold Beam Clamps Enable Your Scaffold Tubes Connect to Steel Scaffold Girder Flange Up to 81mm.

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Wellmade Produces Forged Beam Clamps and Japanese & Korean Standard Scaffold Beam Clamps(C Clamps). Forged Scaffold Beam Clamps is also Called Gravlock Coupler and Girder Clamp.   Forged Beam Clamps would be Rigid Beam Couplers, Swivel Beam Clamps, Extension Beam Clamps.

Wellmade Test Scaffold Beam Clamps Every Day According to AS 1576 Standard. You can find The Following Videos from Wellmade Lab House.

We offer Scaffold Beam Test Report to Your Order.

As Professional Scaffolding Coupler Manufacturer, Wellmade QC Department Control Scaffold Beam Clamp from Raw Material Steel Grade to Welding Quality, Loading Capacity and Surface Treatment.

You Can Find from Wellmade E-Galvanized(zinc-plated) Girder Couplers and Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Beam Clamps. Hot-dip galvanized is the most durable surface treatment used for onshore and offshore scaffolding projects. It is also required by rental scaffolding companies. E-galvanized is the most common surface treatment required for construction.

Wellmade’s Beam Clamps are Used In Pairs.  Rigid Scaffold Beam Clamps Secure Scaffold Tubes to Steel I Beam in 90 Degree. Swivel Beam Clamp is Rotated in Any Degree.

Wellmade's Beam Clamp Usage In Pairs
Wellmade’s Beam Clamp Usage In Pairs

Wellmade’s Scaffold Beam Clamps are Connected with Steel I Beams and for Designed Suspended Scaffolds too.

Wellmade is Famous Oil and Gas Companies’ Scaffolding Vendor. Our Clients Include Shell, KNPC, KOC, Sinopec etc. We are also OEM Scaffolding Manufacturer for Scaffolding and Formwork Companies in UK, Germany and UAE, Singapore, Malaysia etc.

As ISO 9001 Certified Scaffolding material, Your Beam Clamps are traceable.

Wellmade Bring You Not only Safety and Top Quality, But also Bring You Real Value in Price and Service. We offer Door to Door Delivery as Your Request. Offers Free Logos&Marks On Your Scaffold Beam Clamps.

Scaffold Beam Clamp Girder Coupler Gravlock Wellmade

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