MS1462 Scaffolding Clamps

If you are Malaysia Construction Scaffolding and Companies, import scaffolding clamps and couplers from Wellmade will be your best choice.

Firstly, Wellmade is CIDB Certified Scaffolding Factory. We offer you PC and PPS when you import the scaffolding materials from us.

Secondly, Wellmade knows your custom requirement on marks, logos, shipping and certificate. We are able to give you a complete document solution when you import the scaffolding clamps from us.

Thirdly, Wellmade is the leading scaffolding manufacturer for Malaysia scaffolding companies. We offer a competitive price.

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Wellmade’s Malaysia Scaffolding Clamps

Wellmade Scaffold produces all types of Malaysia Standard Scaffolding Clamps. Include drop forged clamps and pressed steel clamp, as well as JIS Clamps.
The Malaysia Standard Drop Forged Scaffolding Clamps, called British Type Scaffold Fittings, Include 90 Degree Double Coupler, Swivel Clamps, and Sleeve Couplers, Girder Couplers.
Malaysia JIS pressed steel scaffolding couplers, include JIS fixed clamp, JIS Swivel Clamps, Beam Fixed and Swivel C Clamps etc.
Wellmade’s drop forged British Type Scaffolding Clamps are tested and certified using in Malaysia Construction and projects by CIDB.
  • It is Certified by MS 1462 Standard by CIDB.
  • Has an Approved Production Certificate (PC)  and PPS.
Malaysia standard scaffolding clamp pps certificate from cidb
Malaysia standard scaffolding clamp pps certificate from cidb
The Malaysia Standard Scaffold Couplers are used to Connect Scaffold Tube in O.D 48.3mm Scaffold Tubes. While Double Coupler is Used to Connect Scaffold Tubes in Right Angle 90 Degree in Construction. Swivel Clamps are Joints Between Scaffold Tubes in All Angles. Sleeve Couplers are Make Tubes Jointing End to End.
All Couplers are EN74 Class B Standard.  Standard Code No., Manufacturer’s Trade Mark, Manufacturing Date, and Year have Marked on both Scaffold Fittings and Bags as Well as Pallets.
The Scaffolding Clamps Can be Finished in E-galvanized or Hot Dip Galvanized.
All Scaffold Couplers are Packed by Pallets.
MS 1462 Scaffolding Clamp Package Mark with PPS

MS1462 Scaffolding Clamp

ms1462 standards forged scaffolding right angle double coupler

MS1462 Scaffold Double Coupler Scaffolding Size&Specification

1Scaffold Double CouplerMS1462E-galvanized
Hot Dip Galvanized

MS1462 Swivel Coupler Scaffolding Size&Specificationms1462 standards forged scaffolding right angle double coupler

1Forged Swivel CouplerMS1462E-galvanized
Hot Dip Galvanized

pressed sleeve coupler scaffolding for galvanized pipe 48.3mm construction scaffold tube

MS 1462 Standard Sleeve Coupler Size&Specifications

1Pressed Sleeve CouplerMS1462E-gal|H.D.GOD48.3xOD48.3mm


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