MS1462 Metal Deck Steel Boards

Wellmade is Metal Deck Scaffolding Manufacturer In China.

Our Metal Deck Scaffolding is Tested According to MS 1462, EN 1004, EN 12810 Standard and Certified By CIDB.

You Can Find All Sizes Metal Deck Scaffolding Here. More than that,  we offer OEM and Customize Your Metal Deck Scaffolding.

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If you are looking for metal decking scaffolding in Malaysia, Wellmade will be your best choice.

We have Metal Decking Scaffolding PC(Production Certificate). With the Metal Decking Scaffolding PC, you are able to get from Your Government and CIDB PPS Licences Using the Metal Decking Scaffolding Throughout Your Country.

Wellmade Steel Metal Decking Scaffolding is in Galvanized and Durable for Repeat Working In Your Construction.

There are pre-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized metal decking scaffolding in Wellmade.

Pre-galvanized Metal Deck save more for Your Construction Projects with Zinc-coating But Less Cost.

You can find from us the Most Popular Sizes of 240x45mm, 240x40mm, 250x50mm, 250x40mm, 210x45mm,200x50mm Metal Decking Scaffolding.

Length of the Metal Decking Scaffolding would be 0.5m up to 4.0m

Wellmade Test Your Metal Deck Scaffolding and Offer Test Report to Each Order.

210x45mm Metal Deck MS1462

10.5m Metal Deck(W/O) Hooks210x45x500mm2.13
21.0m Metal Deck(W/O) Hooks210x45x1000mm3.94
31.5m Metal Deck(W/O) Hooks210x45x1500mm5.75
42.0m Metal Deck(W/O) Hooks210x45x2000mm7.56
52.5m Metal Deck(W/O) Hooks210x45x2500mm9.38
63.0m Metal Deck(W/O) Hooks210x45x3000mm11.20
73.5m Metal Deck(W/O) Hooks210x45x3500mm13.01
84.0m Metal Deck(W/O) Hooks210x45x4000mm14.82

240x45mm Metal Deck Scaffold Boards

10.5m Metal Deck (W/O Hooks)240x45x500mm2.33
21.0m Metal Deck (W/O Hooks)240x45x1000mm4.30
31.5m Metal Deck (W/O Hooks)240x45x1500mm6.27
42.0m Metal Deck (W/O Hooks)240x45x2000mm8.25
52.5m Metal Deck (W/O Hooks)240x45x2500mm10.23
63.0m Metal Deck (W/O Hooks)240x45x3000mm12.21
73.5m Metal Deck (W/O Hooks)240x45x3500mm14.18
84.0m Metal Deck (W/O Hooks)240x45x4000mm16.15


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