Scaffolding Stair Thread Coupler

Stair Thread Coupler is a type of scaffolding fittings. It is used to fixed stair thread on scaffold tubes and forms a stairway tread case.
There is a swivel clamp on the stair tread couplers. The swivel clamp allows the stair thread to connect with the scaffold tube to all degrees.
You can find the yellow color or white color stair thread coupler. Both are finished in e-galvanized. While hot dip galvanized stair thread clamps are available too.
There are other scaffolding clamps and fittings in Wellmade too. All of them are conformed to BS 1139 and EN 74 standards. Include fixed clamps, swivel clamps, beam clamps, board clamps, single couplers, etc.
Send us your stair thread coupler and scaffold clamp requirement to get a competitive price now.

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