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Casting Steel Scaffolding Double Coupler and Swivel Coupler are Chinese Standard Scaffolding Coupler.
Different from BS1139 Standard Drop Forged Scaffolding Couplers, the Casting Coupler are in Less Cost and Cheap Price.
It is Used to Connect OD 48.3mm Scaffold Tube Too. Surface Treatment of The Couplers is Painted or Galvanized.
The Casting Scaffolding Coupler is Widely Accepted By many Companies In Africa and the Middle East Countries Construction Project.

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Cheap Scaffold Casting Coupler

Casting Double Coupler

Casting Double Coupler are Connected with Scaffold Tube in Right Angle 90 Degree.
There are Light Duty Double Coupler, Heavy Duty Coupler According to the Weight Include 0.8KG, 1.0KG,  1.05KG
Double Coupler can be Finished in Painted, E-galvanized
Casting Steel Double Coupler
1Casting Steel Double CouplerOD48.3×48.3mmPainted|Gal

Casting Swivel Coupler

Casting Swivel Coupler is Connected with Scaffold Tube Rotation Degree.

Swivel Coupler Weight are in 0.8KG, 0.9KG, 1.0KG, 1.1KG, 1.2KG
Finishing of Casting Swivel Coupler can be Painted and Galvanized.
1Casting Steel Swivel CouplerOD48.3mmx48.3mmPainted|Gal

Casting Scaffolding Coupler Swivel Clamp Cheap Paiting Scaffold Tube Fittings


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