Germany Scaffolding Double and Swivel Clamps

Germany-type scaffolding clamp is a type of heavy-weight scaffolding pipe coupler. It is different from the normal weight British scaffolding clamp.
You can find all types of German types of scaffolding clamps in Wellmde. Include forged double couplers, swivel couplers, and Layher strong type scaffolding clamps.
According to the surface treatment, the German standard scaffolding clamps could be in zinc-plated or hot-dip galvanizing.
Wellmade’s Germany scaffolding clamps are tested according to EN 74 standard.  Send us a mail of your German scaffolding clamp requirement. 

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Wellmade’s Germany Type Scaffolding Clamps

Wellmade manufactures all types of German standard scaffolding clamps. They are exported to Germany and Surround countries.

More than the normal duty Germany scaffolding clamps, you can find the Layher strong scaffold fittings here. The heavy-duty strong german scaffolding clamps are coarsely threaded. Include coarse threaded right angle couples, swivel couplers, wedge half couplers, wedge double couplers, half coupler with toe board pins, half coupler with hook, rigid and swiveling wedge head coupler, etc.

 Coarse Threaded Double Coupler Scaffolding (WGDR01)

Coarsely Threaded Germany Double Coupler is stronger than the normal Germany scaffolding double couplers.  It is easier if the coupler needs to be in hot-dip galvanizing finishing. Sizes of the coarse German double coupler is O.D 48.3mm (1.5″). It is used mostly for Layher scaffolding allround and facade speedscaf frame system.

Germany Type Double Coupler Scaffolding Round Threaded Bolt Heavy Duty Type
Germany Scaffolding Double Coupler Coarse Threaded

Coarse Threaded Swivel Coupler to Germany (WGSR01)

Coarse threaded swivel coupler is specially designed scaffolding German clamps too. You can ask hot dip galvanizing swivel clamps.

Germany Swivel Clamp with Coarse Threaded HDG
Coarse Threaded Germany Swivel Clamp Scaffolding

Guardrail Coupler with Wedge Housing Speedscaf (WGGW)

Guardrail coupler with wedge housing is scaffold fittings designed for Layher Speedscaf System. It is a type of euro frame used a lot in facade scaffolding construction and building.

guardrail coupler with wedge housing for speedscaf to Germany Layher
guardrail coupler with wedge housing for speedscaf

Speedyscaf Corner Plate Coupler to Germany (WGSCP)

Corner plate coupler is designed especially for speedyscaff scaffolding system in hot-dip galvanizing finishing.

Germany scaffolding speedyscaf corner plate coupler
Germany scaffolding speedyscaf corner plate coupler

Half Coupler with Toe Board Pin to Germany (WGHCTB)

This is the half coupelr with the toe board pin. The half swivel coupler is made from coarse threaded German clamps. While normal type Germany half coupler is available too.

Germany Scaffolding Coupler Half Swivel Coupler with Toe Board Pins
Germany Scaffolding Coupler Half Swivel Coupler with Toe Board Pins

Twin Ledger Head Coupler (WGTLH)

Twin Ledger Head Coupler is designed for the Germany Allround scaffolding system. It is in hot-dip galvanized using to connect between two ringlock rosettes rings.

Twin Ledger Head Coupler to Germany Scaffolding
Twin Ledger Head Coupler to Germany Scaffolding

Germany Scaffolding Clamp Elements (WGCE)

These are Germany scaffolding clamp elements with galvanized covers, bolts and nuts, rivets, and black scaffolding clamp bases.

Germany Scaffolding Swivel Clamp Elements and Parts
Germany Scaffolding Swivel Clamp Elements and Parts

Layher strong type Germany scaffolding clamps are with round threaded bolt and nut and always in hot-dip galvanized. More than standard German type scaffolding clamps, we custom your Germany scaffolding clamps and fittings too.

Wellmade manufactures complete sizes of the German scaffolding clamps for your choosing. Include O.D 48.3mm, O.D42mm, etc. The scaffolding clamp sizes are matched with your scaffold tube diameters.

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