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Wellmade’s Single Coupler Includes Pig Ear Clamp and Half Swivel Clamp. You can find Drop Forged Type and Pressed Steel Single Coupler Here.

Pig Ear Single Coupler is also called Putlog Coupler. It is used to connect scaffold putlog or transom to scaffold ledgers. Putlog Single Coupler is a type of non load bearing coupler. Putlog Couplers Fix to O.D 48.3mm Scaffold Tubes.Half Swivel Single Coupler is a Half of the Swivel Clamp Scaffolding.   Half Swivel Single Couplers Include O.D 48.3mm, O.D 60mm, O.D 89mm In Wellmade.

Wellmade’s Single Couplers are tested according to BS1139-2.2. You can find Hot Dip Galvanized and Zinc-plated Finished Scaffold Fittings for Your Construction. Other Scaffold Fittings Available for Your Scaffold System: Double Coupler, Swivel Coupler, Sleeve Coupler, Beam Clamp, Board Clamps etc

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48.3mm Forged Putlog Single Copler0.65KGBS1139 -2.2S2358.8 Class
48.3mm Forged Putlog Single Copler0.6KGBS1139 -2.2S2358.8 Class
48.3mm Forged Putlog Single CoplerNewWellmade48.3mmDrop Forged
48.3mm Forged Putlog Single CoplerNewWellmade48.3mmPressed

Wellmade Scaffold Single Coupler

Putlog Single Coupler- Pig Ear Clamp

Wellmade Putlog Single Coupler is similarly called pig ear clamp. It is a type of non-load bearing coupler. In usage and application, Wellmade’s putlog single coupler is fixing toe board to scaffold and connectors between transom to ledger, putlog to  ledger.

HDG VS E-galvanized Putlog Single Coupler

You can find from Wellmade Hot Dip Galvanized and Zinc-plated Finished Putlog Single Couplers. Hot-dip galvanized is simply called HDG. It is the most durable scaffolding coupler treatment compare to zinc-plated and painting scaffolding.  HDG Single Coupler is required for long term use and offshore scaffolding purpose. Some countries like Sri Lanka in a salty and wet atmosphere suggest using HDG Scaffolding Clamps too.

Zinc-plated Putlog Single Coupler is the most common galvanizing treatment for scaffolding clamps. It is durable but saving couplers for normal construction and projects.

Hot dip galvanized putlog single coupler with e-galvanized bolt nut
Hot dip galvanized putlog single coupler with e-galvanized bolt nut

BS1139 Standard for Putlog Single Coupler

Wellmade’s Putlog Single Coupler is tested according to BS 1139-2.2 standard.  Slip resistance is meet up and exceed scaffolding coupler standard requirement.

Pressed Steel VS Forged Putlog Single Coupler

There are forged and pressed steel types of putlog single couples in wellmade.

  • Forged Putlog Coupler with Drop Forged Scaffold Clamp Cover and 5mm Pressed Pig Ear.
  • Pressed Putlog Coupler with Pressed Scaffold Clamp Cover and 5mm Pressed Pig Ear
Pressed Steel Putlog Single Coupler
Pressed Steel Putlog Single Coupler

Technical Data of Putlog Single Coupler

CodeSlip ResistanceFailure CapacityStandardSurface
WPC48F≥1.07 KN≥6.54 KNBS1139 -2.2HDG|Zinc-plated
WPC48P≥1.07 KN≥6.54 KNBS1139 -2.2HDG|Zinc-plated

Half Swivel  Single Coupler

You can find from wellmade drop forged type and pressed steel type half swivel single coupler. Both Drop Forged and Pressed Single Coupler can be customized size in O.D 48.3mm, O.D 42.7mm, O.D 60.3mm, O.D 76mm, O.D89mm for different purpose of scaffolding pipe verticals.

89mm forged half swivel single coupler
89mm forged half swivel single coupler

JIS and Korean Type of Half Swivel Coupler is another type of pressed steel single coupler. Different from British Standard and Europe and Amerian Single Couplers. JIS and Korean Type of Single Coupler are Light Duty.

Half Swivel Single Coupler Specifications

Code No.ItemsWeightStandard
DF48HSO.D 48.3mm Forged Half Swivel Single Coupler0.55KGEN 74
DF60HSO.D 60.3mm Forged Half Swivel Single Coupler0.85KGEN 74
DF89HSO.D 89mm Forged Half Swivel Single Coupler1.9KGEN 74
PS48HSO.D 48.3mm Pressed Half Swivel Single Coupler0.45KGEN 74
PS60HSO.D 60.3mm Pressed Half Swivel Single Coupler0.65KGEN 74
48HS-JISJIS&Korean Pressed Half Swivel Single Coupler O.D48.6mm0.3KGJIS A 8951
60HS-JISJIS&Korean Pressed Half Swivel Single Coupler O.D60.3mm0.4KGJIS A 8951
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