Forged Swivel Coupler Scaffold

The forged swivel coupler is a type of dual scaffolding coupler used to connect two scaffold tubes at any angle. It is a dual scaffold coupler used popularly in civil, industrial, and commercial scaffolding constructions as well as oil gas and offshore maintenance, etc.

Sizes of the forged swivel coupler include 48.3mm, 60.3mm, 76mm,42mm, and 89mm. These sizes are matched up with out diameter of scaffold poles.

Wellmade manufactures the forged swivel coupler according to EN74/BS1139 standards. The distortion and slip tests are according to heavy-duty Class B.

Compare to pressed steel swivel couplers, forged swivel couplers take more load. Thus it is used for heavy type 4 scaffolding pipes.

You can also find other scaffold fittings for the scaffold tube and clamp system too. Include right angle coupler (double coupler), putlog coupler (single coupler), half coupler, board retaining coupler, sleeve coupler, girder beam clamps, swivel beam clamps, ladder clamps, toe board clamps, universal clamps, etc.

For anti-corrosion, the forged swivel couplers are finished in E-galvanized(zinc-plated) or hot dip galvanized.  Send us mail for the catalog and prices.

Wellmade Forged Swivel Couplers

Wellmade forged swivel couplers are forging from the steel round bar structures. The forged swivel couplers are also called double swivel clamps or rotation scaffolding clamps in construction.

The forged swivel couplers are connectors between two scaffold tubes. Differ from the forged right angle coupler, the forged swivel couplers allow two scaffold tubes to cross at any angle. While the scaffold forged double coupler fixes the two scaffolding pipes at 90 degrees.

You can find all types of forged swivel double couplers here. Include British type, Germany Type, Australia type, America Type, etc.

British Type Forged Swivel Couplers

forged swivel coupler
Forged Swivel Coupler British Type

Among all types of the forged swivel couplers, the British type is the most used. The British scaffolding swivel clamps are not only used in the UK area but used in global countries like Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Europe, etc.

The British standard scaffolding forged swivel coupler is also called BS1139 scaffolding swivel clamps. It is in weight of 1.2KG. The bolt and nut are 21mm cross nuts and washers.

British standard forged swivel couplers is a double swivel clamp. More than the double forged swivel coupler, there are also single swivel couplers. A single forged swivel coupler is also called half couplers or checking clamps in the construction.

British standard scaffolding forged swivel couplers are tested according to EN 74 standard.  According to the load capacity, there are EN 74 Class A and EN 74 Class B scaffolding swivel couplers. While EN74 Class B is a heavier capacity forged swivel couplers.

Germany Forged Swivel Couplers

Germany Type Swivel Coupler Scaffolding
Germany Heavy Swivel Coupler Scaffolding

Germany forged swivel couplers are heavier than the British standard. According to the bolt thread type, there are quick thread and norma threaded Germany type forged swivel couplers.

Quick thread Germany swivel couplers are wider in screws. Thus it is strong in load. If you want the have a hot-dip galvanized forged swivel coupler, quick thread type is much easier in running after the hot-dip galvanizing. Both quick thread and normal thread Germany swivel couplers are use M14 high strength T bolt.

Differ from the British forged swivel coupler, Germany forged swivel clamps are always with 22mm flange nut. While the flange nut could be SW 19mm and SW 22mm. Both of the flange nuts are compatible with the M14 T bolt of the Germany forged swivel couplers.

Australia Type Forged Swivel Couplers

According to the Australian scaffolding standard AS1576, the AU type forged swivel couplers are with 23mm flange nut. You can find both lightweight and heavy-weight Australian forged swivel couplers. The Australian standard swivel couplers are always used to connect O.D 48.3mm As1576 standard galvanized scaffolding pipes.

America Type Forged Swivel Couplers

America dual forged swivel coupler is also called I bolt scaffold swivel clamps. It is a type of durable heavy-duty forged swivel clamp. O.D 48.3mm forged American swivel clamp is with a weight of 1.7KG.  America forged swivel clamps are always finished in zinc plated.  While customized hot dip galvanizing is available too.  Wellmade manufacturers America forged swivel couplers with M14 bolt and 22mm flange nut.  More than the dual swivel clamps, you can find America-type swivel beam clamps, wedge clamps in right angle and swivel, right-angle coupler, etc.

O.D 48.3xO.D 48.3mm forged double swivel couplers are the most popular scaffolding swivel clamps. It is used to connect scaffold tubes and poles in the standard tubes with sizes of O.D 48.3mm diameter.  Thus it is also called tube clamps.

In construction, there are also prop couplers and bridge leg swivel couplers. These special forged swivel couplers are used to connect props and bridge posts to the scaffold tubes in the construction scaffolding, shoring, and frame. The size includes O.D 60mm, O.D 76mm, O.D 89mm, and O.D 42mm.

O.D 48.3 x O.D 76mm Forged Swivel Couplers

76mm Swivel Coupler Scaffolding
76mm Swivel Coupler Scaffolding

O.D 48.3xO.D76mm Forged swivel coupler is called prop swivel coupler. It is a type of double swivel coupler too. But one-half coupler connects with the normal O.D 48.3mm scaffold tube, while another half coupler is used to connect with the 76mm diameter outer tube of the adjustable scaffolding props.  It is used a lot in the shoring scaffold. Wellmade customs the O.D 48x76nm forged swivel coupler with 21mm cross nut or 22mm flange nut according to your construction requirement.

O.D 48.3 x O.D 60mm Forged Swivel Couplers

O.D 60mm is the most popular outer tube of the scaffolding steel adjustable props. Thus O.D 48.3xOD 60mm forged swivel coupler is another type of scaffold prop coupler to fix the scaffold props to the scaffolding pole in construction. This scaffolding arrangement makes the construction scaffolding shoring much safer and more stable in the concrete shoring and scaffolding. Wellmade custom your O.D 48x60mm forged swivel coupler with customized logos and names.

O.D 48.3 x O.D 89mm Forged Swivel Couplers

O.D 89mm is the bridge leg size of sidewalk scaffolding. This bridge leg is the bridge post for New York City in the USA. Thus O.D 48.3 x O.D 89mm forged swivel couplers are requested by the NYC construction scaffolding companies too.  The special forged swivel coupler fixes the bridge legs to the scaffolding poles in the sidewalk shed.

89mm scaffolding fixed and swivel clamps to the USA American heavy duty type scaffold fittings
89mm scaffolding fixed and swivel clamps to the USA American heavy duty type scaffold fittings

O.D 42 x O.D48.3mm Forged Swivel Coupler

O.D 42mm(41.7-42.7mm) is the diameter of traditional frame scaffolding poles. Thus O.D 42xO.D 48.3mm scaffolding forged swivel couplers are used to fix scaffolding frames vertical poles with the anchor tubes and standard O.D 48.3mm scaffolding poles. If you want to make the connectors between two frames, there are also O.D 42 x O.D 42mm forged swivel couplers for your choosing.

Hot dip galvanized VS E-Galvanized Forged Swivel Couplers

Similar to the other scaffolding clamps and fittings, forged swivel couplers are able to be finished in zinc-plated or hot-dip galvanizing. zinc-plated zinc thickness is much less than the hot-dip galvanized forged swivel couplers.  You can have the following comparison about these two different scaffolding galvanizing.

Zinc-plated & Hot Dip Galvanized Forged Swivel Coupler
Zinc ThicknessCost&PriceDurability
Zinc-Plated8-12 MicroCheap1-5 years
HDGMore Than 40 MicroExpensiveMore than 5 Years

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