Putlog Coupler Scaffold

Wellmade is Putlog Coupler Scaffolding Manufacturer In China. The Put Lock Clamp connects scaffold putlog transom to your scaffold ledger in Right Angle.

Wellmade’s Putlog Coupler is Compatible with all scaffold systems: slung scaffold, prefabricated scaffolding, putlog scaffold, modular scaffold system, Tube and Coupler System in O.D 48.3mm.

We Fabricated Your Putlog Coupler with Customized Bolt and Nut:

  • 21mm Cross Nut with Washer
  • 22mm Flange Nut for Europe&America
  • 23mm Flange Nut for Australia

Your Logo & Marking is offered on your Putlog Coupler In Free.  Send Us Your Putlog Coupler Requirement to Get Best Unit Price.

There are hot dip galvanized putlog coupler Scaffold and E-galvanized Putlog Couplers.

Galvanizing Surface Treatment makes putlog coupler scaffold durable and corrossion resistant. If you want mark with colour, wellmade give painting scaffold coupler on galvanized putlog.




Wellmade your best putlog coupler scaffolding manufacturer

Wellmade is ISO9001 & CE certified scaffolding factory in China. We produce all types of putlog couplers according to BS 1139 EN 74and AS 1576 standard.

Our Putlog Coupler Connects Scaffold Tubes and Transom in O.D 48.3mm. It Enables Scaffold Guardrail and Midrails to Standard Scaffold Tube at 90 Degree. Putlog couplers Wrap around two vertical scaffolding tubes without leaving a gap. It enables scaffold boards and battens onto the top of the scaffold tube.

Wellmade’s Putlog Coupler  Specifications

Putlog Coupler Scaffold
No.1ItemsWeightSurface TreatmentBolt&Nut
WPCS1Forged Single Putlog Coupler0.6KGHDG | Zinc-plated21mm
WPCS1Pressed Single Putlog Coupler0.65KGHDG | Zinc-plated
WPCS1Forged Wrapover Putlog Scaffold0.8KGHDG | Zinc-plated

You can find forged putlog coupler and pressed steel put lock clamp in Wellmade.

  • Forged Putlog Coupler with Forged Putlog Caps and Pressed Flaps.
  • Pressed Putlog Coupler is fabricated with Pressed Steel Putlog Caps

Putlog Coupler Package

Putlog Coupler is packed with bags. Every 25 pcs per bag and 50 bags per rack pallet.

Scaffold Spanner & Rachet for Putlog Coupler Scaffold

Scaffold Ratchet Spanner
Scaffold Ratchet Spanner

Tighten Putlog Couplers used Scaffold Spanner and Rachet. Scaffold Spanner and Rachet Size are according to Putlog Coupler Bolt Nuts. You can choose 21mm Ratchets, 22mm Ratchet and 23mm Rachet for your Putlog Scaffold In Construction.

Find More Scaffolding Clamps and Connectors for Your Scaffold Tube from Wellmade in Drop Forged and Pressed Steel.

Wellmade Scaffolding Couplers
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2Pressed Right Angle Coupler16Forged Joint Pin Coupler
3JIS Fixed Clamps17Pressed Joint Pin Coupler
4Forged Swivel Coupler18Scaffold Bone Joint
5Pressed Swivel Clamps19Stair Coupler
6JIS Swivel Clamps20Universal Clamps
7Sleeve Coupler21Fixed Wedge Clamps
8Board Retaining Coupler22Swivel Wedge Clamps
9Fixed Beam Clamps23Jorden Coupler
10Swivel Beam Clamps24Safety Net Coupler
11Fence Coupler25butterfly clamp scaffolding
12Ladder Clamps26Gravlock Coupler
13Toe Board Clamps27Single Clamp
14C Clamp Scaffolding28band and plate coupler

Putlog Coupler Scaffold Types

Wellmade Produces Single Putlog Coupler and Double Wrapover Putlog Clamp

You can also find Forged Type and Pressed Type of Putlog coupler Here

Single Putlog Coupler Scaffold VS Wrapover Putlog Coupler

Drop Forged Putlog Coupler Scaffold VS Pressed Steel Putlog Clamps

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