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Wellmade is a drop forged double coupler scaffold manufacturer supplier in China. We export the forged double coupler scaffolding material to global 55 countries. Wellmade forged double couplers are EN 74 Class B certified. It is heavy-duty right-angle scaffold fittings with a high load capacity. You can find both zinc-plated and hot-dip galvanized forged double couplers for your construction.

More than normal O.D 48.3mm scaffolding forged double coupler, there are forged right angle clamps for your customized scaffold tube diameters. Include O.D60mm, O.D76mm, O.D89mm, and O.D42mm, etc.

Wellmade custom your scaffold forged double couplers in British type, Germany type, Australia type, America type, etc. Send us a mail to get more details and prices about your forged double coupler scaffold material now.

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Wellmade Scaffold Forged Double Coupler

Wellmade forged double coupler is a type of 90-degree scaffolding clamp. It is scaffolding bearing fittings to fixed the scaffold tubes at a right angle in construction.  That is why the forged scaffold double couplers are also called right-angle couplers, rigid clamps, and forged fixed clamps.

As a leading scaffolding clamp manufacturer, Wellmade produces the forged double coupler scaffolding according to EN 74 and BS 1139 standard.  More than that, Wellmade double coupler is a Class B high-level scaffolding double coupler, which is able to bear a heavier load than the normal Class A forged double coupler.

Wellmade forged double coupler is always finished galvanized. According to the galvanizing types, there are zinc-plated forged double couplers and hot dip galvanized fixed clamps.

Zinc-plated forged double couplers are also called E-galvanized scaffolding fixed clamps. It is asked by most scaffolding and construction companies.  You can find different colors for your zinc-plated forged double couplers. Include blue, white, and yellow(golden).

Hot-dip galvanized forged double coupler scaffold is with thicker zinc thickness. It is more durable than the zinc-plated forged double couplers. In construction, the hot-dip galvanized forged double couplers are required mostly by the oil gas companies, marine service contractors, etc. HDG protects the forged double couplers from corrosion in long term. Even under the special ocean environment and onshore and offshore scaffolding projects.

With the tested and approved high quality, Wellmade is the authorized scaffolding forged double coupler supplier for many famous oil gas companies. Like Shell, Sinopec, China Petroleum, KNPC, and KOC, etc.

According to the sizes, O.D 48.3mm forged double couplers are the most popular scaffold fittings. It is scaffold connectors between two scaffold tubes in 48.3mm diameter.

If you are going to fix props to the scaffold tubes or fixed bridge leg(bridge post) to the scaffold tube. The forged double coupler sizes will be O.D 60x48mm, O.D 76x48mm, O.D89x48mm.

Drop Forged Double Couplers Size & Specification

WFD4848O.D 48x48mm Forged Double CouplerTube to TubeZinc-plated|HDG1.0-1.5
WFD6048O.D 60x48mm Forged Double CouplerProp to TubeZinc-plated|HDG1.45
WFD6060O.D 60x60mm Forged Double CouplerProp to TubeZinc-plated|HDG1.60
WFD7648O.D 76x48mm Forged Double CouplerProp to TubeZinc-plated|HDG1.95
WFD8948O.D 89x48mm Forged Double CouplerBridge Post to TubeZinc-plated|HDG2.35

Drop Forged Double Coupler Types

Britsh Type Forged Double Coupler

British type forged double coupler is the most popular drop forged right-angle scaffold couplers. It is not only used in the UK area but also used in a lot of other countries in the world.

The British standard forged double coupler are with 1/2″ bolt and 21mm cross nut with washers. According to BS1139 standard, the scaffolding forged double coupler is in the weight of 1.0-1.05KG. Which is much lighter than the Germany, Australia, and US Type drop-forged right angle couplers.  Wellmade British scaffold forged double coupler bolt are 8.8 class.

Germany Type Forged Double Coupler

Germany type forged double coupler is heavier than British BS1139 scaffold double couplers. The weight is 1.45KG. According to the bolt screw, there are quick thread and normal thread Germany forged double couplers.

Normal threaded Germany forged double coupler is used in most German scaffolding and formwork companies. While quick threaded Germany forged double couplers are also called round threaded double scaffold clamps. applied by Layher and RUX scaffolding companies.

Both Germany-type forged double couplers are with M14 Bolt and flange collar nuts. While the quick thread bolts are easier for hot-dip galvanizing finishing.

Australia Type Forged Double Coupler

Australia Type forged double coupler is 1.17KG. It is with a much heavier weight than normal British scaffolding clamps. While the AS1576 standard forged double couplers are with 23mm flange nut. Some Australian scaffolding companies ask British lightweight forged double coupler with a 23mm flange nut to save costs.

US Type Forged Double Coupler

The US type forged double coupler is also called durable scaffolding coupler. Different from T bolt of other types of scaffolding forged double couplers, the American standard forged double coupler uses I bolts. Thus it is also called I bolt right-angle coupler.

The 2″ (O.D48.3mm) American forged double couplers are 1.45KG. Which are the heaviest O.D 48.3mm forged double couplers in the scaffolding industry. While you can find more sizes in 2.36″ and 3.5″ forged double couplers for post shore support and sidewalk bridge post support.  O.D 1.68″ forged double coupler are also available in customized manufacturing.

Wellmade produces both E-galvanized and hot dip galvanized I bolt forged right angle scaffold coupler for the USA and Canada scaffolding and formwork companies.

Scaffold Forged Double Coupler Scaffold Capacity

Wellmade forged double coupler scaffolding are tested conforming to EN 74 Class B, which is a heavy-duty class in the scaffolding industry. You can compare the following EN74 Class A and EN 74 Class B failure force capacity and slipping force Requirements.

Forged Double Coupler EN 74 Class A and Class B Failure Force Capacity and Slipping Forced
Forged Double Coupler EN 74 Class A and Class B Failure Force Capacity and Slipping Forced

Wellmade is an ISO9001 scaffold forged double coupler manufacturer and exporter in China. The forged double couplers are tested from raw material to slip and distortion test as well as galvanizing salty spray test.  More than that, you can find the forged double coupler scaffolding ultimate capacity, strengths, and slip forces of your forged double coupler order. According to the EN 74 Class B requirement, Wellmade forged double coupler slipping force is more than 15KN while the failure load is more than 30KN.  See the test result of the Wellmade forged double coupler with test methods of EN 74 Class B standard.

Forged VS Pressed Steel Scaffold Double Coupler

As the biggest scaffold fitting factory, Wellmade is not only produces forged double couplers but also manufactures pressed steel double couplers.

You can find the British-type BS 1139 standard pressed double couplers in Wellmade. Which is used a lot in O.D 48.3×3.2mm scaffold tube. While there are also Japanese type, Korean Type, and Singapore type pressed steel JIS fixed clamps for your JIS 3444 standard O.D 48.6mm scaffolding pipes and poles.

Forged Double Coupler and Swivel Coupler

A forged double coupler is used to fix the scaffolding tubes at rigid 90 degrees. So forged double couplers in some countries are called rigid scaffold clamps.  While swivel coupler is able to make the scaffold tube connected at any angle in construction. The swivel coupler is assembly by two forged half clamps by a rivet.  Thus swivel coupler is also called a double swivel coupler or rotated scaffold clamp. There are forged type and pressed type swivel couplers for your choosing. in Wellmade. The standard of scaffolding pressed and forged swivel couplers conform to BS 1139 and EN 74.

Other Scaffolding Couplers and Clamps

More than double and swivel couplers, there are also other forged scaffolding clamps for your choosing. Include:

Forged Double Coupler Using In Tubular and Modular Scaffold

Forged double coupler is used a lot in the tubular scaffolding system. It is used to fix the galvanized scaffold tubes in order to form the scaffold verticals, ledger, and transoms, etc. While the forged double couplers are also standardized sizes, thus it is also used in all types of steel and aluminum modular scaffolding systems to help the modular scaffold able to be used in all shapes and types of construction. The modular scaffolding system could be ringlock, quick stage, cuplock, quick lock frame scaffolding, etc.

Wellmade Custom Your Forged Double Coupler

Wellmade is an OEM scaffolding factory for global scaffolding and formwork companies. Thus we are very professional in scaffolding and formwork product OEM service.

During the forged double coupler manufacturing,  we custom the scaffold forged double coupler in your sizes, specifications, finishings. We also consider your country’s bolts and nuts usages and customs.  More than that, you are able to request Wellmade put your company name, your company logos plus with manufacturing date and standard code on the forged double coupler. For the shipping marks and package type, we are able to do as your special request too.

If you are construction companies or contractors, who may not have experience import the scaffolding clamps from China. Wellmade is able to send the scaffold fittings and double couplers to your address or stockyard by our forwarders and agents. Send us your scaffold requirement now to get more professional services and prices.

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