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Scaffolding Poles

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffolding pole factory.  We supply S355 and S235 grade steel scaffolding poles. You are also to find 6061 T6 grade aluminium scaffold poles here too.

O.D 48.3mm is the common diameter of the scaffolding poles for construction scaffold. Wellmade is able to custom your scaffolding poles sizes and diameter.

You are able to get a one-stop purchase of all types of patent scaffolding pole products here. Include telescopic poles, ring pole scaffold, pole shoring, pole base plate, and pole clamps, etc.

Wellmade’s scaffolding poles are tested according to British, European, American, and Japanese standards. We do daily testing from raw material to welding line till load capacity for each batch of the scaffold poles.

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Pole Scaffolding System and Components

Scaffolding Pole -Galvanised Steel Scaffold Tube

Wellmade produces galvanized scaffold poles, painting and black type scaffold poles. Galvanised scaffold tube is the most popular scaffolding poles in corrosion resistances. It is used in all civil, industrial, oil and gas project too.

Aluminium Scaffold Poles

Aluminium scaffold poles are in light weight. You can find O.D 48.3×4.0mm Aluminium Scaffold Tubes for construction and building

Scaffold Pole Fittings

Wellmade produces all types of scaffold pole clamps. Include drop forged and pressed steel tube fittings. The scaffolding fittings conform to EN74, JIS and KS standard.

Scaffold Pole Base Plate

Pole base plate are used at bottom of the scaffolding poles. Scaffold pole base plate always with tubular or solid bar spigot.

Scaffolding Pole -Telescopic Pole Shore

Telescopic scaffolding pole is used for scaffolding shoring in concrete formwork slabs and beams. There are light duty, medium duty and heavy duty telescopic scaffolding pole shores.

Scaffold Pole Conn

Scaffold pole connector is always a type of small diameter poles. It is used to connect between scaffolding poles in vertically.

Single Pole Scaffold System

Use scaffolding poles fitting and ring pole system, you can form a single pole scaffolding system. It is supported on interior side by your structure or wall.

Double Pole Scaffold System

Double scaffolding pole system is independent from any structure. It is formed by two rows of pole uprights. You can use the ring pole system and scaffold tube with clamps for the double pole scaffold construction.

Ring Pole Scaffolding

Ring Pole Scaffolding. Ring pole scaffolding is a type of patent scaffold. It is prefabricated steel modular system with components of ring standards, ledgers, braces, planks etc.

Steel and Aluminium Scaffolding Poles

There are steel type and aluminium type of scaffolding poles in Wellmade. For steel scaffolding poles, there are both painting and galvanizing finishing. Some civil construction also ask for black (self-finishied) scaffolding poles. While in BS 1139 and En 39 standard, galvanised scaffold tube is most used in all types of construction and building: industrial, commercial, oil gas construction, shore and offshore projects, infrastructure forming and construction like bridge, highway, tunnel etc.

Aluminium scaffolding poles are at the top class in weather resistance. It is light weight but high strength load in construction. There are O.D 48.3mm, O.D 60mm, O.D76mm, O.D89mm for both steel and aluminium scaffolding poles using directly in the construction scaffolding.

Steel scaffolding poles are fixed by the scaffolding fittings. In Wellmade, you can find drop forged type and pressed steel type scaffolding clamps for your scaffolding poles. There are different sizes of scaffolding poles clamps to lock the diameter of your scaffolding poles. Include O.D 42mm, O.D 48.3mm, O.D 60mm, O.D 76mm and O.D 89mm.

We produce the scaffolding pole clamps and couplers conform to EN 74 and BS 1139. There are also Japanese standard and Korean standard scaffold pole fixed clamps and swivel clamps, joint pins and beam C clamps for O.D 48.6mm GI Pipes too.

Aluminium scaffolding poles are connected by the scaffold wedge clamps. Wellmade export the aluminium scaffolding poles and fittings mainly to the USA construction scaffolding and formwork. There are all types of scaffold wedge clamps. Include double wedge clamps, swivel wedge clamps, half swivel wedge couplers etc.

S355 VS S235 Steel Scaffolding Poles
  • S355 steel scaffolding poles

According to the British scaffolding standards, you can use the S355 steel grade scaffolding poles in 3.2mm thickness. It is a type of high-yield steel scaffold tubes. The strengths are the same as standard scaffolding poles. While the weight is much lighter. According to the real figure, S355 steel grade scaffolding poles’ weight is 20% lighter than BS1139 & EN 39 standard type 4 standard scaffold tubes. In the building construction, you can choose both pressed steel or drop forged scaffold fittings for the S355 light-weight scaffolding poles.

  • S235 Steel Grade Scaffold Poles

4mm scaffolding poles are the standard sizes of steel scaffolding poles with O.D 48.3mm (1.5”) outer diameter. It is heavier in weight compared to the S355 type scaffold poles.  Because of the heavyweight, Wellmade suggests you choose drop forged class B scaffold couplers in erection and construction.

Galvanized and GI Scaffolding Poles

Hot dip galvanized scaffolding poles

Hot dip galvanized scaffold tubes is conform to the oil gas scaffolding standard of KNPC, KOC, Shell and Sinopec. It is tested steel grade raw material and finished scaffold tubes according to BS 1139 and EN 39 standard. Wellmade is also past MS 1462, AS 1576 standard for the hot dip galvanized scaffold poles. There are also thinner scaffolding pipe with hot dip galvanizing finishing like 3.0mm, 2.7mm, 2.4mm, 2.5mm etc. Hot dip galvanized scaffolding poles are also used for scaffolding rental business.

GI Scaffolding Tubes

GI scaffolding pipes are made from pre-galvanized steel coils. According to JIS and Korean standard, the GI scaffolding pipes are in O.D 48.6mm. Pipe wall thickness would be in 2.5mm,2.4mm -1.8mm  According to the Japanese standard, the GI pipes steel grade include STK 400 and STK 500. Both hot dip galvanized and GI scaffolding pipes are in grey/silver color.

Scaffold Pole Shore Types

Scaffolding Pole -Telescopic Pole ShoreIf you are looking for scaffold pole shores for your slab and beam formwork shuttering. Wellmade will give full supports. We supplier full ranges scaffold poles. According to the scaffolding pole maximum height, there are size 0, size 1, size 2, size 3, and size 4 scaffolding pole shores.

According to the post shores’ ultimate load capacity, there are light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty scaffold poles. Basically, Wellmade produce the scaffold pole shores according to EN 1065 standard. There are class B, class C, Class D, and Class E single post shores.

Wellmade is able to custom your scaffolding pole shores too. The design of the post shores according to your height requirement and load capacity. Tell us your slab floor height and concrete slab thickness, Wellmade’s engineers will design the scaffold pole shores immediately according to our lab loading test result of the scaffold poles.

Wellmade’s Scaffolding Poles

Wellmade is a high-quality scaffolding poles manufacturer and supplier in China. We are not only the ISO 9001 scaffold factory. It is also CE certificated. Thus you could find great welding quality for all types of scaffolding poles. The complete test report in the scaffolding pole manufacturing is available too. It includes MTC (Mill certificate), testing report, penetrate testing, loading capacity test, and galvanizing and painting adhere testing, etc.

scaffold pole ring lock system welding penetrate test report

Wellmade is the largest scaffolding material manufacturer, our scaffold pole production capacity is more than 500 tons per day. Thus we not only give your top-quality scaffolding poles, but you can also expect a fast delivery for your construction project.

If you want custom scaffolding poles, Wellmade has strong engineering, molds, and jigs team to make your special requirement come true. Wellmade’s engineer teams design for you the scaffolding poles not only according to civil engineering calculation. Our designs are also based on the daily load and tensile test results. Our molds and jigs engineers are able to make all designs to come into scaffolding pole products.

In the past 20 years of manufacturing and exporting, Wellmade is also expert in scaffold pole shipping. According to the sizes of the scaffolding poles, short scaffold poles are loaded into a 20’ container and long size scaffolding poles are loaded by 40’ and 40’HQ containers.  If big quantity, Wellmade is also familiar with the bulk boat shipping and package for your scaffolding poles.

Sizes of Wellmade’s scaffolding poles

Scaffolding pole length in meter

0.3m Scaffold Pole1.2m Scaffold Poles4.0m Scaffold Poles5.8m Scaffold Poles
0.5m Scafold Poles1.5m Scaffold Poles4.5m Scaffold Poles6.0m Scaffold Poles
0.6m Scaffold  Poles2.0m Scaffold Poles4.8m Scaffold Poles6.1m Scaffold Poles
0.7m Scaffold Poles3.0m Scaffold Poles5.0m Scaffold Poles6.3m Scaffold Poles
1.0m Scaffold Poles3.5m Scaffold Poles5.5m Scaffold Poles6.4m Scaffold Poles

Scaffolding pole length  in feet 

2′ Scaffold Poles6′ Scaffold Poles12′ Scaffold Poles18′ Scaffold Poles
3′ Scaffold Poles7′ Scaffold Poles13′ Scaffold Poles19′ Scaffold Poles
4′ Scaffold Poles8′ Scaffold Poles15′ Scaffold Poles20′ Scaffold Poles
5′ Scaffold Poles10′ Scaffold Poles16′ Scaffold Poles21′ Scaffold Poles

scaffold pole cut into short length 1m

Scaffolding Pole Diameter

O.D 48.3mm Scaffold PolesO.D 89mm Scaffold PolesO.D 22mm Scaffold PolesO.D 40mm Scaffold Poles
O.D 48.6mm Scaffold PolesO.D 42mm Scaffold PolesO.D 38mm Scaffold PolesO.D 27mm Scaffold Poles
O.D 60.3mm Scaffold PolesO.D 32mm Scaffold PolesO.D 56mm Scaffold PolesO.D 20mm Scaffold Poles
O.D 76mm Scaffold PolesO.D 25mm Scaffold PolesO.D 57mm Scaffold PolesO.D 36mm Scaffold Poles

Scaffolding Pole Fittings

Drop Forged Double CouplerGirder CouplerLimpet ClampJIS Swivel Clamp
Drop Forged Swivel CouplerSwivel Beam CouplerPressed Double CouplerFixed Beam C Clamps
Single CouplerInner Joint PinPressed Swivel CouplerSwivel Beam C Clamps
Putlog CouplerLadder ClampPressed Putlog  CouplerJIS Joint Pins
Board Retaining CouplerFence ClampPressed BRC CouplerBase Plate
Sleeve CouplerToe Board ClampJIS Fixed ClampHalf Swivel Clamps

Hot dip galvanized VS Zinc Plated scaffold pole fittings

In Wellmade, you can find the scaffold pole fittings in both hot-dip galvanizing and zinc-plated surface treatment.

Hot dip galvanized is always required by the oil gas companies. It is the most durable scaffolding clamps. While the bolt and nut of the scaffolding connectors could be in zinc-plated and HDG for your hot-dip galvanized scaffolding coupler

Zinc-plated scaffold couplers are the most used scaffold tube clips. It is much cheaper than hot-dip galvanized scaffold clamps and widely used in all types of civil, industrial, and commercial construction.

Wellmade’s Painting Scaffolding Poles

Scaffolding poles in the painting are used in a lot of countries too. Mostly it is used for scaffolding system diagonal braces for painted kwisktage, cuplock etc. Painting scaffolding colors are customized. Compare to hot-dip galvanized scaffold poles, painting scaffolding tubes is cheaper and easier recognized in a construction project.

Painted Scaffold Tube Poles

Cut the scaffolding poles in your length

Wellmade cuts your scaffolding poles in your lengths and sizes. Thus you can use the shorter scaffolding poles for horizontal and ledger. Longer scaffolding poles are going to use for your standard verticals and diagonal braces etc.

Mark your scaffolding poles with your company name and logo

Wellmade offers OEM services for scaffolding companies too. We engrave your company names, logos as well as standard and manufacturing date during your scaffolding poles production.

Door to door delivery services

With more than 20 years of scaffolding poles exporting experience, Wellmade is able to send the scaffold poles to your yard and projects.

Get your new scaffolding pole material from Wellmade scaffold now!

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