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Scaffold Ladder Clamps Secure Ladders to Scaffold System Tubes. It is conforming to BS1139 and EN74 Standard.

You can find from Wellmade Pressed Steel Type and Drop Forged Type of Scaffolding Ladder Clamps.

All ladder clamps are galvanized in golden or white color for a durable purpose.

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Wellmade Scaffolding Ladder Clamps

Wellmade is a professional ladder clamp manufacturer for moreover 20 years. We have a complete range of ladder clamp for your projects.

You can find from Wellmade a ladder clamp with many advantageous features and benefits. For example, the Wellmade ladder clamp is easy to use, lockable to prevent theft, and excellent corrosion resistance.

Additionally, the Wellmade ladder clamp accommodates up to 4 nested ladder sections and featuring retro that fits almost any roof rack system.

Wellmade Ladder Clamp also known as Vehicle Roof Rack Clamps protects ladders to vehicle roofs. These ladder clamps from Wellmade are very much in trend for fixing ladders on any vehicles.

At Wellmade, you can find ladder clamp available in various types, sizes, weight, and surfaces. Depending on your applications, there is ladder clamp in painted, gold color, electroplated, self-color, and hot-dip galvanized – for durable purpose.

For the types, we offer ladder clamps in pressed steel type and drop forged type of scaffolding ladder clamps.

Pressed steel ladder clamps are cheaper with 8.8 class bolt and wing nut. While drop forged scaffolding ladder clamps are heavier and expensive while you can use it for longer life.

The Scaffolding Ladder Clamps are necessary to scaffold fittings to form a safety ladder access system in structure construction.

The Ladder clamps can fix all types of ladders in all sizes include a steel ladder and aluminum ladders with O.D 48.3mm Scaffold Tubes and Poles.

As a leading Chinese scaffolding manufacturer, Wellmade produces all types of scaffolding clamps and fittings for your applications.

You can find from Wellmade’s different types of scaffolding clamps and fittings:

  • drop forged and pressed steel scaffolding double coupler
  • beam clamp
  • swivel clamps
  • sleeve coupler
  • joint pin
  • putlog coupler
  • joint box
  • board retaining coupler
  • fence coupler
  • ladder clamps

All of the scaffolding ladder clamps are based according to global scaffolding standards of BS 1139, EN74, AS1576, and JIS3444.

Wellmade provides a high-class ladder clamp in each of our clients. In fact, we have maintained good business relations with our clients with the assurance of health and safety.

At Wellmade, we strive to continuously add value and improve our product. Wellmade will be your best one-stop-shop solutions provider.

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Scaffold Ladder Clamps
Code No.ItemsWeightSizeFinishing
WLCFForged Ladder Clamp0.7KGO.D 48.3mmGalvnaized | Zinc-plaed
WMLC01Pressed Ladder Clamp0.5KGO.D 48.3mmGalvnaized | Zinc-plaed


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