Hi Load Shoring Frame Scaffold to USA&Canada

Hi Load Shoring Frame Scaffold Are Made From Heavy  Duty Scaffold Tube in 2-3/8" Diameter, Fast Lock Pin in Sizes of 2',4' and 5' Width, Powder Coated Finishing to USA&Canad. 

Shoring Frame Scaffolding Include Main  Shoring Frames As well as Shoring System Components and Parts of Cross Braces Tubular and Double Hole Angle Cross Braces,Frame U Head,J Head and Base Plates,  Screw Jacks of Universal Jacks, Jack Base and U Head J Head Jacks.  

Steel I beams is Size of 8"x4" and Aluminum  Beams In Size of  6.5" and 7.5"

Shoring System Scaffold Hi Load Frames
No. Size Weight  Lock Space fast lock waco scaffolding hi load shoring frame
1 2'x3' Hi Load Shoring Frame 12.5KG  2'
2 2'x4' Hi Load Shoring Frame 18.5KG  3'
3 2'x5' Hi Load Shoring Frame 22.5KG  4'4'
4 2'x6' Hi Load Shoring Frame 29.0KG  2'
5 4'x3' Hi Load Shoring Frame 17.0KG  3'
6 4'x4' Hi Load Shoring Frame 23.0KG  4'
7 4'x5' Hi Load Shoring Frame 27.0KG  4'
8 4'x6' Hi Load Shoring Frame  33.5KG  4'
9 5'x6'6 Hi Load Shoring Frame  37.5KG  4'


Hi Load Shoring Frame Double Hole Angle Cross Brace
No. Items Lock Space Weight Scaffolding Frame Accessories Double Hole Angle Cross Braces
1 3'x4'x4' Angle Cross Brace 3'&4' 5.50KG
2 3'x4'x5' Angle Cross Brace 3'&4' 6.55KG
3 3'x4'x6' Angle Cross Brace 3'&4' 7.50KG
4 3'x4'x7' Angle Cross Brace 3'&4' 8.35KG
5 3'x4'x8' Angle Cross Brace 3'&4' 9.20KG
6 3'x4'x10' Angle Cross Brace 3'&4' 11.0KG


Tubular Cross Braces Double Hole
No. Items Lock Space Weight scaffolding frame accessories double hole tubular cross braces
1 3'&4'x4' Tubular Cross Brace 3'&4’ 4.50KG
2 3'&4'x5' Tubular Cross Brace 3'&4’ 4.79KG
3 3'&4'x6' Tubular Cross Brace 3'&4’ 5.72KG
4 3'&4'x7' Tubular Cross Brace 3'&4’ 6.35KG
5 3'&4'x8' Tubular Cross Brace 3'&4’ 7.06KG
6 3'&4'x10' Tubular Cross Brace 3'&4’ 8.48KG




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