Shoring System Scaffold

Hi Load Shoring Frame Scaffold Are Made From Heavy  Duty Scaffold Tube in 2-3/8″ Diameter, Fast Lock Pin in Sizes of 2′,4′ and 5′ Width, Powder Coated Finishing to USA&Canad.

Shoring Frame Scaffolding Include Main  Shoring Frames As well as Shoring System Components and Parts of Cross Braces Tubular and Double Hole Angle Cross Braces, Frame U Head, J Head, and Base Plates,  Screw Jacks of Universal Jacks, Jack Base and U Head J Head Jacks.

Steel I beams is Size of 8″x4″ and Aluminum  Beams In Size of  6.5″ and 7.5″

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Wellmade Shoring System Scaffold

Wellmade is a leading shoring system manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 20 years. As a leading manufacturer and supplier, we are capable of manufacturing different types of shoring systems for your projects.

Wellmade shoring system supports a building, structure, trench, or vessel with shores during repairs or alternations or when in danger of collapse. The shoring system is necessary for construction projects to ensure a safer work site.

If you are looking for a reliable shoring system, Wellmade is the best place you’ve come. Depending on your requirements, we provide shoring components and equipment for your projects. There are shoring beams, post shores, timber jacks, and many more.

You can also find different types of shoring systems here. You will find Wellmade H or I beam shoring, Secant Pile Shoring, Contiguous Pile Shoring, Sheet Piles, and Diaphragm Walls. There are also raking shore, cofferdams, and flying shoring which designed to use according to its speciality.

Wellmade shoring system manufactured from excellent Q235 steel is available in different structural styles. Wellmade shoring system can be tower scaffolding, multi-pole scaffolding, door scaffolding, adjustable scaffolding, and soffit scaffolding.

Wellmade produces all sizes of shoring systems. You can find from Wellmade a shoring system available according to different specifications, dimensions, length, and features. They are all characterized by their ease of erection and high stability.

No matter what the elements are – large or small, complex or simple, you can use Wellmade shoring systems for commercial, industrial, and residential construction as well as for civil engineering projects.

Along with our total access solutions, Wellmade is capable to provide you excellent quality shoring system for the complete construction process.

Wellmade offer a highly versatile range of shoring system, flying system, beam system, as well as a broad range of post shore system. For more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, we guarantee you a quality shoring system with complete certifications.

As an ISO9001 company, our shoring solutions can meet all your formwork support requirements. We are hoping to work with you as your long-term business partner.

Get in touch with one of our experts to help you plan your shoring project with all your design from start to finish. Contact us right away!

Shoring System Scaffold Hi Load Frames

No.SizeWeight Lock Space
12’x3′ Hi Load Shoring Frame12.5KG 2′
22’x4′ Hi Load Shoring Frame18.5KG 3′
32’x5′ Hi Load Shoring Frame22.5KG 4’4′
42’x6′ Hi Load Shoring Frame29.0KG 2′
54’x3′ Hi Load Shoring Frame17.0KG 3′
64’x4′ Hi Load Shoring Frame23.0KG 4′
74’x5′ Hi Load Shoring Frame27.0KG 4′
84’x6′ Hi Load Shoring Frame 33.5KG 4′
95’x6’6 Hi Load Shoring Frame 37.5KG 4′

fast lock waco scaffolding hi load shoring frame

Hi Load Shoring Frame Double Hole Angle Cross Brace

No.ItemsLock SpaceWeight
13’x4’x4′ Angle Cross Brace3’&4′5.50KG
23’x4’x5′ Angle Cross Brace3’&4′6.55KG
33’x4’x6′ Angle Cross Brace3’&4′7.50KG
43’x4’x7′ Angle Cross Brace3’&4′8.35KG
53’x4’x8′ Angle Cross Brace3’&4′9.20KG
63’x4’x10′ Angle Cross Brace3’&4′11.0KG

Scaffolding Frame Accessories Double Hole Angle Cross Braces

Tubular Cross Braces Double Hole
No.ItemsLock SpaceWeight
13’&4’x4′ Tubular Cross Brace3’&4’4.50KG
23’&4’x5′ Tubular Cross Brace3’&4’4.79KG
33’&4’x6′ Tubular Cross Brace3’&4’5.72KG
43’&4’x7′ Tubular Cross Brace3’&4’6.35KG
53’&4’x8′ Tubular Cross Brace3’&4’7.06KG
63’&4’x10′ Tubular Cross Brace3’&4’8.48KG

scaffolding frame accessories double hole tubular cross braces

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