Sidewalk Shed Scaffolding Bridge Leg

Wellmade is sidewalk bridge leg is components of sidewalk shed scaffolding system. It is export mainly to New York City, USA.

Working with the canopy scaffolding walk through frame, the shed construction sidewalk bridge offers overhead protection for scaffolding in new york.

Welllmade is the sidewalk bridge scaffolding Manufacturer In China. Our sidewalk bridge is made O.D 89mm heavy duty scaffold tubes. Therefore it takes heavyweight from your sidewalk construction.

You can find all size and height of sidewalk bridges In Wellmade. More than that, All of the sidewalk scaffolding components and parts are conform to OSHA & ANSI American Standard.

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Wellmade Sidewalk Bridge

Are you looking for a reliable manufacturer of sidewalk bridges for your construction projects? Wellmade is the best place you’ve come. We are a leading sidewalk bridge manufacturer and supplier with more than 20 years of expertise.

Wellmade sidewalk bridges also known as sidewalk sheds protect the people on the sidewalk from falling debris and tools. They are often necessary to install during building renovation or new construction. Wellmade sidewalk bridge should be installed to provide protection for pedestrians walking under the work area.

With the high load and heavy-duty scaffolding steel grade materials, the sidewalk bridge brings safety protection for heavy duty construction support too. Construction companies use the sidewalk bridge to form a sidewalk shed protection, which is allowed people walking under the construction shed.

Wellmade sidewalk bridge is welded through a strict process and manufactured with high-strength standards steel. Depending on your specific requirements, we can provide a powder spray sidewalk bridge and hot galvanizing sidewalk bridge.

galvanized sidewalk bridge leg scaffolding

At Wellmade, you can find different types of sidewalk bridge components. There are sidewalk bridge legs, sidewalk grith, sidewalk horizontal brace, scaffold U head clip, scaffolding galvanized corrugated sheet, scaffolding I-beam, scaffolding wide flange beam, scaffolding rigid coupler, scaffolding swivel coupler, scaffolding half coupler, scaffolding large panel brace, and scaffolding small panel brace.

If using Wellmade sidewalk bridge, you can simply and conveniently assemble and disassemble. You can find well organized and neatly designed sidewalk bridge in Wellmade. Even when installed in a busy area, Wellmade sidewalk bridge will not hinder pedestrians.

The sidewalk bridge’s components like the bridge leg is the heavy-duty post used in sidewalk scaffolding construction in New York City, USA. There is a heavy-duty type bridge leg in OD98mm x 5mm and normal duty bridge leg in the OD 89mm x 4mm scaffold vertical tube.

Wellmade produces a sidewalk bridge according to ISO9001 management and quality controlling system. Wellmade is one of China’s most and largest qualified scaffolding manufacturers.

At Wellmade Scaffold, we guarantee test & control steel grade, welding quality, sizes, and specifications. The welding quality standard from Wellmade Scaffold in EN1090 and ISO 3834, CE Europe Welding Standard Requirement.

Plus, our loading capacity test result is available for each size and specifications of each shipment. For your sidewalk bridge and components need, Wellmade is always the best place. For more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, Wellmade will be your best partner in China.

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sidewalk bridge leg post

New York Scaffolding Sidewalk Bridge Leg Sizes

Code No.ItemsSize&SpecFinishing
WBL088′ Bridge LegOD89mmx8 FTPowder Coated&Galvanized
WBL1010′ Bridge LegOD89mmx10 FTPowder Coated&Galvanized
WBL1212′ Bridge LegOD89mmx12 FTPowder Coated&Galvanized
WBL1313′ Bridge LegOD89mmx13 FTPowder Coated&Galvanized
WBL1414′ Bridge LegOD89mmx14 FtPowder Coated&Galvanized
WBL1616′ Bridge LegOD89mmx16 FtPowder Coated&Galvanized
WBL1818′ Bridge LegOD89mmx18′ FtPowder Coated&Galvanized
WBL2020′ Bridge LegOD89mmx20 FtPowder Coated&Galvanized

Sidewalk Bridge Leg Braces Sizes

Code No.ItemsSize&SpecFinishing
BLB1010’4″ Bridge BraceOD32x10’4Coated&Galvanized
BLB088’4″ Bridge BraceOD32x8’4Coated&Galvanized
Sidewalk scaffolding bridge leg girth parts

Sidewalk Scaffolding Construction Bridge Leg Girth Size

Code No.ItemsSize&SpecFinishing
BLG088′ GirthOD42 x  8 FTCoated&Galvanized
BLG1010’GirthOD42 x10 FTCoated&Galvanized
Sidewalk scaffolding bridge leg system C clips

New York Scaffolding Bridge Head Clips Specifications

WBHCSidewalk Bridge Head ClipsGalvanized1.3KG


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