Shed Construction NYC Sidewalk Scaffolding Bridge Leg

American New York City Shed Construction Sidewalk Scaffolding Bridge Legs are made from OD89mm scaffold tube 4mm or 5mm wall thickness. 
There are bolts and nuts on the bridge leg post. The bolt&nut is a lock pin in connection with sidewalk scaffolding components and parts of Girth, Braces.
Sidewalk Shed Protection Construction Parts and Accessories include Head Clip,Swivel Clamps,Beams etc.
Wellmade Produces Coated&Galvanized Sidewalk Bridge Legs to NYC Since 2001s in Approved Quality&Good Price .

Sidewalk Scaffolding Bridge Legs


shed protection construction sidewalk scaffolding bridge scaffold-od89mm bridge leg post

Code No. Items Size&Spec Finishing
WBL08 8' Bridge Leg OD89mmx8' Powder Coated&Galvanized
WBL10 10' Bridge Leg OD89mmx10' Powder Coated&Galvanized
WBL12 12' Bridge Leg OD89mmx12' Powder Coated&Galvanized
WBL13 13' Bridge Leg OD89mmx13' Powder Coated&Galvanized
WBL14 14' Bridge Leg OD89mmx14' Powder Coated&Galvanized
WBL16 16' Bridge Leg OD89mmx16' Powder Coated&Galvanized
WBL18 18' Bridge Leg OD89mmx18' Powder Coated&Galvanized
WBL20 20' Bridge Leg OD89mmx20' Powder Coated&Galvanized


Bridge Diagonal Braces 


Code No. Items Size&Spec Finishing
BLB10 10'4" Bridge Brace OD32x10'4‘ Coated&Galvanized
BLB08 8'4" Bridge Brace OD32x8'4‘ Coated&Galvanized


Bridge Girth(Girt)


Code No. Items Size&Spec Finishing
BLG08 8' Girth OD42x8' Coated&Galvanized
BLG10 10'Girth OD42x10' Coated&Galvanized


Sidewalk Scaffolding Head Clips


new york city scaffolding sidewalk bridge leg head clip







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