Board Retaining Coupler (BRC)

The scaffold board retaining coupler is a type of board clamp. Normally it is pointed to forged BS1139 EN 74 standard and British-type board clamps. Called BRC couplers too.
The forged scaffold board retaining coupler elements include a forged BRC coupler cover, a pressed BRC body, a set of fork bolts and nuts, and a rivet connection between the body and cover.
Forged board retaining couplers are used popularly in tube and clamp systems. It is used to form and fix scaffold platforms in construction.  According to the plank height, the board retaining couplers are in customized heights to be compatible with the plank height/thickness.
There are also pressed type EN74 standard board retaining couplers, which with pressed scaffold coupler covers, rather than forged covers. Both the forged and pressed BRC couplers are used to connect with standard OD48.3mm scaffold tubes/transoms.
If you want light weight and cheaper scaffold board clamps, there are also limpet clamps and toe board clamps. In function, they are similar, used to fix scaffolding boards and planks to scaffold structures.
For anti-corrosion purposes, there are zinc-plated and hot dip galvanized board retaining clamps. If you want to identify scaffold BRC couplers, they could be marked with your favorite color painting.
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Scaffold Board Retaining Coupler

As one of the scaffold fittings, board retaining coupler is special used between scaffold tubes and planks. One side of the board retaining coupler(BRC) connect to OD48.3mm scaffold tube, another side is fixed scaffold boards to the scaffold tubes.

The board retaining clamps is required to fix scaffold board in height of 38mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 63mm etc.

In construction, the BRC scaffold couplers are used to secure scaffolding boards form a safety scaffold work and walk platform. It is also used to hold the scaffold toe boards along the side of scaffold platform to protect any slip or drop from the scaffolding platform in construction.

Wellmade: Lead Scaffold BRC Coupler Manufacturer & Exporter

Wellmade manufactures scaffold board retaining couplers for different applications. You can use Wellmade scaffold board retaining clamps for oil gas contractors, industrial construction, civil construction, infrastructural construction, building maintenance, etc. Using the scaffold board clamps you are able to form a work platform in a tube and clamp scaffold system.

We offer OEM services too for your scaffold BRC coupler. During the OEM scaffold board clamp manufacturing, we put clients’ logo trademarks on the scaffolding board clamps. Thus the scaffold board retaining clamps are imported mostly by scaffolding companies out of China.

We are also a famous scaffolding clamp vendor for a lot of famous oil and gas companies. We manufacture petrochemical companies’ scaffold board couplers according to the oil-gas scaffolding standards. Wellmade’s scaffold board clamps meet up KNPC, KOC, Sinopec, China Petroleum, Shell DAP, and Saudi Aramco scaffold standards.

Wellmade BRC clamps are designed for securing scaffolding boards to a platform or holding toe boards in place on a deck. You can use Wellmade’s scaffolding board retaining clamp for use in all types of scaffolding applications where scaffold boards need to be secured.

Wellmade Board retaining clamps can be finished in hot-dip galvanized for shoring companies with longer life durability without rust.

We also E-galvanized (zinc-plated) which is mostly required by its cost-effective and cheap price. All the BRC clamps from Wellmade are manufactured to European Quality Standard EN74. In addition, they are rigorously tested to ensure the highest levels of quality control.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 and CE-certificated company, that produces scaffold board retaining clamps with distortion and slip tests during mass production. These are to ensure qualified and safe scaffold fittings for our valued clients.

Logos and marks of board retaining couplers are customized according to your request. While according to BS1139 Standard, Manufacturer Name, Standard Code, Date, and Years should be on the Body of the Clamps.

Wellmades Scaffold board Retaining Coupler is always packed in bags and pallets for shipping convenience.

Scaffolding Clamp OEM Logo Marks in Wellmade China

Scaffold Board Retaining Specifications

CodeItems & DescriptionSizeWeightFinishingColorStandard
WBRC-FForged BRC Coupler48.3mm0.63kgGalvanizedWhiteEN74
WBRC-PPressed BRC Clamp48.3mm0.58kgGalvanizedWhite

Other Scaffolding Couplers for Tube & Clamp Systems

You can find other scaffold clamps one-stop here including right angle (rigid) couplers, swivel clamps, toe board clamps, single clamps, putlog clamps, gravlock couplers, etc.

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