Adjustable Steel Props

Wellmade is an adjustable steel prop manufacturer in China. You can find from us lightweight adjustable steel props, heavy-duty props and medium-duty props.

Wellmade manufactures adjustable steel props according to EN 1065 Standard. In Manufacturing, the adjustable steel props fabrication quality is controlled according to CE (ISO3834 & EN1065) and ISO 9001 Standard.

As an experience adjustable steel props exporter, Wellmade offers door to door delivery in global 55 countries to your construction projects.

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Wellmade’s Adjustable Steel Props

Wellmade’s adjustable steel props are used popularly in all types of construction. According to the function of the adjustable steel props, there are scaffolding props, formwork props, building props, shoring props, push pull props, acrow props, trench strut etc.

Compare to Aluminium Props,  Adjustable steel props are much cheaper and in heavy-duty. That is why the steel props are one of the most popular construction props. But however, Aluminium Props is much lighter than steel props. That is why it is called alulight props.

In Wellmade, you can find complete adjustable steel prop sizes and specifications.  Include acrow prop size 0, acro prop size 1, acrow prop size 2, acrow prop size 3, acrow props size 4. Trench Strut Size 0 # to 3# etc .

For the post shore type adjustable steel prop, 2.2-3.9m and 2.5-4.0m  sizes of scaffolding props are the most required globally.  While, For Shoring Jacks, 2.0-3.5m, 2.2-3.6m  is the most popular sizes.

Wellmade design the adjustable steel prop sizes too. If you find from Wellmade 1.5m max height props,  at the same time, 6.0m adjustable steel props are available too.

Hot dip galvanized  VS E-galvanized Adjustable Steel Props

For Galvanized Adjustable Steel Props, there is hot dip galvanized type and E-galvanized type. Hot dip galvanized is the most durable type of adjustable steel props. It is called HDG similarly. HDG adjustable steel props zinc thickness is more than 60 micro, while, E-galvanized steel props within thinner zinc thickness in 8-12 micros.

If your construction project is near the sea or if you want a longer recycling life in rental scaffolding business, HDG type of adjustable steel prop would be your best solution. It would last more than 5 years and recycle hundreds of times.

Shoring Prop VS Post Shore Props

You can find shoring prop type and post shore prop type of adjustable steel props in Wellmade.

Shoring Prop with Cup Sleeve. There are Spanish and Italian Type of Shoring Props

Shoring Props Size&Specification
No.ItemInner TubeOuter TubeProp SleeveBase PlateProp Lock Pin
1Spanish TypeO.D 40mmO.D 48mmCup Sleeve120x120mmG Pin
2Italian TypeO.D 48mmO.D 56mmCup Sleeve120x120mmG Pin

Post Shore Prop with prop sleeve and prop nut with handle.

Post Shore Prop Size&Specification
No.ItemInner TubeOuter TubeProp SleeveProp NutFinish
1Medium DutyO.D 48mmO.D 60mmThreaded SleeveO.D60mmGal| Painted
2Heavy DutyO.D 63mmO.D 76mmThreaded SleeveO.D 76mmGal| Painted

Adjustable steel prop accessories

You can find all accessories for your adjustable steel props in Wellmade.

In one word, Wellmade is not only ensuring high quality of your adjustable steel prop but also ensure service and compatible price and bring the most benefits to you.

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