• black and galvanised scaffold tube with end cap protection in construction wellmade

Galvanised Scaffold Tubes

Galvanised scaffold tube is also called galvanized scaffolding pipe. The diameter of a scaffold tube is OD48.3mm.  While the thickness of galvanised scaffold tubes is 3.2mm or 4.0mm.

The longest galvanised scaffold tube is 21ft(6.4m). While you can have other scaffold tube lengths in 20 ft (6m), 16 ft, 13ft, 10 ft, 8 ft, 6 ft, 5 ft, etc.

Galvanized scaffold tubes are connected by scaffold couplers like right angle couplers, swivel coupler in construction. You can use tube scaffolding for all types of scaffolding. Include the following four main scaffold types: single scaffolding, free standard scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, concrete support scaffold.

Tell us your galvanised scaffold tube requirement now. You will get a competitive price for your construction immediately.

Galvanised Scaffold Tube Weight

4.0mm Thickness Galvanised Scaffold Tube Weight
No.4.0mmm Thick Scaffold TubeLength In MeterWeight (KG)
11ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube0.311.37
22ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube0.612.75
33ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube0.924.12
44ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube1.225.49
55ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube1.536.86
66ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube1.838.24
77ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube2.149.61
88ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube2.4410.98
99ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube2.7512.35
1010ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube3.0513.73
1111ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube3.3615.10
1212ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube3.6616.47
1313ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube3.9717.84
1414ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube4.2719.22
1515ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube4.5820.59
1616ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube4.8821.96
1717ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube5.1923.33
1818ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube5.4924.71
1919ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube5.8026.08
2020ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube6.1027.45
2121ft Galvanised Scaffold Tube6.4128.82


Galvanised Scaffold Tube Guide

What is Tube and Fitting Scaffolding

Tube and fitting scaffolding is a scaffold erected by scaffold tubes and scaffolding fittings. In the tube and fitting scaffolding, you can use steel scaffold tubes and aluminum scaffold tubes. For steel scaffold tubes, there are galvanised scaffold tubes, black scaffold tubes, painted, and coated scaffold tubes.

According to the scaffolding pipes diameter, there are OD42-OD89mm scaffold tubes.  Scaffold fitting sizes are matched with the scaffolding pipe diameters.

Tube and Fitting Scaffolding VS System Scaffolding

System scaffolding is a type of modular scaffold. In system scaffold, you can find prefabricated modular scaffolding parts. These system scaffold parts are connected to each other automatically. For system scaffold, you do not need to add extra scaffold fittings in the erection. They are very easy to install. You can find 6 major types of system scaffolds Include

  1. Ringlock Scaffolding
  2. Kwikstage Scaffolding
  3. Cuplock Scaffolding
  4. Quick Lock Scaffolding
  5. Frame Scaffolding
  6. Hi Load Shoring System

Tube and fitting scaffold is a traditional basic scaffolding system. It forms scaffold supports and frames for construction before the system scaffolding was invented. Tube and fitting scaffold uses scaffolding pipes for all sections of the scaffolding: standards, horizontals, braces, bracket, cantilever, etc.  You need to joint the scaffold tubes by different types of scaffold fittings: right angle, rotation, girder, sleeve, putlog, board retaining couplers, ladder clamps, etc.

Kwikstage Scaffolding Installation Video

Tube and Clamp Installation Video

Scaffold Boards In Tube Scaffolding

For tube and coupler scaffolds, scaffold boards are very important scaffolding components. It forms walk boards for scaffold workers in construction. The scaffold boards are used as work platforms too for materials and machinery.

Scaffold boards for tube and fitting scaffolding are always without hooks. It is fixed to the galvanised scaffold tubes by board clamps like BRC coupler and Limpet clamps etc.

You can find timber scaffold boards and steel scaffold boards for your tube and coupler scaffolding system.

Timber Scaffold Boards

Timber scaffold boards are made of European white pines. Like Douglas fir,  Finland Spruce, etc. Size of the timber scaffold boards for tube and clamp scaffold include

  • 225(width)x38mm(thick)
  • 225(width)x63mm(thick)

Steel Scaffold Boards

Steel scaffold boards are made by steel C profiles. You can find pre-galvanized scaffold boards(GI), hot-dip galvanised scaffold boards and painted scaffold boards for your tube and coupler scaffolding.   Steel scaffold boards sizes are customized:

  • 225x38mm
  • 210x45mm
  • 230x63mm
  • 240x45mm
  • 250x4omm
  • 250x50mm
  • 300x50mm
  • 400x50mm
  • 420x50mm
  • 450x50mm
  • 480x50mm
  • 500x50mm

Among the above steel scaffold board sizes. 225x38mm is used widely in the global range. Following is the 225x38mm steel scaffold board weight.

No.Scaffold Boards Size(WxTxL)Weight
1225x38x500mm3.44 KG
2225x38x700mm4.67 KG
3225x38x1000mm6.27 KG
4225x38x1200mm7.34 KG
5225x38x1500mm9.11 KG
6225x38x2000mm11.94 KG
7225x38x2500mm14.77 KG
8225x38x3000mm17.61 KG
9225x38x3500mm20.44 KG
10225x38x4000mm23.28 KG

Fall Protection for Tube Scaffolding

Tube and coupler scaffolding and system scaffold are designed with fall protection in construction. You can use 2 types of fall protection for your tube scaffolding:

  • Handrails Protection
  • Timber or Steel Toe Boards

Tube Scaffolding Ladder Beams

Scaffold ladder beams are made by 48mm scaffold tubes too. You can find 3.2mm and 4.0mm scaffold ladders beams.  Ladder beam lengths are customized from 1.0m to 6.4m(21 feet). Following you can find the 4.0mm ladder beam weight.

Tubular Scaffolding Steel Ladder Beams in Painted and Galvanizing
Tubular Scaffolding Steel Ladder Beams in Painted and Galvanizing
Ladder Beam Size and Weight
No.ItemsWeight (KG)
11.0m Ladder Beams12.32
21.5m Ladder Beams17.88
32.0m Ladder Beams24.64
42.5m Ladder Beams31.39
53.0m Ladder Beams36.95
63.5m Ladder Beams43.71
74.0m Ladder Beams50.47
84.5m Ladder Beams56.03
95.0m Ladder Beams62.78
105.5m Ladder Beams69.54
115.8m Ladder Beams73.36
126.0m Ladder Beams75.10
136.3m Ladder Beams78.92
146.5m Ladder Beams81.86

How Far Can A Scaffold Be From The Wall In Construction

When a scaffold is used to frame around the building/structure in construction. You can make the scaffold left from the structure wall about 300mm. While the width can not be far than 14 inches. Between the building or structure wall and scaffold, you can use anchor tubes(wall tie) and eye bolts for fixing and connecting.

TG 20:13 For Galvanised Scaffold Tubes

TG 20:13 is the technical guide for galvanised scaffold tubes, tube and coupler scaffold styem. You can download the TG20:13 regulation here.

Wellmade Galvanised Scaffold Tube

Wellmade’s galvanised scaffold tube is part of the tube and clamp scaffolding system.  It is fixed by scaffold fittings and connectors in construction.

Our scaffold tube is tested according to BS EN 39 & BS1139 standards. The test includes chemical composition tests, yield and tensile strength tests, flatten tests etc. You can find a relative test report, MTC for each lot during the galvanised scaffold tube manufacturing.

Galvanised scaffold tube is also called scaffolding pipes. Wellmade offers you all lengths and specifications of galvanized scaffolding pipes. The galvanized scaffolding pipes are used widely in building scaffolding, industrial and civil construction, infrastructure scaffolding, concrete shoring etc.

More than standard EN 39 standard scaffolding pipes, Wellmade offers you galvanized scaffolding pipes in the standard of  BS1139, EN39, EN10219, AS1576, JIS 3444, ASTM, and CSA too.

galvanised scaffold tube
galvanised scaffold tube

Galvanised scaffold tubes are used as scaffold standard poles, scaffold ledger horizontals, scaffold diagonal braces in the tube, and coupler scaffold system. They are connected by the scaffold fittings.

You can find all types of scaffold fittings in Wellmade. Include right-angle couplers, swivel couplers, single couplers, sleeve couplers, board retaining couplers, beam clamps(girders), etc. Wellmade galvanized scaffolding pipe connectors are tested according to EN 74 and BS1139 standards.

According to the galvanised scaffold tubes thickness, you can find 4.0mm and 3.2mm scaffolding steel pipes. While there are also other thicknesses from 1.8mm to 5.0mm.  According to the European standard, galvanised scaffold tube galvanizing is more than 40 micros(210g/sqm).

Galvanised scaffold tubes are a type of steel scaffolding pipe. It is the best scaffolding in the weight-bearing, cost, durable, etc.  Hot-dip galvanized scaffold tubes are the most durable scaffolding material. The surface zinc protects steel scaffolding tubes from corrosion.

You can also find alumimium scaffold tubes, and grp scaffold tubes for your construction too. Aluminum scaffold tubes are lighter weight than steel galvanised scaffold tubes. It is another metal scaffold tube that is easier to handle for your construction.

Aluminium Scaffold Tube

Wellmade Galvanised Scaffold Tube Fittings

You can find all types of scaffold tube fittings in Wellmade for your construction.  According to the fabrication process, there are drop forged type and pressed steel type scaffold fittings.

Wellmade’s galvanised scaffold tube fittings are tested and certified in BS 1139 EN 74 standard.  More than that, you can not only find normal sizes of the scaffold tube fittings in O.D 48.3 & O.D 48.6mm. You can also find O.D 42mm, O.D 76mm, O.D 60mm, O.D 89mm scaffolding tube fittings here.

All scaffolding fittings are in galvanized finishing for repeating use and construction. If your projects are near the sea or want a longer life, hot dip galvanized scaffold fittings would be your right choice.

If you are using aluminium scaffold tubes rather than steel scaffold tubes, wedge clamp in right angle and swivel would be right scaffolding couplers for your pipes.

As a CE Certified and ISO9001 Scaffold Factory, Wellmade proceed strictly quality control from raw material to welding line, straight and galvanizing adhere etc. If you want high-quality scaffolding pipes, Wellmade will be your best factory in China.

Our galvanised scaffolding pipes are not only exported to scaffolding and formwork companies. Global oil gas companies like Sinopec, KNPC, KOC are buying the galvanised scaffold tube and clamps from Wellmade too.

Till 2022s, Wellmade galvanised scaffold tubes has exported to global 58 countries. Include European countries, the USA, Canada, Australia, Russia, etc.  Any pre-shipment inspections and tests are supported by Wellmade. You can ask for a 3rd party scaffold tube test report before shipment. In addition, daily MTC, galvanised scaffold tube chemical composition, physical tests like the tensile test, yield tests, elongation, flatten test are all available for your galvanised scaffold tube orders.

With more than 20 years of exporting experience, Wellmade is able to offer door-to-door delivery in most countries.

Wellmade’s Steel Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes

Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe is a type of Scaffolding Steel Pipes.  Similarly, it is called GI Pipes or GI Steel Pipes. There are round type and square type galvanized scaffolding pipes.

Galvanized Round Tube

Round Tube is the most used steel pipe for scaffolding. The Most popular size should be a 48mm Scaffold Tube.  Other sizes of round tube include 42mm Scaffold Tube, 34mm(33.7mm) Scaffold Tube and 60mm Scaffold Tube

Wellmade Round Scaffold Tube
Code No.ItemsSurfaceWall Thick
ST48G48mm Scaffold TubeHDG|GI1.4-5.0mm
ST42G42mm Scaffold TubeHDG|GI1.4-4.0mm
ST34G34mm Scaffold TubeHDG|GI1.2-4.0mm
ST27G27mm Scaffold TubeHDG|GI1.0-3.2mm
ST60G60mm Scaffold TubeHDG|GI1.4-6.0mm
ST38G38mm Scaffold TubeHDG|GI1.5-5.0mm
ST40G40mm Scaffold TubeHDG|GI1.5-5.0mm
ST50G50mm Scaffold TubeHDG|GI1.5-5.0mm

O.D 48.3×4.0mm Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe

OD 48.3×4.0mm Scaffolding Steel Pipe is most used in BS1139 and En74 Standard Scaffolding Tube Clamp System.  This galvanized scaffolding pipe standard is popularly used in the oil gas industry and civil construction, building construction as well as shoring scaffolding industry.  4.0mm Galvanized Scaffold Tubes are used with drop forged scaffolding clamps: Right Angle Couplers, Swivel Couplers, Beam Clamp, Board Retaining Couplers, Putlog Coupler, etc.

48mm scaffold tube galvanized scaffolding pipes wellmade china
48.3×4.0mm Galvanized Scaffold Tube

O.D 48.3×3.2mm Galvanized Scaffold Tube

3.2mm Galvanized Scaffold Tube has also used direction in tube and coupler scaffold system. It would be fixed by drop forged scaffolding clamps and pressed scaffolding couplers in construction.

O.D 48.6×2.4mm GI Pipes

2.4mm Scaffolding Pipes could be in hot-dip galvanized or GI(Pre-galvanized) Finishing.  It is requested in Japanese Standard Scaffolding System, Korean and Singapore Standard Scaffolding.

There are STK400 and STK 500 Steel Grade for O.D 48.6 x 2.4mm Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes.    These JIS and KS standard Scaffolding pipes always work with JIS Fixed Clamps and Swivel Clamps, JIS Standard Beam Clamps, and Joint Pins.

Scaffolding Pipe with Rivet is another type of galvanized scaffolding pipe for Korean Scaffolding Companies. Scaffolding Clamps fixing the Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe with Rivet is specially designed, works well with the inner rivet pins.

Galvanized scaffolding pipe with rivet jis and korean standard
Galvanized scaffolding pipe with rivet

Galvanized Steel Square Tube

Square Type Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe is used for steel structure construction for support, beams, and scaffolding fabrication.

Wellmade customize all sizes and specifications of square scaffold tubes. Following is the most used galvanized square scaffolding pipes:

Wellmade Square Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes
Code No.ItemsSurfaceWall Thick
ST025SQ25mm Square TubeHDG|GI1.2-5.0
ST020SQ20mm Square TubeHDG|GI1.2-5.0
ST050SQ50mm Square TubeHDG|GI1.2-5.0
ST100SQ100mm Square TubeHDG|GI1.2-5.0
ST060Q60mm Square TubeHDG|GI1.2-5.0
ST120SQ120mm Squre TubeHDG|GI1.2-5.0
ST150SQ150mm Square TubeHDG|GI1.2-5.0
ST200SQ200mm Square TubeHDG|GI1.2-8.0
ST250SQ250mm Square TubeHDG|GI1.2-8.0
Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Square Steel Tube
Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Square Steel Tube

Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Steel Grade

  • Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Steel Grade is customized too. You can find S235 and S355 Steel Grade for BS1139 and En39, EN10219 Standard Scaffolding Pipes.
  • In ASTM A53 Standard, Galvanized and Black Steel pipes are manufactured for ordinary use in steam, water, gas, and air-lines. there are Grade A and Grade B Steel Grade for ASTM S 53 Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes:
  1. Grade A: –Yield 30,000 psi(205 Mpa) Minimum. – Tensil 48,000 psi Minimum (330 Mpa)
  2. Grade B: –Yield 35,000 psi (240 Mpa) Minimum. – Tensile 60,000 psi Minimum (415 Mpa)
  • In JIS 3444 Standard, Galvanized Scaffolding Pipes Steel Grade Include STK 400 and STK 500
STK 500 GI Pipes for Scaffolding JIS Standard
STK 500 GI Pipes

Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Marks and Logo

In Scaffolding Standard, there is a standard mark request for galvanized scaffolding pipes. For instance, in BS 1139 Scaffolding Standard, it is request to put marks of the thickness type of the galvanized steel pipe, manufacturing company name, manufacturing date and year, scaffolding standard:

BS 1139 

4mm 10 20 


Wellmade customized your galvanized scaffolding pipe marks too if needed.

Galvanized scaffolding pipe logo marks
Galvanized scaffolding pipe logo marks

How Wellmade Ensure Every Batch Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Quality

Wellmade is a qualified CE certificated scaffolding pipe manufacturer. It is also ISO 9001 management scaffold tube factory.  In Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Quality Control, there are many steps:

  1. Raw Material Steel Coil and Steel Plate Test
  2. Welding Line Test
  3. Black Scaffold Tube Yield Test
  4. Black Scaffold Tensile Test
  5. Scaffold Tube Chemical Components Test
  6. Scaffold Tube Bend Test
  7. Scaffold Tube Expansion Test
  8. Scaffold Tube Elongation Test
  9. Scaffold Tube Flatten Test
  10. Galvanizing Zinc Thickness Test
  11. Galvanizing Adhere Test
Sch 40 Standard Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Specifications
Standard Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Schedule 40
OutsideInsideWallNominal Weight (Mass) per unit Length
DesignatorDesignatorPlain End (lb/ft)Plain End (kg/m)Threads & Threads & Couplings Couplings
(Inches)(mm)(Inches)(mm)(Inches)(mm)(lb/ft) (kg/m
1- 1/4321.6642.21.3835.10.143.562.273.392.283.4
Galvanized Scaffolding Pipe Container Loading Video
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