Scaffold Side By Side Clamp ( U Clamp & C Clamp)

Scaffold side-by-side clamp is a type of forged scaffolding clamp popular used in frame system scaffold in the USA.

The size of the side-by-side clamp is up to 3-3/4″ (open). This big diameter can join two scaffold poles parallelly together and inside of one clamp.  That is why end users and contractors prefer to use it to fix the scaffold side bracket on the scaffold main frames. You can use it in all types of frame systems like masonry frames, walk-through frame scaffolding, H frame scaffolding, etc.

The name of the side-by-side scaffold clamp can be U Clamps, C clamps,  cheeseborough clamps, etc.

Wellmade is the leading scaffold clamp and fitting manufacturer in China. The forged scaffold side-by-side U clamps are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and tested according to American standards.

For anti-corrosion, you can ask for galvanized scaffold side clamps. Include E-galvanized or hot dip galvanized. Send us a mail to get immediate price now.

  • Weight: 0.86KG (1.9 LBS)
  • Size: 3″-3-4/5″
  • Tube: OD42-OD48mm
  • Standard: ANIS
  • Bolt: M16
  • Nut: 22 Flange Nut

Wellmade Side By Side Pipe Clamps

Side by side pipe clamp is scaffolding fittings for the frame system. It is able to hold 2 scaffolding by one clamp.  Wellmade manufactures the side by side pipe clamps and exports them to the USA.  The side by side pipe clamps is conformed to the ASTM and OSHA standards.

As a specially designed scaffold fitting, side by side pipe clamps is used in all types of the scaffolding construction. Include civil scaffolding, industrial scaffolding, commercial scaffolding, infrastructural scaffolding etc.

Wellmade side by side pipe clamps is drop forged type. The forging parts include the scaffold clamp covers and clamp basis. Between the scaffold clamp covers and clamp basis,  there are 8.8 class bolts and nuts. While you can find the scaffold rivets are used as connectors too.

There are galvanized and coated finished side by side pipe clamps in Wellmade. While hot-dip galvanizing is the most durable surface treatment in corrosion protection.

More than the side and side pipe clamps, you can find other American type scaffolding couplers in Wellmade Include:

Side By Side Pipe Clamp FAQ

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