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  • Top Quality Welding CE (ISO 3834 & EN 1090) Cert
  • Control steel raw material quality by every batch testing
  • ISO 9001 Management
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Wellmade is your top quality masonry scaffolding manufacturer in China

Wellmade’s masonry scaffolding is OSHA standard. Our masonry scaffolding products exported mainly to the USA scaffold companies. We do OEM services for your masonry scaffolding with a custom safe sticker and logo.

Compare to other scaffolding companies, Wellmade pursues high-quality masonry scaffolding products to clients. The masonry scaffolding parts, accessories quality are controlled in production according to ISO 9001. The welding quality of the masonry scaffolding products conforms to EN1090 and ISO 3834 CE certification.

We bring you not only top-quality masonry scaffold products, but you can also have benefited from Wellmade in pricing, door-to-door delivery services, etc.

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Masonry Scaffolding Parts

masonry scaffolding step frame box frame

One set of masonry frame scaffold includes 2 pieces of step frame. You can get both powder-coated and galvanizing box frame masonry scaffolding here.

masonry scaffolding frame cross brace

Cross braces are fix between two masonry scaffolding frames. X braces are in coated or galvanizing finishing.

masonry scaffolding stacking pin coupling

Masonry scaffolding frames are stackable and fixed by the coupling pins. Galvanizing coupling pins are most common.

masonry scaffolding leveling jack base solid screw jacks

Adjustable screw jack base with threaded stem and base plate, jack nut handling.

masonry scaffolding fixed base plate

Base Plate at bottom of the masonry scaffolding frames. It is with a spigot tubes.

masonry scaffolding aluminium board planks

Scaffold boards with aluminium frames and aluminium platform deck.

masonry scaffolding aluminium plank with plywood platform board

Scaffold boards with alumnium frames and plywood platform deck.

masonry scaffolding access stairs steel

Steel scaffolding stairs for masonry scaffolding access. Coated or painted

masonry scaffolding side bracke

Side bracket used to connect with masonry scaffolding step frames forming a cantilever.

masonry scaffolding guard rail post

A masonry scaffolding components at top of step or box frame. It with the mason frame scaffolding lock pins.

masonry scaffolding guard rails

Guard rail is erected to protection person to connect with lock pin of the guard rail post.

timber board wooden planks

Timber board without hooks. Form a temporary platform in masonry scaffolding.

Wellmade ensures your masonry scaffolding quality

Quality is the first factory during your masonry scaffolding import. We keep long-term cooperation with the USA scaffolding companies because of the top quality.
We are an ISO 9001 & CE scaffold factory. We control masonry scaffolding quality along the whole process of scaffold manufacturing. Include but not limited to:
1.Steel raw material testing: We test the masonry scaffolding steel raw material chemical components and physical property. Ensure every element of masonry scaffolding parts is qualified according to OSHA standard.
2.Welding testing: Wellmade is not only a CE top-level welding quality factory. We control daily masonry scaffolding product quality by in-house testing. You can get all testing reports for your order of each batch production.
3.Finishing testing: We do adhere testing, salty spray testing for the coating, painting, and galvanizing scaffolding to ensure more durability.
Loading Capacity testing: We do a loading test to give you an idea about the ultimate and safety load of the masonry scaffolding products.

Wellmade Masonry Scaffolding Feature
  • Mason Frame Tube: O.D 1.625” or 1.68” Leg&Beam Tube
  • Mason Frame Mullion: O.D 1.26”
  • Mason Frame Step: O.D 1.26”
  • Mason Frame Lock Pin: Flip Lock, Vanguard Lock, C Lock, Drop Lock, Canada Lock
  • Cross Brace Tube: O.D25.4(1”)
  • Jack Base: O.D35mm (1-3/8”)
  • Coupling Pin: O.D1-3/8”
  • Application: Masonry, Carpenter, Homeowner, Plaster
  • Finishing: Powder Coated and Galvanizing
  • Steel Grade: S355 & S 235
  • Stackability: Yes
  • Type: Double Pole Independent
  • Loading: Medium Duty
  • Safe Label: Stick on mason frame

Wellmade Customs Your Scaffolding Equipment

powder coated masonry scaffolding frames

Powder coated scaffolding is better than painting scaffold. It is with shine surface and have a better protection on the steel scaffolding products. Before coating, Wellmade does blasting and acid washing to make the masonry scaffolding surface cleaning. Blasted masonry scaffolding will have great adhere according the the test result.

Galvanized masonry scaffolding frames

Galvanizing masonry scaffolding is protected by zinc. You can choose hot dip galvanizing for your box or step frames of the masonry scaffold system. E-galvanized is used for cross braces, screw jacks, guard rails etc.

Types of masonry scaffolding system

Masonry scaffolding is a type of double pole scaffold. In the USA, the most common masonry scaffolding is the step mason frame system. You can find other steel scaffolding systems for your masonry construction in Wellmade too. We offer complete parts and components of these modular scaffolds and tubular systems.

Wellmade’s Masonry Scaffolding

If you are looking for a scaffold factory who are able to support your masonry scaffolding product manufacturing. Wellmade will be your best choice. We are not only an OEM scaffolding to satisfy your custom scaffolding. We are CE and ISO 9001 scaffold factory. Not like small or medium scaffold factories, we secure the highest quality no only in function and safety but surface and durability.

In Wellmade, you can find all sizes of masonry scaffolding materials components and parts:

Mason Frame Size&Spec

No.ItemPole SizeWeight(LBS)
MF5W4H5′ x 4′ Mason FrameO.D 1.625″-1.68″38.11
MF5W5H5′ x 5′ Mason FrameO.D 1.625″-1.68″42.2
MF5W6H5′ x 6’7″(79″) Mason FrameO.D 1.625″-1.68″47.7

Mason Frame Scaffold Cross Brace Size&Spec

No.Bay Size(AxBxC)No.Bay Size(AxBxC)
B7427″x42″ x93.91″(2385.4)B10210’x2’x122.38″(3108.4)

Mason Frame Screw Jacks

No.ItemsSizeWeight (LBS)
SJB24Screw Jack Base 24″1-3/8″  x 1/4″14.98
UJ24Universal Jack 24″1-3/8″  x 1/4″12.12
SJBS24Swivel Jack Base1-3/8″  x 1/4″13.1

mason scaffolding frame set

Mason Frame Coupling Pin Spec

No.SizeWeight (LBS)
CP6-1Coupling Pin 9″(L)1-3/8″x0.079″1

What is Masonry Scaffolding

Masonry scaffolding is also called bricklayer or brick scaffolding. It is essential equipment for masons. It forms a temporary elevated platform. With masonry scaffolding, mason structures can be constructed.

Why Masonry Need a Scaffolding

Masonry scaffolds make bricks laying safer and more efficient when working height more than a mason can easily reach to from the ground. Thus the masonry scaffolding to make brick and block work safe and productive

Masonry scaffolding system set 

masonry scaffolding set
masonry scaffolding set

One set of masonry scaffolding system include:

  • -2 pieces of mason frames
  • – 4 pieces of leveling screw jack base
  • -4 pieces of coupling pins
  • – 2 sets of cross bracs
  • – 1 or 2 pieces of scaffold planks
  • – Side bracket if form cantilever scaffold
  • – 4 pieces of caster wheels for moving

The horizontal rungs are not used for climbing in scaffolding. It is used to support scaffold boards at different heights flexibly.

Cantilever Scaffolding&Needle Scaffolding using in masonry construction

Masonry scaffolding is able to work together with all frames scaffolding with 5’ width staging. In addition, it is able to work as cantilever scaffolding by side bracket.

If you erect the masonry scaffolding with caster wheels, a type of mobile scaffold tower is formed as convenient scaffolding.

cantilever scaffolding with frame side bracket

Masonry Scaffolding Equipment

More than masonry scaffolding materials, you can find the masonry mortar box (masonry mub tubs) and mortar stands, trestles, veneer jacks, and veneer jack frame in Wellmade

We Believe Buyers Win, We Win.

Masonry Scaffolding FAQ Guide

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