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Wellmade is ISO9001 & CE Certificated Scaffolding Frame Manufacturer In China.  Our Scaffolding Frames are Produced According to OSHA & ANIS American Standard.
You can Find from Us All Types of Scaffolding Frame System in All Sizes:
  • Walk Through Scaffolding
  • Mason Scaffolding Frame
  • Shoring Frame
  • Box Frame
  • Ladder Frame
  • Stucco Scaffolding Snap On Frame
Wellmade Offers You Door to Door Delivery to All Cities In USA.
Tell Us Your Requirement and Get Door Delivery Scaffolding Frame&Parts Price Now.

Wellmade A-frame Scaffold

Wellmade is a leading A-frame scaffold manufacturer in China with more than 20 years of expertise. We are capable of manufacturing a wide array of a-frame scaffold for your construction building.

Wellmade A-frame scaffold is manufactured for different industrial applications. A-frame scaffold from Wellmade can be found in all construction, building, masonry, Stucco, and plastering projects. You can also use Wellmade A-frame scaffold for sidewalk shed construction, usually in New York City (NYC).

Our A-frame scaffold is offered economical, versatile, and easy to use. There is a lot of Wellmade A-frame scaffold available according to sizes, types, and surface treatment.

You can find from Wellmade the mainly powder-coated USA type scaffolding frames and galvanized USA type scaffolding frames. The powder-coated color of USA type scaffolding frames can be customized. Just select what color you want: Yellow, Red, Blue, White, and many more.

Wellmade Scaffold has its own painting and coating oven. It makes the A-frame scaffold painting quality stable, controllable, and beautiful.

Wellmade’s Scaffolding frame welding line is plump and strong.  Our welding quality is certified by EN 1090 and ISO 3834.

Also, we offer OEM scaffolding services for you. Your logo, sticker, and marks would be on your scaffold frames. As an ISO 9001 scaffolding frame manufacturer, you can find from us all relative test reports from raw material steel till loading.

What’s more, mock-up inspection is one of system scaffold quality controlling progress in Wellmade. We offer double security of your scaffolding frame size and specifications.

As your one-stop-shop supplier, Wellmade is also offering a scaffold frame lock pin for different companies in the USA. You can find from us all types of scaffold frame lock pins:

  • Fast lock pin
  • Flip-lock pin
  • Drop lock pin
  • C lock pin
  • V lock pin
  • Canada lock pin

Backed by our team of professionals and experts, Wellmade will provide absolute satisfaction to our clients throughout the world. Wellmade is one of the biggest a-frame scaffold manufacturers and suppliers in China that you can trust.

Our professionals and experts are familiar with all international scaffolding standards such as European standards, British standards, Australian standards, Japanese standards, USA standards, Canada standards, Singapore standards, South Africa Standards, and many more.

We are hoping to work with you as one of our satisfied clients. We will become your best partner in China. For more information, please contact our sales representative for your A-frame scaffold inquiries. Contact us now!

Snap-On Walk Through Scaffold Frame

Code No.ItemsWidthHeightWeight
WSF0013’x4′ Snap On Walk Thru Frame3′(914.4mm)4′(1219.2mm)11.7KG
WSF0023’x5′ Snap On Walk Thru Frame3′(914.4mm)5′(1524mm)13.1KG
WSF0033’x6’8″ Snap On Walk Thru Frame3′(914.4mm)6’8(2032mm)15.8KG
WSF0045’x6’8″‘ Snap On Walk Thru Frame5′(1524mm)6’8(2032mm)20.3KG

Snap on Scaffolding Apartment Frames

 Code No.Items Width Height Weight
WSF0053’x8’8″ Snap On Apartment Frame 3′(914.4mm) 8’8(2641.6mm) 21.4KG
WSF0063’x10’8″ Snap On Apartment Frame 3′(914.4mm)10’8(3251.2mm) 24.3KG
WSF0073’x11’8″ Snap On Apartment Frame 3′(914.4mm)11’8(3556mm) 25.8KG

Snap On Scaffolding Apartment Frame W/ Ladder

Code No.ItemsWidthHeightWeight
WSF0128’8″  Apartment Frame w/ Ladder3′(914.4mm)8’8(2641.6mm)34.34KG
WSF01310’8″  Apartment Frame w/ Ladder3′(914.4mm)10’8(3251.2mm)40.28kg
WSF01411’8″  Apartment Frame w/ Ladder3′(914.4mm)11’8(3556mm)43.20kg

Snap On Scaffolding Box Frame

Code No.ItemsWidthHeightWeight
WSF0153’x4′ Snap On Scaffold Box Frame3′(914.4MM)4′(1219.2MM)11.23KG
WSF0163’x20″ Snap On Scaffold Box Frame3′(914.4MM)20″(508MM)8.32KG
WSF0173’x40″ Snap On Scaffold Box Frame3′(914.4MM)40″(1016MM)10.26KG
WSF0185’x20′ Snap On Scaffold Box Frame5′(1524MM)20″ (508MM)11.34KG
WSF0195’x40″ Snap On Scaffold Box Frame5′(1524MM)40″ (1016MM)13.28KG

Snap On Scaffolding Mason Frame

Code No.ItemsWidthHeightWeight
WSF0204′ Snap On Scaffold Mason Frame5′(1524mm)4′(1219.2mm)16.09KG
WSF0215′ Snap On Scaffold Mason Frame5′(1524mm)5′(1524mm)18.03KG
WSF0226’8″ Snap On Scaffold Mason Frame5′(1524mm)6’8(2032mm)21.78KG

Snap On Scaffold Ladder Frame

Code No.ItemsWidthHeightWeight
WSF0232’x5′ Snap On Ladder Frame2′(609.6mm)5′(1524mm)11.56KG
WSF0242’x6’8″ Snap On Ladder Frame2′(609.6mm)6’8(2032mm)14.05KG
WSF0253’x6’8″ Snap On Ladder Frame3′(914.4mm)6’8(2032mm)16.09KG
WSF0263’x5′ Snap On Ladder Frame3′(914.4mm)5′(1524mm)13.61KG

Walk Through Scaffolding Frame W/ Flip Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WFF0013’x5′ Walk Through Scaffold (Flip Lock)3′(914.4mm5’1(1549.4mm)
WFF0023’x6’7″ Walk Through Scaffold (Flip Lock)3′(914.4mm)6’7(2006.6mm)
WFF0035’x6’7″‘ Walk Through Scaffold (Flip Lock)5′(1524mm)6’7(2006.6mm)
WFF00442″x6’4″ Walk Through Scaffold (Flip Lock)42″ (1066.8mm)6’4(1930.4mm)
WFF0055’x6’4″ Walk Through Scaffold (Flip Lock)5′(1524mm)6’4(1930.4mm)
WFF0065’x6’6″ Walk Through Scaffold (Flip Lock)5′(1524mm)6’6(1981.2mm)

Mason Scaffolding Frame W/ Flip Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WFF0075’x2’1″ Mason Scaffold Frame(Flip Lock)5′(1524mm)2’1(635mm)
WFF0085’x3’1″ Mason Scaffold Frame(Flip Lock)5′(1524mm)3’1(939.8mm)
WFF0095’x4’1″ Mason Scaffold Frame(Flip Lock)5′(1524mm)4’1(1244.6mm)
WFF0105’x5’1″ Mason Scaffold Frame(Flip Lock)5′(1524mm)5’1(1549mm)
WFF0115’x6’7″ Mason Scaffold Frame(Flip Lock)5′(1524mm)6’7(2006.6mm)


Scaffold Ladder Frame W/ Flip Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WFF0123’x3’1″ Scaffold Ladder Frame3′(914.4)3’1(939.8)
WFF0133’x4’1″ Scaffold Ladder Frame3′(914.4)4’1(1244.6)
WFF0143’x5’1″ Scaffold Ladder Frame3′(914.4)5’1(1549.4)
WFF0153’x6’7″ Scaffold Ladder Frame3′(914.4)6’7(2006.6)
WFF01629″x5′ Scaffold Ladder Frame29″(736.6)5′(1524)
WFF01729″x6’7″ Scaffold Ladder Frame29″(736.6)6’7(2006.6)

Walk Through Scaffolding Frame w/ Fast Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WFLF0013’x6’7″ Walk Through Scaffold Frame(Fast Lock)3′(914.4)6’7(2006.6)
WFLF0025’x6’7″ Walk Through Scaffold Frame(Fast Lock)5′(1524)6’7(2006.6)
WFLF00342″x6’7″ Walk Through Scaffold Frame(Fast Lock)42(1066.8)6’7(2006.6)

Masonry Scaffolding Frame w/ Fast Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WFLF0045’x3’1″ Mason Scaffolding Frame(Fast Lock)5′(1524)3’1(939.8)
WFLF0055’x4’1″ Mason Scaffolding Frame(Fast Lock)5′(1524)4’1(1244.6)
WFLF0065’x5’1″ Mason Scaffolding Frame(Fast Lock)5′(1524)5’1(1549.4)
WFLF0075’x6’7″ Mason Scaffolding Frame(Fast Lock)5′(1524)6’7(2006.6)

Narrow Frame Scaffold W/ Fast Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WFLF0083’1″ Narrow Frame(Fast Lock)27 5/8″(701.7)3’1(939.8)
WFLF0095’1″ Narrow Frame (Fast Lock)27 5/8″(701.7)5’1(1549.4)
WFLF0106’7″ Narrow Frame (Fast Lock)27 5/8″(701.7)6’7(2006.6)
WFLF0115’1″ Narrow Frame (Fast Lock)3′(914.4)5’1(1549.4)
WFLF0126’7″ Narrow Frame(Fast Lock)3′(914.4)6’7(2006.6)

Walk Through Scaffolding Frame w/ Drop Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WDF0013’x5′ Walk Through Scaffolding Frame(Drop Lock)3′(914.4)5‘(1524)
WDF0023’x6’4″ Walk Through Scaffolding Frame(Drop Lock)3′(914.4)6’4(1930.4)
WDF00342″x6’4″Walk Through Scaffolding Frame(Drop Lock)42″(1066.8)6’4(1930.4)
WDF0045’x6’4″Walk Through Scaffolding Frame(Drop Lock)5’(1524)6’4(1930.4)

Masonry Scaffolding Frame w/ Drop Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WDF0055’x3′ Masonry Scaffolding(Drop Lock)5′(1524)3′(914.4)
WDF0065’x4′ Masonry Scaffolding(Drop Lock)5′(1524)4′(1219.4)
WDF0075’x5′ Masonry Scaffolding(Drop Lock)5′(1524)5′(1524)
WDF0085’x6’4″ Masonry Scaffolding(Drop Lock)5′(1524)6’4(1930.4)

Narrow Frame Scaffolding w/ Drop Lock

Code No.ItemsWidthHeight
WDF0092‘x3′ Narrow Frame (Drop Lock)2′(609.6)3′(914.4)
WDF0102‘x5′ Narrow Frame (Drop Lock)2′(609.6)5′(1524)
WDF0112‘x6’4″ Narrow Frame (Drop Lock)2′(609.6)6’4(1930.4)

Walk Through Scaffolding Frame w/ Vanguard Lock

WVF0013’x5′ Walk Thru Frame(V Lock)3′(914.4mm)5′(1524mm)
WVF0023’x6’4″ Walk Thru Frame(V Lock)3′(914.4mm)6’4(1930.4mm)
WVF00342″x6’4″ Walk Thru Frame(V Lock)42″(1066.8mm)6’4(1930.4mm)
WVF0045’x6’4″  Walk Thru Frame(V Lock)5′(1524mm)6’4(1930.4mm)

Masonry Scaffolding Frame w/ Vanguard Lock

WVF0055’x3′ Masonry Scaffolding Frame(V Lock)5′(1524mm)3′(914.4mm)
WVF0065’x4′ Masonry Scaffolding Frame(V Lock) 5′(1524mm)4′(1219.2mm)
WVF0075’x5′ Masonry Scaffolding Frame(V Lock) 5′(1524mm) 5′(1524mm)
WVF0085’x6’4″ Masonry Scaffolding Frame(V Lock) 5′(1524mm) 6’4(1930mm)

Narrow Frame Scaffolding W/ Vangaurd Lock

WVF0092’x3′ Narrow Scaffolding Frame(Vanguard Lock)2′(609.6mm)3′(914.4mm)
WVF0102’x5′ Narrow Scaffolding Frame(Vanguard Lock)2′(609.6mm)5′(1524mm)
WVF0112’x6’4 Narrow Scaffolding Frame(Vanguard Lock)2′(609.6mm)6’4(1930.4mm)

 Hi Load Shoring Frame Scaffolding


Scaffolding Frame System Parts and Accessories

Scaffold Roll PinScaffold Gravity PinScaffold Pigtail PinScaffold Spring Clip

Scaffolding Lock Pins


Frame Scaffolding Coupling Pins

Scaffolding Frame Coupling Pin Spigot
Scaffolding Frame Coupling Pin Spigot

Mobile Scaffold Tower Caster Wheels

Scaffolding Screw Jacks

Scaffolding Base Plate


Scaffolding Cross Braces

 Snap On Frame Scaffolding Cross Brace


Frame Scaffolding Guard Rail(Tubular Punch Hole)

CodeLTube Outer Diameter

Snap-On Scaffolding Frame Guard Rail

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