Walk Through Scaffolding

Wellmade walk through scaffolding is used popularly in sidewalk canopy scaffolding, civil, industrial, and commercial construction, slab formwork support, etc.

As a leading OEM walk through scaffolding manufacturer in China, Wellmade customs walk through scaffold frame and set according to your specifications. while standard size 5’x6’4”, 5’x6’7”, 3’x6’4” 42”x6’4” are export to the US and Canada. 1219x1700mm, 1219x1524mm, 914x1700mm are manufactured for Asia countries.

We offer the top quality walk through scaffolding according to ISO 9001management. And the walk thru frame scaffold welding quality is CE certified (EN 1090 & ISO 3834).

You can find galvanized, GI, powder coated, and painted walk through scaffolding frames and accessories here. Send us your walk thru frame set requirement to get a competitive price now.

Wellmade Walk Through Scaffolding

Wellmade walk through scaffolding is a frame set that includes scaffolding main frames, cross braces, guard rails, adjustable screw jack bases, work platform & walk board, guard rail post, and guard rails, etc.

walk through scaffolding frame set with cross braces and accessories

Walk through scaffolding is also called walk thru frame scaffold. Under the walk through scaffolding, people can walk under the scaffolding. Thus walk through scaffolding is not only used in construction but also works together with bridge post legs to form sidewalk scaffolding in New York City.

Wellmade produce all types of walk through scaffolding frames. Include flip lock, drop lock, C lock, V Lock, Canada lock, Fast lock pin and snap on lock pin walk thru frames. The walk through scaffolding frames is mainly export to the US and Canada.

With more than 20 years of scaffolding export experience, Wellmade has a wide range of forwarders and agents global wide, thus is able to deliver walk through scaffolding frames and materials to your door.  You can get the scaffolding materials same as local sourcing and wait at your construction site and warehouse.

Walk through scaffolding frames are made by O.D 1.69″ or O.D 1.625″ scaffold tubes. According to ASTM and OSHA standards,  Wellmade manufactures the walk through scaffolding with S355 steel grade raw materials.

To the US and Canada, we have all standard sizes & specifications of walk through scaffolding. You can find the following wide used walk through scaffolding frame sizes.

Snap on Walk Through Scaffolding

Snap On Walk Thru Frame


Snap On Apartment Frame


Snap on Walk Thru Frame with 18″ Ladder


Snap on Apartment Frame with 18″ Ladder


Flip Lock Walk Thru Frame  Scaffold


Fast Lock Walk Through Scaffolding


Drop Lock Walk Through Scaffolding


Vanguard Lock Walk Through Scaffolding


If you can not find your sizes walk through scaffolding frames in the above tables, we are able to manufacture the walk through scaffolding according to your drawings and custom sizes at the same time.

Wellmade is an OEM scaffold factory, very expert in walk through scaffolding custom manufacture, and OEM production. Your company name and logos are able to stick or emboss on your walk through scaffolding frames.

Powder coated and hot dip galvanizing is the most common finishing for the walk through scaffolding frames to the USA. While the cross braces of the walk through scaffold frame set are always finished in E-galvanized.

Walk through scaffolding cross brace is also called x brace. Different from ringlock , cuplock scaffold diagonal braces, walkthrough frame x braces are used in pairs. According to the steel structure, there are tube cross braces and angular cross braces.

Scaffold Cross Brace for Frame Scaffolding
Scaffold Cross Brace for Frame Scaffolding

Walk Through Scaffolding Frame For Asia Countries

Different from the US and Canada walk through scaffolding frames, Asia scaffold walk thru frames are always finished in Painted, GI. While Hot-dip galvanized walk through scaffolding frames are requested by some countries like Sri Lanka and some long-term recycling construction projects as well as scaffold rental companies.

GI walk through scaffolding frames is made from galvanized scaffolding pipes. After the welding, Wellmade will do further zinc-rich painting on the welding lines.

galvanized walk through scaffolding
galvanized walk through scaffolding

GI walk through scaffold is the most valued scaffold frame in both cost and anti-corrosion function. In cost, it is similar cost with painted walk thru scaffolds. While anti-corrosion is much better than pained walk-thru scaffold frames.

You can find O.D 42mm walk through scaffolding frames, while, O.D 48mm and O.D 57mm, O.D 60mm walk thru main frames are also available.

There are the following standard sizes of Asia-type walkthrough scaffolding frames.  While you can tell us your custom design. Wellmade is able to manufacture according to your sizes and specifications too.

Asia Type Walk Through Scaffold Frames

CodeSizesVertical TubeVertical TubeFinishing
WASWF04171219×1700O.D 42.7mmO.D 48.3mmGI|Painted|HDG
WASWF04151219×1524O.D 42.7mmO.D 48.3mmGI|Painted|HDG
WASWF04191219×1930O.D 42.7mmO.D 48.3mmGI|Painted|HDG
WASWF0317914×1700O.D 42.7mmGI|Painted|HDG
WASWF02171762×1930O.D 42.7mmGI|Painted|HDG

Walk Through Scaffolds Using In Construction

Wellmade walk-through scaffold is used not only in residential construction but is also required in industrial, commercial buildings and constructions.  One set of walk through scaffolding includes two vertical frames, two sets of cross brace, scaffold planks, four adjustable screw jacks. In general access scaffolding systems, scaffold stairs, scaffolding ladders, ladder brackets, arms, horizontal frames are also used.

galvanized sidewalk bridge leg scaffolding
Galvanized bridge leg

Walk through scaffold frame is easy erection and stable with less scaffold element, thus it is used widely in building and industrial equipment mantainences too.

More than that, walk through scaffold frames forms a walking path during construction, that is why in global big cities, like New York City, use a lot of walk through scaffold frame in their sidewalk shield construction. During the sidewalk shield, walk through scaffold system joint together with heavy duty bridge post legs, which is made by O.D 89mm scaffold tubes.

Walk Through Scaffolding Steel Grade

Walk through scaffold frame and accessories are made from steel structures.  No matter you want the painting, powder-coated, hot-dip galvanized, or GI type walk through scaffold, the steel grade could be in S355 or S235 steel grade.

S355 steel grade is with higher tensile strength and yield strengths, thus could bear heavier load in construction and shoring.

S235 steel grade cost is cheaper than S355 steel grade. Thus it is required more often than the S355 higher grade walk thru frames.

Lock Pin Spaces of Walk Through Frames

Walk throgh frame lock pin spaces could be 2′, 3′, 4′ for different heights of walk-thru scaffold. Customized lock pin distance is available too.

Walk through scaffolding frame lock pin space decide the bay sizes of cross braces. While the cross brace bay size is also fixed by the two main frame distances.

The most common frame distance for the walk through scaffold could be 6′, 7′, 8′ and 10′ etc.

Walk Thru Scaffolding Coupling Pins

Main Frame Scaffolding Joint Pin Coupling

Coupling pins are the vertical connectors for the walk through scaffolding frames.  There are different types of coupling pins according to the structure and design. The coupling pin with a 1″ collar is the most used spigot connectors for the walk thru scaffold frame system.

Walk through scaffolding coupling pins are always Galvanized or Zinc Plated.  In scaffold erection, it is fixed by the scaffold lock pins. The scaffold lock pins include gravity lock, roll pin, spring lock with button, span pin, R clip rivet pin(cotter pin), etc.

In the US and Canada, the walk through scaffolding coupling pin is in sizes of O.D 1 3/8″, O.D 1 5/16″, 1 7/16″ etc.  While In Asia countries, the coupling pins are in O.D 36x225mm with GI finishing.

O.D 48mm Walk Through Scaffolding Frames

walk through scaffold frame in O.D 48mm heavy duty for hi load shoring
walk through scaffold frame in O.D 48mm heavy duty for hi load shoring

More than the normal O.D 42mm walk through scaffolding frames. O.D 48mm vertical tube main frame for the walk-through scaffolding is requested in some heavier shoring scaffold construction.  You can find galvanized and painted heavy-duty walk thru frames and frame scaffold accessories in Wellmade too. Heavy duty walk through scaffold frames is not only used in construction and maintenance but also used for all kinds of concrete shuttering and formwork support.

Tell us your walk through scaffold frame and parts requirement to get competitive price from the walk thru scaffold manufacturer.

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