Scaffold Side Bracket

Wellmade’s scaffold side bracket is components of the American type of scaffolding frame system. We have heavy duty and normal duty scaffold side bracket for your frame system construction requirement.

You can find all sizes of the scaffold side bracket here too. Our scaffold side bracket is used for all frame system scaffold construction like walk though scaffolding, mason scaffolding, snap scaffolding frame etc.

Both powder coated and galvanized side bracket is available here. Send us your scaffold side bracket needs to get a competitive price now.

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Wellmade’s Scaffold Side Bracket

Wellmade’s Scaffold Side Bracket is Components of the American Scaffold Frame System. It is also known as scaffolding outrigger, scaffold cantilevers etc.
The Side Bracket is Hanging Outside of Scaffolding Main Frames. It is Used to Support Scaffold Work Platform in Construction.
Wellmade’s scaffold side bracket is work with all types of frames: mason frame, walkthrough the frame, snap-on a lock frame system.
According to the types of scaffold side bracket, there are the following types:
  • 1) Scaffold side bracket with saddle hanger
  • 2) Scaffold Side bracket with hook hanger
  • 3) Scaffold side bracket with a coupling Pin
  • 4) Angle Iron tye scaffold Side Bracket with Stud

scaffold side bracket on frame scaffolding system

According to the sizes of the scaffold side bracket, there is scaffolding side bracket:
  • 20 inches
  • 30 inches
  • 38 inches
  • 12 inches
  • 24 inches
  • 36 inches
Wellmade’s Side Bracket is popularly used in all construction scafflding:
  • Building scaffold
  • Maintenance scaffolding
  • Plastering scaffolding
  • Stucco scaffolding
We manufacture the scaffold side bracket according to international scaffolding standard. We use high strength steel material to make the scaffold side bracket. During production and QC controlling system, the scaffold side brackets are tested according to ASTM, EN standard.
As a CE certificated scaffolding factory, Wellmade’s side bracket is with excellent Welding Quality. We ensure our scaffolding side bracket material is safe, stable with high loading capacity.  More than that, a scaffolding warranty is available from Wellmade.
Let us know your scaffold side bracket requirement now!

American Type Scaffold Side Brackets Sizes&Specifications

Code ItemsSizeWeight
WSB20-SHSide Bracket with Saddle Hanger 20″22.5″ (H) x 21″ (W)10.27 LBS
WSB30-SH Side Bracket with Saddle Hanger 30″29″ (H) x 31.5″ (W)14.52 LBS
WSB20-HH-H Side Bracket with Hook Hanger 20″,Houston Type19″  (H) x 22″ (W)11.12 LBS
WSB20-HH-N Side Bracket with Hook Hanger 20″,New York Type19.5″ (H) x 23″ (W)11.95 LBS
WSB30-HH-N Side Bracket with Hook Hanger 30″,New York Type29″ (H) x 33″ (W)16.21 LBS
 WSB38-SHSide Bracket with Saddle Hanger 38″37″ (H) x 39.5″ (W)17.05 LBS
WSBCP12 Side Bracket with Coupling Pin 12″12″ (H) x 12″ (W)5.44 LBS
 WSBCP20  Side Bracket with Coupling Pin 20″20″ (H) x 22.5″ (W)11.76 LBS
 WSBCP24  Side Bracket with Coupling Pin 24″24 (H) x 24″ (W)12.56 LBS
 WSBCP36  Side Bracket with Coupling Pin 36″27.5″ (H) x 36″ (W)13.86 LBS
 WSBAG20 Angle Iron Side Bracket with Stud 20″21.5″ (H) x 21.5″ (W)11.46 LBS
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