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Wellmade is drop forged scaffolding coupler manufacturer. Our forged couplers are tested according to EN 74 &BS1139 scaffolding standard.

You can find all types of forged scaffolding couplers here, include drop forged double coupler, swivel coupler, beam clamps, putlog single coupler, board retaining coupler, Jordan coupler etc.  The forged couplers are connectors of the scaffold tubes in your construction.

Wellmade is an ISO9001 & CE certified scaffolding manufacturer and exporter. We ensure your forged coupler quality and safety by the strict quality controlling system, include 100% slip testing during manufacturing and sampling distortion test.

In surface treatment, both E-galvanized (zinc-plated) & hot dip galvanized forged couplers are available for your civil or industrial construction.

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Wellmade’s Forged Couplers

Wellmade’s forged couplers are scaffolding components used as your scaffolding tube fittings. The forged couplers are manufacturing from high strength round bars. They are fabricated by high-temperature heating, drop forging, shaping and slip testing.

The forged couplers are more durable than pressed steel couplers. Thus it is used popular in global wide for all construction scaffolding for civil, industrial, chemical, commercial, onshore and offshore, shipbuilding etc.

Forged Couplers for All Countries

Wellmade manufactures forged couplers for all countries. You can find from us British Type Forged Coupler, Germany Type Couplers,  Australian Couplers, USA TYpe of Couplers. If you are from Latin America, Portugal Countries, special 22mm flange nut is used for your scaffolding couplers.

Wellmade is very experiences in manufacturing and exporting forged couplers to your country.

British type Forged Couplers

British type forged couplers is accepted and used in most countries. The standard of British forged couplers is BS1139 and EN74 for double, swivel, single couplers.  For Beam girder coupler, the standard is AS1576 standard.

British forged couplers are with 21mm cross nut with washer in the elements. All bolts are 1/2″ diameter in 8.8 class high strength.

You can find E-galvanized British couplers and Hot dip galvanized scaffolding clamps for your construction under British standard.

British Standard Scaffolding Couplers

Germany type Forged Couplers

Germany type forged couplers are different from British scaffolding couplers. The Bolt are much stronger in M14.  Germany forged coupler nut is 22mm flange nut.

There is normal duty Germany forged couplers and heavy-duty scaffolding couplers. Normal duty Germany forged couplers are square type threaded bolt. While heavy-duty Germany forged coupler is for Layher companies design with round threaded bolt and nut.

Layher Type Germany Heavy Duty Clamps

Australian Type Forged Couplers

Australian Type Forged Coupler is another type of heavy-duty scaffolding clamps. Different from British Forged Coupler, Australian Type Scaffolding is with 23mm flange nut.  You can find Australian forged double coupler, swivel coupler, putlog coupler, gravlock girder coupler, single coupler etc from Wellmade.

australian type forged double coupler

The USA Type Forged Coupler

The USA type forged coupler is also called durable scaffolding couplers. You can find I bolt forged coupler for normal steel scaffolding pipe fittings. While you can also find wedge clamps for aluminium scaffold tubes.

The USA type I bolt double forged couplers, swivel couplers, beam clamps are with 22mm flange nut. You can find from Wellmade all sizes of the USA type forged couplers include O.D 48.3mm, O.D 42mm, O.D 60mm, O.D 76mm, O.D 89mm etc.

usa type forged coupler i bolt double clamp

Wellmade’s Forged Coupler Quality

As an ISO9001 and CE certified scaffolding company, Wellmade manufactures high-quality scaffolding forged couplers for your construction.

Our forged couplers not only past test according to the international scaffolding standard like EN 74, BS1139. Our quality controlling system makes every piece of our forged couplers are safety in construction.

We control our forged coupler quality in

  1. The round bar raw material steel grade. Only tested qualified steel round bars are allowed to use in forged coupler mass production in Wellmade.
  2. Forged coupler forging temperature, dropping are controlled by automatic machinery to make every element in great shaping and qualified forged.
  3. Wellmade does 100% slip test for each forged coupler to make the coupler roundness perfect fit with scaffold tube outer diameter.
  4. We do a sampling test for each batch of forged couplers in distortion and ultimate test to ensure the couplers strengths are meet up and exceed the scaffolding coupler standard requirement.
  5. All forged coupler bolt and nut are controlled according to EN and BS standard to make sure they are stable and safe. The bolt nut, the rivet is more than 8.8 class in Wellmade.

Forged coupler in testing

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