Scaffolding Joint Pin Coupler

Wellmade is a scaffolding joint pin couplers manufacturer. We manufacture for you all types of scaffolding joint pin couplers. Include:

All of the scaffolding joint pin couplers are tested according to scaffolding standards before shipping to you. In addition, we customise your joint pin couplers in heavy-duty by using the thicker scaffolding steel plate in fabrication. Send us the scaffolding joint pin coupler requirement to get the competitive price now.

Wellmade Joint Pin Coupler

As a leading scaffolding joint pin coupler manufacturer in China, Wellmade produces both drop-forged type and pressed steel type joint pin couplers. Both of them are used in the scaffold tube clamp system.

As an ISO 9001 & CE certified scaffold factory, all of our scaffolding joint pin coupler products are tested qualified before delivery. All of the scaffolding joint pin couplers are tested according to the international standards of BS1139, EN74, JIS 8951 etc.

Wellmade joint pin couplers are used to fix the scaffolding pipes from the internal side. While in the opposite, scaffold sleeve couplers are scaffold fittings to fix the scaffolding pipes from outside. That is why we called sleeve couplers joint boxes too.

For anti-corrosion purposes, there are E-galvanized (cold galvanized or zinc-plated) joint pins and hot-dip galvanized joint pin couplers for your choosing.  Hot-dip galvanized joint pin couplers are used popular on offshore and onshore projects.  While you can find both white and yellow colours for the zinc plated joint pin couplers.

yellow and white colour inner joint pin coupler pressed type for scaffold tubes
yellow and white colour inner joint pin coupler pressed type for scaffold tubes

Among all types of scaffolding joint pin couplers, bone joints are Japanese standard, while the joint pin for rivet pipes are Korean standard.

steel pipe with rivet scaffolding fittings

For the British standard scaffolding joint pin couplers,  you can find drop forged and pressed types. In manufacturing, the drop-forged joint pin couplers are forged from round bars after heating.  While the pressed steel type British standard point pin couplers are made from special steel plates.

Joint Pin Coupler for Scaffolding Pipes

British standard joint pin couplers are used for O.D 48.3mm scaffolding pipes. You can connect between type 3 and type 4 scaffolding pipes in the construction.

Japanese standard bone joint pins are the same as Korean standard joint pin couplers. They are used to connect O.D 48.6mm scaffolding pipes.

Drop forged Joint Pin Coupler Specifications

Code No.WeightStandardFinishingTube Size
WFJPC1.1 KGBS 1139GalvanizedOD48.3mm

Pressed Steel Joint Pin Couler Specifications

Code No.WeightStandardFinishingTube Size
WPJPCB0.68 KGBS 1139GalvanizedOD48.3mm  Tube
WPJPCJ0.64KGJIS A 8951GalvanizedO.D 48.6mm Tube
WPJPCK-H0.60KGKSD3501GalvanizedOD48.6 Rivet Pipe
WPJPCK-L0.40KGKSD3501GalvanizedOD48.6 Rivet Pipe

Joint Pin Coupler Package and Delivery

For your transportation and stock convenience, Wellmade packed all of the joint pin couplers by pallets. According to the pallets types, there are steel pallets and timber racks.  Both of them are free for you.

The Joint pin coupler pallet size is 1.1×1.1×1.1m. This size of scaffold pallets is designed to match up the inner space and size of the 20′ and 40′ containers. While the containers are used for international shipping by sea or by trains/trucks.

More than pallets, stillages or racks, there are also scaffold cages, boxes or crates. But the scaffold cages are always charged if needed. More than the joint pin couplers, you can find complete other scaffolding clamps here:

Send us your scaffold joint pin and scaffold fitting requirement to get professional services now.

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