Scaffold Fence Couplers

Wellmade is a scaffold fence coupler manufacturer in China. We produce both pressed and forged type steel scaffold fence couplers. Wellmade fence couplers are also called fence panel couplers or fencing clamps.  It is used to fix two temporary scaffold fence panels together.

You can use the scaffold fence couplers to fix scaffold mesh panels. While the temporary scaffold fencing clamps are also able to be used to connect between hoardings and barriers,etc.

More than standard forged and pressed fence couplers, you can get scaffold fence couplers customized in sizes, shapes and specifications. Send us your scaffold fence coupler requirement to get an immediate price now.

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Wellmade Fence Couplers

Wellmade fence couplers are one of the scaffolding clamps and fittings. It is used to connect two scaffold fence panels. According to the scaffold fence panel vertical poles diameters. Thus you can find customized scaffold fence couplers specified for your scaffolding fence panels and meshes.

Scaffold Fence Coupler Types

Wellmade manufactures 2 types of scaffold fence couplers. One is pressed steel type, another one is forged fence couplers.

Pressed fence couplers are the most common scaffold fencing clamps. It is made from 4.0mm high-strength steel plates with 8.8 class scaffold bolts and nuts. You can find both E-galvanized (zinc-plated) fence couplers in Wellmade. While hot dip galvanized scaffold fence couplers are available too as your request.

More than pressed scaffold fence couplers, forged fencing panel couplers are requested in many countries like the UK, etc. The forged fence couplers are with forging nut manufacturing from the high-strength steel bars. While the cost is much higher than pressed steel fencing clamps.

Fence Coupler In Construction

Scaffold fence couplers make the security scaffold fencing and panels more stronger and stable in construction and events security. In addition, It expresses the scaffold fencing assembly and erection.

While the fence coupler scaffolds are used widely in all types of barriers and fences. Include mesh panels, crowd control barriers, pedestrian panels, hoardings, etc.

Different from normal tubular scaffolding clamps, the fence coupler sizes are much smaller than standard O.D 48.3mm scaffold tube clamps.  Thus we call it lightweight scaffolding fittings.

Scaffold Fence Coupler Specifications

Scaffold Fence Coupler
WFCP01Fence Coupler0.36KG4mmS235E-gal&HDG

Scaffold Fence Coupler FAQ

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