Pressed Double Coupler Scaffolding

Wellmade pressed double coupler is one of pressed type scaffold fittings. It is used to fix scaffolding pipes at 90 degrees. Thus, it is also called scaffolding fixed clamps or 90 degrees(right angle) double coupler.

There are three types of pressed double couplers here: BS1139(British standard), JIS 8951(Japanese standard) and KS3501(Korean standard). BS1139 scaffold pressed double couplers are for O.D 48.3mm scaffold tubes. While JIS & KS standard scaffold pressed double couplers are for O.D 48.6mm scaffolding pipes.

Wellmade is an ISO 9001 & CE certified manufacturer for scaffolding and couplers. The pressed double couplers are high quality meet up the scaffolding standards. Relative test reports are offered against each batch.  Send us your scaffold pressed double coupler requirement to get a competitive price now.

Wellmade Pressed Double Couplers

Wellmade pressed double couplers are pressed from high strength steel plates. It is a type of double fixed clamp for the scaffolding tubes. More than the pressed double coupler, you can find drop forged double coupler, cast iron double coupler etc.

The scaffold pressed double coupler is a right-angle coupler. It fixes the scaffold tubes at 90 degrees in construction.  While you can find other degree scaffolding couples, include swivel coupler, sleeve coupler, joint pin coupler, putlog coupler etc.

According to different countries requirements, there are British standard pressed double couplers, Japanese standard pressed double couplers and Korean standard pressed fixed clamps.

The British standard pressed double coupler are tested and certified according to BS1139 and EN 74. In fabrication, British standard pressed double couplers are manufactured from 5mm steel plates. It is used popularly to fix your scaffold tubes in 3.2mm thickness(type 3) in the construction. If you want to fix the 4.0mm scaffold tubes( type 4), forged double couplers would be applied.

JIS and KS standard pressed double couplers are also called scaffold fixed clamps. Different from the BS1139 standard pressed double couplers, the JIS and KS standard pressed double couplers are from 3mm steel plates. Thus the Japanese and Korean standard pressed double couplers are lighter weight than the British-type pressed double couplers.

Pressed Double Coupler Scaffolding Bolt and Nut

Bolt and nuts are important scaffold components for the pressed double couplers.  Wellmade pressed double coupler bolts are 8.8 class. While the bolt nuts conform to BS 1139 with 21mm cross nuts and washers.

Pressed Double Coupler Surface Finishing

For anti-corrosion purposes, Wellmade pressed d double couplers are always galvanized. According to the galvanizing types, there are zinc-plated(E-galvanized) and hot dip galvanized pressed double couplers.

E-galvanized pressed double couplers could be yellow or white in colour. While the hot-dip galvanized pressed double couplers could be white or blue-white.

Zinc plate pressed double coupler are the most required for its lower cost. While the hot dip galvanized pressed double couplers are more durable. It is required in onshore and offshore scaffolding construction, oil gas scaffolding construciton etc.

BS1139 VS JIS Pressed Double Couplers

For the scaffolding pressed double couplers, you can find BS1139 standard, JIS standard. andKS standard types.  Following are the specifications of different types of pressed double couplers.

Code No.ItemsTube SizeWeight
WBSPD48BS1139 Pressed Double CouplerO.D 48.3mm0.85KG
WJSPD48JIS 3444 Pressed Double CouplerO.D 42.7-48.6mm0.65KG
WKSPD48KS 3501 Pressed Double CouplerO.D 48.6mm0.65KG

In a conclusion, the British BS1139 (EN 74) standard pressed double coupler is scaffold connectors for O.D 48.3mm scaffold tubes. While the JIS fixed clamps are O.D 48.6mm scaffolding pipe fittings. 

JIS Pressed Scaffold Double Coupler in Construction
JIS Pressed Scaffold Double Coupler in Construction

More than normal O.D 48mm scaffolding pressed double couplers, there are others sizes. The pressed double coupler sizes are compatible with the different diameters of the scaffolding poles.  You can find complete sizes of pressed double couplers in Wellmade as follows:

  • O.D 48.6xO.D48.6mm Pressed Double Coupler
  • O.D 48.3mmxO.D48.3mm Pressed Double Coupler
  • O.D42xO.D48.3mm Pressed Double Coupler
  • O.D48.3xO.D60mm Pressed Double Coupler
  • O.D 48.6xO.D60mm Pressed Double Coupler
  • O.D 60xO.D60mm Pressed Double Coupler

Pressed Double Coupler VS Forged Double Coupler

ItemsWellmade Pressed Double Coupler Wellmade Forged Double Coupler 
Ultimate Bearing Load(BS)22 KN (BS Standard)56 KN  (BS Standard)
Raw MaterialSteel PlateSteel Round Rod
Steel GradeSPHCS235
Zinc ColourGolden or CustomizedWhile/Blue or Customized
StandardEN 74 Class A/BS1139/JISEN 74 Class B/ BS1139/AS1576/ASTM
SizesO.D 42, O.D48, O.D 60OD.42, OD48,OD60,O.D76,O.D89
FinishingE-gal & HDGE-gal & HDG

Pressed Scaffolding Couplers

JIS Pressed Scaffold Swivel Coupler in Construction

More than double pressed scaffolding couplers, you can find other pressed type steel scaffolding clamps in Wellmade. All of them are pressed from scaffolding steel plates by scaffold moulds, Include:

Pressed Double Coupler FAQ

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