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Tube Clamp Scaffolding Coupler Fittings

Wellmade’s Scaffold Fittings is Scaffold Tube and Clamp System Components.  It is Scaffolding Coupler Fixing and Connecting Between Scaffolding Pipes and Tubes. You can find All Types and All Sizes of Tube Clamp Scaffold Fittings Here.

  • Right Angle Clamp
  • Swivel Clamp
  • Rigid Beam Clamp
  • Swivel Beam Clamps
  • Side By Side Clamps
  • I Bolt&T Bolt Scaffolding Clamps
  • 2″, 2.5″ and 3.5″ Scaffold Fittings
Right Angle Coupler Scaffold Fittings

Wellmade’s I Bolt Right Angle Coupler is Manufactured to USA Scaffolding Companies. 2″ Dual Scaffolding Clamp Fixes Scaffold Tubes In 90 Degrees.

Scaffold Fittings I Bolt Swivel Clamp 2

Wellmade’s I Bolt Swivel Clamp Fittings is the USA Type Scaffold Fittings.  The Duo Scaffold Fittings Allows Scaffold Tube Connecting In Any Angles.

Scaffold Fittings Rigit Beam Clamp Girder Coupler

Rigid Beam Clamps are Used In Pairs. It Connect Scaffold Tubes with Scaffold Beams In Right Angle.

side by side pipe clamp scaffold fittings

Side By Side Pipe Clamps is also Called Cheeseborough Clamp. It is a Special Drop Forged Scaffold Fittings For Scaffolding Frames.

Scaffold Tube Fittings Right Angle Coupler with T Bolt

Scaffold Fittings with T Bolt is different with I Bolt Clamps. Wellmade’s T Bolt Right Angle Couplers Supplying to Europe and the USA

T Bolt Swivel Clamp Fittings

Wellmade’s T Bolt Swivel Clamp Fitting in Drop Forged Connect Scaffold Tube In O.D 48.3mm(1.9″) Conform to EN 74 Standard

Scaffold Tube with End Fittings

Scaffold Tube with End Fittings is also called Tube Lock Scaffolding. Wellmade Produces All Sizes of Scaffold Tube with End Fittings.  The Scaffold Tube is In Standard O.D 1.9″(48.3mm). Our Scaffold Tube with End Fittings is Hot Dip Galvanized Surface For Corrosion Resistant.

We Customized Your Scaffold Tube In Lengths. Our Scaffold Tube with End Fittings Makes Your Construction Scaffolding Easier Than Steel Tube without End Fittings.

13' Scaffold Tube With End Fittings
  • Size: 13′ In Length
  • Diameter: 48.3mm(O.D 1.9″)
  • Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Feature: Easy Connecting In Construction
16' Scaffold Tube with End Fittings
  • Size: 16′ In Length
  • Diameter: 48.3mm(O.D 1.9″)
  • Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Feature: Easy Connecting In Construction
10' Scaffold Tube with End Fittings
  • Size: 10′ In Length
  • Diameter: 48.3mm(O.D 1.9″)
  • Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Feature: Easy Connecting In Construction
8' Scaffold Tube with End Fittings
  • Size: 8′ In Length
  • Diameter: 48.3mm(O.D 1.9″)
  • Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Feature: Easy Connecting In Construction
6' Scaffold Tube with End Fittings
  • Size: 6′ In Length
  • Diameter: 48.3mm(O.D 1.9″)
  • Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Feature: Easy Connecting In Construction
20' Scaffold Tube with End Fittings
  • Size: 20′ In Length
  • Diameter: 48.3mm(O.D 1.9″)
  • Surface: Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Feature: Easy Connecting In Construction

More Types of Scaffold Fittings

Wellmade Customized Your Scaffold Fittings Size. You can Find Special Diameter Scaffold Fittings for Your  Scaffolding Pipe & Pope. Include O.D 60.3mm(2.5″), O.D 76mm(3″), O.D 89mm (3 1/2″) & O.D 42.7mm(1.68″).

High-Quality Scaffold Fitting Manufacturer In China

Wellmade is The Leading Scaffold Fitting Manufacturer and Supplier In China. We Not Only Produce Scaffold Systems(Ringlock Scaffolding, Cuplock Scaffolding, Kwikstage Scaffolding, Frame Scaffolding, Quick Lock Scaffolding),  but also Scaffold Fittings for All of System Scaffold. You can get One Stop Scaffolding Material Sourcing Here.

Wellmade’s Scaffold Fittings and Clamps are Tested according to EN, BS and ANSI (OSHA) Standard. You can Get Scaffold Fitting Test Result with Technical Data from Wellmade’s 3rd Party Test Report.

More than That, We Keep Daily Test According to the International Scaffolding Standard to Make Sure the Scaffold Fittings are Meet Up and More than Scaffolding Standard Requirement. We Ensure Scaffold Fittings Safety In Your Construction.

Wellmade is CE Certified Scaffolding Manufacturer In Europe. It is also Certified as Safety Scaffolding Material Brand In Australia and Award Product Certificated Licence (PCL) In Malaysia.

OEM Scaffold Fittings Manufacturer

With 20 years Scaffold Fittings OEM Manufacturing Experiences, Wellmade offers All Brands Scaffold Fittings. You can Get Free Customized Logo and Marks On Your Scaffold Products.

Door to Door Delivery Service

With More than 20 Years Scaffolding Supplying and Export Experience, Wellmade has It Strong Partnership In Global Wide. Thus, We are able to offer Door to Door Delivery for Your Scaffold Fittings.

Drop Forged Scaffold Fittings and Pressed Steel Scaffold Fittings

Drop Forged Scaffold Fittings

All of the Scaffold Fittings to the USA in I Bolt and T Bolt are Drop Forged Type Scaffold Fittings.  It is the Most Popular Used Scaffold Fittings Suit for All Industries.

Pressed Steel Scaffold Fittings

There are also Pressed Steel Scaffold Fittings In Wellmade.  You can find BS 1139 and En 74 Standard Pressed Double Clamps, Pressed Swivel Clamps, Pressed Putlog Couplers, Pressed Sleeve Coupler In Wellmade.

Authorized Oil and Gas Scaffolding Supplier

Wellmade is Authorized Oil and Gas Scaffolding Supplier In China. In the past 20 years, Wellmade Supplies Scaffold Fittings, Scaffold Tubes and Scaffold Boards System Scaffold to Shell, Sinopec, KNPC, China Petroleum etc.

Hot Dip Galvanized Scaffold Fittings VS Zinc-Plated Scaffold Fittings

In Wellmade, You can choose Hot dip galvanized Scaffold Fittings and Zinc-plated Scaffold Fittings.

Hot dip galvanized Scaffold Fittings Is Durable with Longer Life Span. It is Used In Onshore and Offshore Scaffolding Projects.  Hot dip galvanized Scaffold Fittings Cost is More Higher Than Zinc-plated Scaffold Fittings.

Zinc Plated Scaffold Fittings is also Named E-galvanized or Cold Galvanized Scaffold Fittings. This is the Most Required Scaffold Fittings for Most Scaffolding Companies, Construction Companies and Contractors.  Zinc-plated is not as good as Hot dip galvanized. But it is still Corrosion Resistance.  Zinc Plated Scaffold Fittings is Cheaper than Hot Dip Couplers.

List of Scaffold Clamp Fittings for USA Market

Code No.ItemsWeightSurface TreatmentNut Fitting Sp
RAC4848-I-USAI Bolt Right Angle Coupler  48x48mm1.55 KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
RAC4848-T-USAT Bolt Right Angle Coupler  48x48mm1.3KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW4848-I-USAI Bolt Swivel Clamp 48x48mm1.7KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW4848-T-USAT Bolt Swivel Clamp 48x48mm1.4KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW4860-USASwivel CLamp 48x60mm1.65KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW4242-USASwivel CLamp 42x42mm1.2KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW4860-USASwivel CLamp 48x60mm1.32KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW6060-USASwivel CLamp 60x60mm1.72KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW4876-USASwivel CLamp 48x76mm1.75KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW4889-USASwivel CLamp 48x89mm2.7KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SW8989-USASwivel CLamp 89x89mm3.5KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
HSW89-USAHalf Swivel Clamp 89mm1.68KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SDS42-USASide By Side Pipe Clamp0.75KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
FBC48Fixed Beam Clamp  Fitting1.55 KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class
SBC48Swivel Beam Clamp Fitting1.85KGHDG | Zinc-plated22mm  Flange Nut, 8.8 Class

Scaffold Tube with End Fittings Size&Spec

No.SizeWeightSurface Treatment
STL1616 FT Scaffold Tube with FittingsO.D 1.9″ x 16′18.45KGHot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
STL1313 FT  Scaffold Tube with FittingsO.D 1.9″ x 13′15.21KGHot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
STL1010 FT Scaffold Tube with FittingsO.D 1.9″ x 10′11.98KGHot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
STL088 FT Scaffold Tube with FittingsO.D 1.9″ x 8′9.83KGHot Dip Galvanized (HDG)
STL066 FT Scaffold Tube with FittingsO.D 1.9″ x 6′7.67KGHot Dip Galvanized (HDG)

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