O.D 48.3 Cuplock Pipe

Wellmade cuplock pipes are circle hollow sections (CHS), it is also called ms round pipes. Wellmade manufactures the cuplock pipes according to EN 10219, EN 10255 & BS1139.

Cuplock pipe is a scaffolding material used to fabricate cuplock scaffolding parts. Include cuplock standards, cuplock ledgers, cuplock transoms, cuplock diagonal braces, etc.

According to cuplock scaffolding system components specifications, you can find the cuplock pipes in 40NB light class, medium class, and heavy class. While the steel grade of the cuplock pipes could be in s235 and s355.

More than cuplock pipes, you can find fabricated cuplock system parts painted and galvanized too.

We custom your cuplock scaffold parts with your company brand and logos.

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Wellmade Cuplock Pipes

Wellmade cuplock pipes are hollow section tubing used to manufacture the cuplock scaffolding material. It is O.D 48.3mm outer diameter. The wall thickness of the cuplock pipes is from 2.5mm to 3.2mm according to different cuplock parts.  In the cuplock scaffolding fabrication, cuplock pipes are jointed with cuplock scaffolding accessories of top cups, ledger blades, diagonal swivel blades, or scaffold half couplers, etc.

cuplock pipe ms round tube
MS Scaffolding Cuplock Pipes

Cuplock Vertical Pipes

Cuplock verticals are made from O.D 48.3×3.2mm scaffold tubes. According to the scaffolding standard, S355 steel pipe grades are necessary for the cuplock scaffolding verticals manufacturing.

On the cuplock vertical pipes, a hole is drilled for scaffold spigot coupling fixing. The cuplock spigot couplings are used to connect cuplock standard vertically and reach a required construction height.

While top cups and bottom cups are welded on the cuplock pipes to form the cuplock standard verticals.  You can find forged and cast types top cups in your cuplock vertical fabrication.

Cuplock pipes are designed jointly with the cuplock scaffolding cups at 500mm intervals in compliance with the construction scaffolding requirement.

In some construction with high load capacity requirements, cuplock vertical pipe will be in O.D 48.3×4.omm, which is 40NB, a heavy class. Wellmade cuplock verticals could be finished in painted, galvanized. Some scaffolding companies ask for ms cuplock scaffolding too.

Cuplcok Vertical Pipe Size

During the cuplock pipes buying, you can ask for cuplock pipes cut into your short sizes. You can also require cuplock tubing without cutting.  All cut and uncut cuplock pipes are chamfered and sharp removed for safety purposes in Wellmade.

Cuplock Vertical Pipe Size and Weight
CodeItemsCuplock Vertical SizeCuplock Vertical
Weight (KG)
Cuplock Pipe
Weight (KG)
WCV050P0.5m Cuplock Pipe0.5m Cuplock Vertical3.701.87
WCV100P1.0m Cuplock Pipe1.0m Cuplock Vertical7.413.74
WCV150P1.5m Cuplock Pipe1.5m Cuplock Vertical11.125.61
WCV200P2.0m Cuplock Pipe2.0m Cuplock Vertical14.827.47
WCV250P2.5m Cuplock Pipe2.5m Cuplock Vertical18.539.34
WCV300P3.0m Cuplock Pipe3.0m Cuplock Vertical22.2311.21

Cuplock Pipes for Cup Lock Ledgers

Cuplock ledgers are horizontal parts of the cuplock scaffolding system. While  O.D 48.3×3.2mm cuplock pipes are used to manufacture the cuplock ledger horizontals.  You can use S235 or S355 steel grade cuplock pipes for your cuplock ledger manufacturing.

In cup lock horizontal fabrication, the cuplock pipes are welded with the ledger blades. For the ledger ends, you can choose drop forged or cast ledger blades.

If the cuplock pipes are used to manufacture painted cuplock ledgers, closed ledger blades are welded on the cuplock pipes. If hot dip galvanized cuplock ledgers are needed, open ledger blades will be joined with the cuplock tubes.

cuplock ledgers made from o.d 48.3mm cuplock pipes
Cuplock Ledgers Made by O.D 48.3mm Cuplock Pipes

Cuplcok Ledger Pipe Size

Cuplock ledger sizes are custom from 0.5 to 3.05m(10′). Thus the cuplock pipe lengths are based on your cuplock ledger sizes. You can find the following common size and weight for the cuplock ledger pipes.

Cuplock Pipe Size and Weight For Cuplock Ledger
CodeItemsCuplock Pipe
Weight (KG)
Cuplock Ledger Weight (KG)
WCL060P0.60m Cuplock Pipe Ledger2.512.51
WCL061P0.61m Cuplock Pipe Ledger2.542.54
WCL090P0.90m Cuplock Pipe Ledger3.623.62
WCL100P1.00m Cuplock Pipe Ledger3.993.99
WCL120P1.20m Cuplock Pipe Ledger4.734.73
WCL130P1.30m Cuplock Pipe Ledger5.115.11
WCL150P1.50m Cuplock Pipe Ledger5.855.85
WCL180P1.80m Cuplock Pipe Ledger6.966.96
WCL200P2.00m Cuplock Pipe Ledger7.707.70
WCL250P2.50m Cuplock Pipe Ledger9.569.56
WCL305P3.05m Cuplock Pipe Ledger11.6011.60

Cuplock Pipes for Cup Lock System Diagonal Braces

Cuplock diagonal braces are made by O.D 48.3×2.5mm cuplock pipes.  At end of the cuplock pipes, half couplers or swivel blades are bolted on the cuplock pipes.

Cuplock braces are diagonals of cuplock ledger bay sizes. It makes the cuplock scaffold tower more stable in construction. Instead of diagonal braces,  scaffold tubes and clamps systems are used to form cuplock diagonals too.

cuplock pipe with half swivel coupler and swivel blades
Cuplock Diagonal Brace Pipes with Half Coupler and Swivel Blades

Cuplock Scaffold Diagonal Pipe  Sizes

Cuplock diagonal sizes are impacted by two factors: horizontal bay size and vertical bay size.

Horizontal bay sizes comply with cuplock ledger sizes. While for vertically bay size, you can choose 1.0m, 1.5m, and 2.0m, 2.5m. Following cuplock pipes weight is supposed vertical bay size is 2.0m.

Cuplock Pipe for Diagonal Brace – 2.0m Vertical Bay
CodeItemsBay SizeCuplock Pipe Weight
WCB0620PCuplock Brace Pipe 2.1m0.61×2.0m6.16
WCB0620PCuplock Brace Pipe 2.2m0.9×2.0m6.46
WCB0620PCuplock Brace Pipe 2.7m1.8×2.0m7.93
WCB0620PCuplock Brace Pipe 2.8m2.0×2.0m8.33
WCB0620PCuplock Brace Pipe 3.2m2.5×2.0m9.43
WCB0620PCuplock Brace Pipe 3.6m3.05×2.0m10.74

Cuplock Pipe Package

Cuplock pipes are packed in 61 pcs for long lengths. Short cuplock pipes are able to package by steel racks too. If you want to ship by bulk boat in big quantity. The cuplock pipes are going to be package by films.

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