Cuplock Scaffold Accessories

Cuplock scaffolding accessories include top cup, bottom cup, ledger blades, etc. They are the elements used to fabricate the cuplock scaffold components like cuplock standard, cuplock ledgers, etc.

Wellmade is a leading cuplock scaffolding manufacturer. Our cuplock accessories are manufactured and supplied to global scaffold factories and companies to convenient their cuplock scaffold manufacturing.

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Cuplock Accessories Details

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
 ItemsTop CupBottom CupLedger Blades
TypesForged & CastedPressed SteelForged & Casted
Weight0.5KG0.25KG0.25 KG
Steel GradesS235 / Steel 45 & S355S235S235 & S355
SurfaceBlack & Gal
BrandWellmade (WM)
System ScaffoldCuplock

Closed and Open Type Ledger Blade

There are closed type and open type ledger blades for cuplock scaffolding.

  • Closed Type Ledger Blades: For Painted Cuplock Scaffolding Ledgers  (Save Paint)
  • Open Type Ledger Blades: For Hot Dip Galvanized Cuplock Ledgers ( Convenient for Galvanizing)

Drop Forged VS Cast Iron Cuplock Accessories

Forged top cups and ledger blades take more weight and load in the cuplock system. The quality is stable. The surface is dropped and smooth. It is the best cuplock accessory.  But forged cuplock accessories are expensive.

Cast iron cups and blades are easier to produce. That is why they are cheaper in cost. It is not as tenacious as forged cuplock accessories. But you can do annealed treatment to make them as strong as forged products.

Cuplock Accessories Package

Cuplock accessories are always packed in scaffold cages boxes. You can use timber type or steel type cage for the package.  If you want to save cost, the ton bags are also used for the cuplock accessories shipping and container loading.

cuplock accessories manufacturing in Wellmade
cuplock accessories manufacturing in Wellmade

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